No way do I condone the booing and I have never done it at an Auburn game. I'm just saying...

Kodi! Kodi! Kodi!

Just when you thought the AU-MSU futbol game couldn't get any worse, we got what happened Saturday. Look, a win versus Tennessee is a win over Tennessee and is something that should be celebrated. But didn't that game feel like a loss? I wasn't pumped up after that game and I don't see how anyone could be.

We are averaging 8 points per game (3 TDs and 1 FG) against SEC teams offensively and our defense is averaging 4.67 points per game (2 TDs) in the SEC.

To make this offense work you need either an elite passer or a dual-threat quarterback. Todd is not an elite passer and never will be. We have seen the best of Todd. His arm strength is lacking and cannot fire passes into tight coverage. UT's DBs were sitting on his routes and should have had two more interceptions. I can't stand to see him throw into double and triple coverage anymore.

Kodi can grow into this offense, the sky is the limit for him. Name him the starter and let him be our QB for the next 2 and 1/2 seasons. He has a stronger arm, is more decisive and teams have to respect the run. He has to grow into a passer during game situations. He has yet to be given the chance in those situations.

The team looks like they play harder and with more energy with Kodi at QB. I can't even count how many times I've seen Mario Fannin, Tim Hawthorne or another receiver shake their heads in disgust as a pass thrown their way has been underthrown or one-hopped to them...

“He brings some oomph back into the offense,” Mario Fannin said. “He gave the offense some hype.”

We cannot continue to waste an elite defense and running backs like Ben Tate. I have flashbacks to Terry Bowden and Stephen Davis when I watch Tate run the ball.

UT's avg starting field position was AU's 49 in the 2nd half while the 13 was AU's avg starting field position. Our defense is amazing and to hold UT like they did with their backs against the wall is nothing short of spectacular. No matter how bad UT's offense is playing.

Franklin has said he doesn't gameplan for specific opponents. That's not working. The offense looks decent in the first half and then looks like crap in the second half. He doesn't gameplan and he doesn't make halftime adjustments. That can't continue.

Hell Has Frozen Over

ESPN's College Gameday coming to Vanderbilt



See Y'all In Auburn

WRAS' #1 fan

Pinhead's Not As Scary As He Used To Be

And Don't Come Back!


Hopefully there won't be any gas for the Bammers to come back to Birmingham and they'll just stay in Athens.

Shug's Birthday Was Yesterday

Sorry we missed it.

WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 5

Florida (-23) vs. Ole Miss

Walt Flanagan: UF 38 - Ole Miss 14
Morris Fenderbaum: UF 38 (Tebow 21) - Ole Miss 13
Mickey Goldmill: Mickey expects a dominating performance by the Gaytors. UF 37 – Ole Sis 14

Auburn (-6.5) vs. Tennessee

Walt Flanagan: Auburn 28 - UT 17
Morris Fenderbaum: Auburn 27 - UT 20
Mickey Goldmill: Fat Phil is backed in the corner, and Mickey thinks the Volunteers will come out swinging…and miss. Auburn 24 – Cat humpers 13

Texas (-27.5) vs. Arkansas

Walt Flanagan: Texas 49 - Arkansas 17
Morris Fenderbaum: Texas 44 - Arkansas 10
Mickey Goldmill: It’s gonna be a long season for Petrino. Expect this one to get out of hand. UT 42 – Whooo Pig Suie 13

Kentucky (no line) vs. Western Kentucky

Walt Flanagan: UK 31 - WKU 3
Morris Fenderbaum: UK 38 - WKU 6
Mickey Goldmill: Good gosh a molly Mickey loves Big Red. You should only see Kentucky blue in this one though. UK 38 – WKU 7

South Carolina (-24.5) vs. UAB

Walt Flanagan: USC 28 - UAB 14
Morris Fenderbaum: USC 38 - UAB 24 - CANNONBAAAAALLLLL!!!!!
Mickey Goldmill: UAB has the worst defense. Ever. Wow they are bad. Can Stephen Orr Spurrier find a QB to capitalize on this? Probably not. USC 31 – UAB 10

Georgia (-6.5) vs. SPUAT

Walt Flanagan: UGay 27 - SPUAT 14
Morris Fenderbaum: UGay 24 - UBNB (University of Bangs and Neck Blankets) 20
Mickey Goldmill: Gooo Dawgs! Sick ‘Em!! Who who Ruff. (L-A-M-E) UGAy better stomp a mudhole in the Turds or Mickey will be sad. UGAy 28 – Turds 23 Oh, and blackouts are lame.

