97 Days...

Josh Thompson


Bammer of the Week

That whiny 27 year old who called into Finebum yesterday crying about how he can never remember a time in his life when SPUAT wasn't on probation, coming off probation or under the gun of probation. Cry me a river, baby. Rooting for SPUAT is the life you chose!

99 Days Until Football Season

Tez Doolittle


Bammer of the Week


I don't even know what to say anymore about Bigfatandre Smith. Have you ever heard of an agent dropping a client because of reasons like this or for any reason at all?


A WRAS Exclusive

One of WRAS' loyal informants was forced to be in Tuscaloosa this past weekend for their gradumation ceremony (who knew they had those) and who should he run into but disgraced former SPUAT coach, Mike Gottfried and his forbidden love, out at Innisfree. Wonder if Mrs. Gottfried will write in to WRAS to defend her man now!?!?

Bammer of the Week 3

Barkley Almost Kills Bammer With Tee Shot. Almost...

Charles Barkley almost killing a Bama fan.

Bammer of the Week 2


Nico Johnson - Bammer's Back

Barkley's "New" Swing

I haven't watched the Barkley-Hank Haney show in a few weeks so I was disappointed to see this. I thought Chuck was making progress?!?!

Charles Barkley brings his new swing to the Regions

Chizik Knows Putting


Suck it, Finebum!!

Gene Chizik, Bo Jackson putt around

Auburn Beats Bama 3-2 in Baseball


That's 2 wins over the Tide compared to 0 losses this year. AU may not make the SEC Tournament but like the moon, Auburn still controls the Tide.

Bammer of the Week


I'm losing track of how many times Bigfatandre Smith gets awarded BOTW. About like he's lost track of how many times he's hired and rehired agents.


Bo Knows Commencement Speeches

Bo Jackson speaks at Auburn commencement


Tuberville in "The Blind Side"


No matter how good Tub's acting in the movie will be, it will always be a distant second to this Oscar-worthy performance...


A WRAS Exclusive

Leigh Anne Tiffin getting assaulted on the Tuscaloser strip...


From EDSBS.com and LSUFreek


A WRAS Exclusive

Shane from Centerpoint has been fired from his job at Western Star. At least he'll have his job as a "reporter" for the Finebaum Network to fall back on...


Thanks, TroopT.

"I Love Those Window Treatments"


He'll do ANYTHING to get a 'croot. Do you think Nicky resorted to wearing lifts a la Mickey Abbott?

Jay Coulter Addresses Urban Meyer's Comments


WRAS loves this comment...

There's no question that Meyer is one of the top coaches in America. There's little doubt his program is among the top five nationally. But to say, "We're trying to sell graduation rates and academics" is like Nick Saban saying he can't find Gadsden on a map. It just doesn't fly.


CFN's Waaaaay Too Early Bowl Projections


CFN picks Auburn to play in the Papa John's Bowl in Birmingham versus Pitt. Would you be happy with this outcome? See poll at right.


Ed Dyas Elected to College Football Hall of Fame

Bammer of the Week

This week's winner is the dumbass who created these shirts. Congratulations, dumbass.

Back in Black II

Auburn's Tiger Prowl hits Birmingham