LSU (-24.5) vs. Mississippi State

Walt Flanagan: LSU 41 - MSU 7
Morris Fenderbaum: LSU 35 - MSU 3
Mickey Goldmill: Are you kidding? LSU 42 – The only color that matters 13

Last Week:

Walt (5-2 straight up, 6-1 versus the spread)
Morris (5-2, 5-2)
Mickey (6-1, 5-2)


Walt (28-8, 17-19)
Morris (28-8, 18-18)
Mickey (29-7, 13-23)


Jim Beam & Mountain Dew News

After a emotional game last Saturday night it's time to get down to business again. Someone is going to have to PAY for the LSU loss and "Good Ole Rocky Top" is just the team we are looking for. Rocky Top is no longer at the top and they are beginning to crumble. This Auburn team is going in the right direction with the offense and special teams showing more life every week. The defense is AUSOME but the worst enemy the defense has is it's own offense. We have the talent and the coaches to make a run that will put us back in the Top 10 and a chance to still make it to Atlanta. Tennessee is a team that we should and will dominate from kickoff.

This is the 1st meeting with the Vols since we were crowned SEC Champs in 2004. Auburn has a 3-game winning streak going right now as we beat the Vols 3 times in 14 months during the 2003/2004 seasons. A win and we will match the 4-game streak we had against them from 1961 - 1964.

The last time we played the Vols on Sept. 27 was in 1986 with a 34 - 8 Auburn win.

The Vols are going to need a lot of to get through this old-fashioned mountain beating!!!

So come Saturday night after the Big Orange is squeezed and the AU Band is playing Rocky Top - the pain we had from a week ago will be gone and the Auburn Nation will be Alive and Well!!!


Go Dawgs!!!


Harbinger of Things to Come?

UAB Minority Health & Research Center Gala



Big Names, Big Issue: Barkley, Jackson and Johnson Team to Defeat Minorities’ Health Disparities

September 16, 2008

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley, along with Heisman Trophy winner and former NFL and MLB great Bo Jackson, will host the fourth University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Minority Health and Research Center (MHRC) Gala Sept. 26 at the Cahaba Grand Conference Center in Birmingham. This year's event will be emceed by Emmy-winning TNT sports broadcaster Ernie Johnson Jr.

The black-tie affair, which includes a reception and a seated dinner, will begin at 6:30 p.m. Ticket information is available from 205-975-5659 or www.uabmhrc.com. Reservations received after Sept. 18 will be accepted on a space available basis.

Barkley is a long-time supporter of the MHRC's efforts to reduce racial disparities in health care and has hosted the previous three galas. Because of his support, the MHRC has been able to develop numerous programs and research projects, including Charles Barkley Health Disparities Fund, which administers financial support to UAB faculty for research in the field of health disparities.

Barkley, a former Auburn University basketball star, will announce the winners of the 2008 Charles Barkley Health Disparities Research Award to young investigators at the Sept. 26 Gala.
"The Charles Barkley Health Disparities Fund provides financial support for researchers to develop outreach, educational and investigative projects related to obesity and diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension, stroke, cancer and minority organ donation," said Mona Fouad, M.D., director of the UAB MHRC. "Despite steady improvements in the overall health of the United States, racial and ethnic minorities continue to experience a lower quality of health services, are less likely to receive routine medical procedures, and have higher rates of severe illness and death than non-minorities.

"These developmental research projects have the potential to become either full-size projects or to lead to other extramural funding, extending further the ability of UAB, through Charles Barkley's generosity, to help the most vulnerable of our citizens," she said.
Barkley, a Leeds native and now a fun-loving sports commentator for TNT network, turns serious when talking about how African-Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities are far behind in the level of their health care.

He said, "As I've made the transition from playing sports to on-air commentating and public speaking, I began to talk about serious and sensitive issues such as race and education. Because of the opportunities I've had in life, I feel I have an obligation to speak up about issues affecting our communities, and one of those issues is the health status of African-Americans and how to raise their level of health."

Bo Jackson, Auburn University football and baseball star, won the 1985 Heisman Trophy. In the NFL, Jackson played running back for the Los Angeles Raiders. In major league baseball, Jackson played left field and designated hitter for the Kansas City Royals, the Chicago White Sox and the California Angels. Jackson was the first athlete to be named an All-Star in two major sports.

Ernie Johnson Jr., will enter his 19th year as the studio host for Turner Sports' 2008-09 NBA telecasts. He hosts TNT's Emmy award-winning Inside the NBA with Barkley and analyst Kenny Smith. Johnson also will continue as host and play-by-play announcer for TNT's coverage of professional golf in 2008, which includes the 85th PGA Championship, 2008 Open Championship and 2008 Grand Slam of Golf.

"This gala is an excellent opportunity for us to celebrate Charles Barkley's ongoing commitment to the unique needs of the most vulnerable Alabamians," Fouad said. "It also provides a focus for individuals and corporations that want to help UAB address the disparities of access to health care, lifestyle issues, cancer detection and treatment, and the compatibility and availability of organ transplantation among minorities in Alabama."

The UAB MHRC is a comprehensive educational, research and community-outreach center focused on eliminating the health disparities of racial and ethnic minorities. Its programs include:
Research: helps investigators compete effectively for programs and identifies opportunities for new investigators.

Training: offers career development for investigators and students who are interested in minority health issues.

Outreach: works to establish trust and partnerships for research in minority and underserved populations.

Fouad said that despite steady improvements in the overall health of the United States, racial and ethnic minorities continue to experience a lower quality of health services, are less likely to receive routine medical procedures, and have higher rates of severe illness and death than non-minorities. Minorities lag behind whites in many diseases, she said, including:

African Americans, compared with Caucasians have a:
30 percent higher death rate from heart disease
41 percent higher death rate from stroke
40 percent higher death rate from cancer
500 percent higher maternal death rate
240 percent higher infant death rate
300 percent higher death rate from asthma
80 percent higher rate of diabetes
43 percent higher rate of obesity
20 percent higher rate of high blood pressure
Hispanic Americans, compared with Caucasians have a:
30 percent higher death rate from heart disease
18 percent higher death rate from stroke
152 percent higher incidence rates for cancers of the cervix and stomach (63 percent higher in males and 150 percent higher in females)
higher death rate from HIV (160 percent for males, 330 percent for females)
62 percent higher rate of chronic liver disease and cirrhosis
70 percent higher rate of diabetes
higher rate of obesity (7 percent higher in males, 32 percent higher in females)
100 percent higher mortality rate from asthma
Media Contact

Jennifer Lollar(205) 934-3888jpark@uab.edu


Get Yo Hard Hats

The Day That Changed My Life

WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 4

LSU (-2.5) @ Auburn

Walt Flanagan: Auburn 14 - Corndogs 10
Morris Fenderbaum: Auburn 20 - Corndogs 17 (in overtime) - Cannonball of the Week
Mickey Goldmill: The Auburn defense “is gonna eat lightning and crap thunder” in this one!!! Mickey can’t wait! Good Tigers 13 – Drunken Coon Ass Obnoxious Cajuns 7

Mississippi State (+7.5) @ Georgia Tech

Walt Flanagan: GT 14 - MSU 6
Morris Fenderbaum: GT 27 - MSU 13
Mickey Goldmill: Here is an interesting tidbit for you: Grant Field, home to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, is the oldest operating home football facility in D1 (or whatever the official name is now) since its opening in 1913. The second oldest is none other than the gem that is Scott Field, home to Mississippi State. None of that really matters as Georgia Tech is 9th in the country in rushing while 113th in passing. Expect Tech to try to pound it out against State’s stingy D. Mickey likes the ACC over the SEC in this one. Tech 28 – State 16

SPUAT (-9.5) @ Arkansas

Walt Flanagan: SPUAT 27 - Arkansas 14
Morris Fenderbaum: SPUAT 23 - Arkansas 17
Mickey Goldmill: Now that Nutt is gone, balls are flying all over the place, courtesy of Dick. Ehh hmm, hmm. Maybe closer that the experts think. Turds 27 – Hogs 24

Florida (-7.5) @ Tennessee

Walt Flanagan: Florida 31 - Tennessee 17
Morris Fenderbaum: Florida 30 - Tennessee 20
Mickey Goldmill: “Once I had a girl on Rocky Top, Half bear, the other half cat, Wild as a mink, but sweet as soda pop, I still dream about that”. Ponder these words for a moment…What exactly is happening on ole Rocky Top? Tennessee was exposed by UCLA in the Labor Day opener. Mickey thinks Florida is too strong. UF 33 – UT 16

Vandy (+6.5) @ Ole Miss

Walt Flanagan: Ole Miss 24 - Vandy 21
Morris Fenderbaum: Ole Miss 23 - Vandy 17
Mickey Goldmill: This is a real must win for the Rebels as their next five games include at UF, USC, at SPUAT, at Arky, and Auburn. Sucks to be Ole Miss by damn! The Dores are hot right now and Mickey likes the Dores! VU 27 – UM 21

Wofford (no line) @ South Carolina

Walt Flanagan: USC 38 - Wofford 7
Morris Fenderbaum: USC 49 - Wofford 0
Mickey Goldmill: Cocks win 28 – 6

Georgia (-7) @ Arizona State

Walt Flanagan: UGa 31 - ASU 17
Morris Fenderbaum: UGa 27 - ASU 17
Mickey Goldmill: Whoa Nelly, that Matthew Stafford is one good QB, but Mickey expects the Dawgs to pound the ball with Knowshon. Dawgs 24 – Devils 10

Last Week:

Walt (8-0 straight up, 3-5 versus the spread)
Morris (8-0, 3-5)
Mickey (8-0, 1-7)


Walt (23-6, 11-18)
Morris (23-6, 13-16)
Mickey (23-6, 8-21)

Jim Beam & Mountain Dew News

This has been one of those weeks. Everyone has been down on Auburn and saying that the wheels are about to come off. As I was getting everything packed up last night to drive down to Birmingham I got a feeling I have not had since I drove down to Gainesville last year. We may be 3-0 but this is one of those games that Tuberville has made his money on. Count Tommy and his Tigers out and watch them come out and punch you in the mouth. This is a game where Jordan-Hare Stadium is going to have be the KEY factor.

The last time we played LSU at night in Jordan-Hare was 2000 and we all know who won the West that year.

Robert Dunn has had a great year so far and may be the most electric return man we have had since this guy...

Also the only time we have played LSU on Sept. 20 was in 1997 and we all know once again who won the West that year. There have been a few rumbles from the team in the west but after Saturday night we will show everyone that we are still the dominating force in this state and the Western division. After Saturday night and the smell of corndogs clears the air and the corner is rolled - ALL will be good in the "Loveliest Village On The Plains"


P.S. Go Hog's!!!

It's Only A Matter Of Time


LSU's Not Exactly A House On Fire Right Now Either

The Corndog's punters are averaging 31 yards per punt on 8 punts.

LSWho's QBs are 33/60 for 402 yards. 3 TDs and 2 INTs.

They are averaging 29:43 TOP in two games.

They are 12/27 on 3rd downs.

They only have 3 sacks in two games.

After RB Charles Scott, QB Andrew Hatch is their 2nd leading rusher.

After Brandon LaFell, no on LSU's team has more than 5 catches or 62 yards.

They have played a 1AA team & North Texas (who lost to Tulsa by 30 and Kansas State by 39)

Auburn Knows This And Will Fix It Saturday Night

The following is an excerpt from the new book "Boys Will Be Boys: The Glory Days and Party nights of the Dallas Cowboys Dynasy" by Jeff Pearlman.

"...teams won scoring a lot and scoring a little. They won with good defense and adequate defense. They won with clutch kickers and nervous kickers. They never won turning over the football."

I Have The Same Look On My Face As The Kid In This Picture


The 2nd and 3rd Most Loathsome Fanbases

I Hate Corndogs

There's nothing else that can be said regarding the QB and offensive situation that hasn't already been said so I'm just going to work myself (and hopefully you) into a lather about this weekend's game. I love this game so much and hate Corndogs just as equally. I'm going to bring it as hard as I did the Florida game in 2006 and I suggest you do the same.


WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 3

Auburn (-10.5) @ Mississippi State

Walt Flanagan: Auburn 28 - MSU 6
Morris Fenderbaum: Auburn 38 - MSU 17
Mickey Goldmill: The Tony Franklin System (c) continues to improve in Chris Todd’s second start. Mickey sees your Auburn Tiger on top, 31 – 10.

Vanderbilt (-7) vs. Rice

Walt Flanagan: Vandy 31 - Rice 20
Morris Fenderbaum: Vandy 24 - Rice 23
Mickey Goldmill: Vandy is averaging 29 pts in their 2-0 start while the Owls are averaging 49. Mickey expects lots of points scored in this one. Vandy 35 – William Marsh Rice University 34

Georgia (-8) @ South Carolina

Walt Flanagan; UGa 27 - USC 10
Morris Fenderbaum: UGa 30 - USC 10
Mickey Goldmill: Mickey expects Stephen Orr Spurrier and his fightin' Cocks to rebound after the beat down they took from Vandy. Unfortunately a SC team on the rebound is still not as good as this year’s Georgia Bulldogs. UGay 38 - SC 17

Tennessee (-29.5) vs. UAB

Walt Flanagan: UT 41 - UAB 14
Morris Fenderbaum: UT 45 - UAB 17
Mickey Goldmill: Lots of points. Lots of points. UT 48 – UAB 24

SPUAT (-27.5) vs. Western Kentucky

Walt Flanagan: SPUAT 38 - WKU 10
Morris Fenderbaum: SPUAT 42 - WKU 10
Mickey Goldmill: Saban goes to 3–0 on the year and we continue to hear about how “the process” is working. Blah, Blah, Blah. WKU kicks the tar out of the turds…in mascot coolness. Turds 31 – Toppers 7

Kentucky (-16.5) vs. Middle Tennessee State

Walt Flanagan: UK 31 - MTSU 10
Morris Fenderbaum: UK 28 - MTSU 13
Mickey Goldmill: Kentucky’s defense has not surrendered a touchdown this season. Mickey expects only one this week. UK 34 – MTSU 10

LSU (-41.5) vs. North Texas

Walt Flanagan: LSU 42 - UNT 0
Morris Fenderbaum: LSU 42 - UNT 0
Mickey Goldmill: U-G-L-Y will be the outcome in Red Stick. Coon Asses 49 – Mean Green 0

Ole Miss (no line) vs. Samford

Walt Flanagan: Ole Miss 42 - SU 7
Morris Fenderbaum: Ole Miss 55 - SU 3
Mickey Goldmill: I love Pat Sullivan and you should too. Unfortunately, Pat’s Samford Bulldogs are no match for a talented Rebel squad. Ole Miss by damn 38 – Samford 7

Last Week:

Walt (8-1 straight up, 5-4 versus the spread)
Morris (7-2, 6-3)
Mickey (8-1, 3-6)


Walt (15-6, 8-13)
Morris (15-6, 10-11)
Mickey (15-6, 7-14)

The Brad Lester Rule

While listening to Dumber & Dumberer (aka Lance & Ian) today, I came up with a new rule. Brad Lester was on and D & D tried to bait him into acknowledging SPUAT's greatness and the outside world's inferiority. They asked him what he thought about SPUAT's play so far this season. Brad basically said, "To be honest, I don't even know who they have played. I've been too busy watching film and studying to pay attention to any other teams." Of course, this sent D & D into a tizzy that SPUAT is not the center of the universe.

So, The Brad Lester Rule is when you act like Bammers or SPUAT doesn't even exist, because if anything irritates Bammers more than having to bathe it's ignoring them. For example: "What 1AA team gave y'all a scare this weekend? Western Illinois?" or "Oh, y'all opened up with an ACC team? What was the score?"


Get 'Em In Time For Next Weekend

Fine6aum is the Racist

The stuff Fine6aum was spewing yesterday about Kodi Burns and Chris Todd and whether or not this was causing racial problems on Auburn's football team was ridiculous. He's gone too far in trying to create news. Did he say the same thing when Andrew Zow and Tyler Watts were in a quarterback duel? Not likely. Auburn has had more African-American starting QBs than Alabama and Kodi will get his chance again soon. But even if Kodi never starts another game for AU, he's already one of my all-time favorites for the way he is handling the situation. He's more mature and has a better head on his shoulders than Fine6aum could ever hope to have.

I rarely listen to Fine6aum anymore and I can assure you I never will again after yesterday.


Spare Me

Okay, so I'm at home today for lunch and I turn on ESPN and in addition to WVU's head coach Bill Stewart's nonsensical ranting about firing players, lifetime bans for referees and how much he cares for his local media (I can't wait for AU to play them - they are looking like a train wreck); ESPN now has part of their bottom line dedicated to the upcoming USC-tOSU game. They have named it "The Collision in the Coliseum". If ESPN has anything to say about it this will be the most ubiquitous college football game since Michigan-tOSU in 2006. This will be my first football Saturday at the homebase and I don't think I'll be able to stomach ESPN Gameday.


Chris Todd and LSU's Kickoff Time Set

Chris Todd looked good against Southern Miss. I think he got out of rhythm a little in the 2nd half but overall it was a good performance. CTF did not show everything and to me it looked like they were really working on the pass and didn't want to do too much running the ball (though they ran some different formations and plays from last week).

The heat really wore out the AU defense and that along with the weather really got the team out of sync. 27-13 doesn't sound like the greatest score but uncharacteristic fumbles deep in USM territory left 14 points on the board along with a phantom block in the back on Robert Dunn's punt return for a TD left 7 more out there. The offense played well enough for Auburn to have 48 points and that's how I'll take Saturday.

Now he gets a real live SEC defense on the road so this will let us know what to expect from him the rest of the way. MSU has one of the best defenses in the league but they just don't get any help from their offense. I think he'll do well and bringing in Kodi every so often as a change of pace should pay dividends for the team.

Also, ESPN has officially made the LSU kickoff for 6:45pm central time. UGa @ Arizona State will be a 7pm central kickoff on ABC so that will likely be the ESPN Gameday site unfortunately. It's not official according to ESPN but look for UF @ UT to be on CBS at 2:30 with SPUAT at Arkansas to be on at 11:30.

Once Again I'm Impressed By Kodi Burns

Burns said Sunday that he plans to continue challenging Todd for the top spot. He made those intentions knows during a private mid-afternoon chat with coach Tommy Tuberville.

"Things happen and I've just got to make the most of it," Burns said. "'Chris is a good quarterback. Franklin made the decision that he needed to make and what he thought was best for the team. When my time comes, when my name gets called, hopefully people will get to see what I can really do."

Tuberville said he wasn't surprised by Burns' request for a meeting. Jason Campbell and Daniel Cobb responded similarly during their time-share phase in 2002. Tuberville said he respects players who seek guidance rather than sulk behind closed doors.

"When you're competitive and want to play, it's not complaining. It's 'What do I need to do to get better? Where am I at in your eyes?'" Tuberville said. "It's kind of like being a head coach -- you sometimes get too much credit and too much blame at times. T he good thing about these guys -- Chris and Kodi will help each other. They'll work together."


Kodi will get his chance again and I'm glad he's keeping it in perspective. He's just a sophomore and anything can happen on any given play. Watching Kodi and Todd slap each other's helmets as the other came off the field was encouraging. I think the two of them have a mutual respect for each other and what they are going through. Todd went 20 yards on the field to meet Kodi after his touchdown run.


If Chris Todd doesn't move this offense with precision...

...against Mississippi Southern then I think Kodi Burns will be the starting QB versus Mississippi State and for the rest of the season. Tiebreaker goes to Tuberville and he'll choose Kodi. To me, Kodi seemed more in control versus LAMO and he made better decisions, not to mention his ability to improvise. He's a dynamic player and I think it would serve Auburn well if he was our starter for the next three years. Don't get me wrong, I don't want Todd to fail but I think we need one QB to take the majority of the snaps. I'm not so sure Todd hasn't already reached his maximum potential while the sky is the limit for Kodi. Just one man's thoughts.

War Damn Eagle!


Vandy looks good. I don't mean "win the SEC East good" but they could make a bowl this year. They have Rice next and Duke later in the season (both in Nashville). Sneak out a couple of wins against Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Kentucky (though they are all on the road) and Papa Johns Dot Com Bowl here we come. Plus the crowd sounded louder than I've ever heard a Vandy crowd, it looked like it was full and they had the vast majority of fans. Plus the students looked fired up. Great night for the 'Dores.

I banned myself from listening to Bammerham radio this week because without even listening I know what they are talking about. Sa6an, Bama's back, Auburn sucks, yada yada yada. But I listened to Dunaway and Brown yesterday after work and it didn't take two seconds before some Bammer called in and asked what were the TV ratings for the SPUAT-Clemson game. Guess they want to claim a TV ratings national championship too. Well, Dunaway had the numbers and the Bammer said I guess having 15,000 empty seats in Jordan-Hare helped. Um, I was at the game and save for probably 100 seats in each corner of one of the upper decks it was full. Of course people leave blowouts early, that happens everywhere, well except when SPUAT plays LAMO because those are always tight ballgames. The game was sold out and it's not like LAMO brings a crowd anyway. Of course, Dunaway didn't correct the guy. Then Dunaway starts talking about how Auburn is just not clicking on all cylinders. I'm sorry, if Auburn is playing their best ballgame in August, I'm going to be worried. You build towards the end and hopefully you're playing your best ball in November. Alabama shot their wad against Clemson and I can't wait to see the demise. The machine in Bammerham is in full effect.

Dr. Lou and these fake, made for TV questions have to go. Tim Tebow, Lloyd Carr, Bobby Bowden and using the same fake question from a viewer in Augusta, GA twice is ridiculous. Before the Vandy-USC game, they had an email question from a viewer asking if he should go to the BCS MNC game if UGa makes it or stay with his wife who is due with their child on that day. Dr. Lou answered the question but I guess ESPN thought it was so good they brought it back at halftime but instead staged it like the viewer called in and left the question on voicemail. Dr. Lou gave the exact same answer. Give me a break.

I'm not sure whether I like the duo of Craig "I helped put SMU on the death penalty" James and Jesse "The Bachelor" Palmer. Palmer said "instincshul" last night, hopefully he meant instinctual or instinctive. Both are obviously enthusiastic and Palmer set the record for "whoo-hoos" by a football color man previously held by Charlie Trotman in the 1993 Auburn-Florida game. I'll hold off on judgment but it's definitely an upgrade over Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreits on Thursday nights. Those two spent the whole time talking about where Gameday was going to be the next Saturday anyway.


The Bengals Are The Devil


Are they out to get Auburn football players? First they ruin Bo Jackson's career, then waste Takeo Spikes' prime, and finally cut the two best and most consistent players they've had over the last 5-10 years. And thanks to a reader refreshing my memory, they have also cut Kenny Irons.

I hate the Bengals.

Barkley's Colonoscopy on NBC Tomorrow Night

Washington Redskins Fantasy Draft

Includes our boy Jason Campbell, Chris Cooley, Santana Moss, Colt Brennan and the legendary Fred "75% of the world is covered by water, the rest is covered by" Smoot

WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 2

South Carolina (-10) @ Vanderbilt

Walt Flanagan: South Carolina 20 - Vandy 14
Morris Fenderbaum: South Carolina 20 - Vandy 17
Mickey Goldmill: Mickey takes the Cocks in a close one. South Carolina 24- Vandy 23

Auburn (-18) vs. Southern Mississippi

Walt Flanagan: Auburn 35 - USM 13
Morris Fenderbaum: Auburn 41 - USM 13
Mickey Goldmill: Mickey doesn’t know what to expect from AU’s offense this week, however the Paul Rhoads defense looks strong again. Auburn 31 - USM 13

Georgia (-23) vs. Central Michigan

Walt Flanagan: UGa 35 - C. Mich 14
Morris Fenderbaum: UGa 49 - C. Mich 9
Mickey Goldmill: The Dawgs are too strong for the Chippewas’ Dan Lefevour and company. UGa 38 – C. Mich 17

Ole Miss (+8) @ Wake Forest

Walt Flanagan: Wake 28 - Ole Miss 21
Morris Fenderbaum: Ole Miss 23 - Wake 17
Mickey Goldmill: This should be a good match up as Colonel Reb travels to Winston-Salem. Mickey Likes the Demon Deacons 28-20.

Kentucky (-27) vs. Norfolk State

Walt Flanagan: UK 35 - NSU 3
Morris Fenderbaum: UK 40 - NSU 6
Mickey Goldmill: Mickey likes the Cats to cover. UK 38 – NSU 7

Arkansas (-12) vs. Louisiana-Monroe

Walt Flanagan: Ark 24 - LAMO 10
Morris Fenderbaum: Ark 30 - LAMO 13
Mickey Goldmill: Expect Petrino to get win number two. Woooo Pig Suie 28 – Bama’s Daddy 10

Alabama (-29) vs. Tulane

Walt Flanagan: SPUAT 35 - Tulane 7
Morris Fenderbaum: SPUAT 41 - Tulane 13
Mickey Goldmill: The Turds won’t be as pumped for this match-up but Tulane will struggle in the aftermath of Gustav. SPUAT 38 – Tulane 6

Florida (-22) vs. Miami (FL)

Walt Flanagan: UF 38 - Tha U 21
Morris Fenderbaum: UF 35 - Tha U 17
Mickey Goldmill: The ACC is bad. UF 33 – Tha U 10

Mississippi State (-18) vs. Southeastern Louisiana

Walt Flanagan: MSU 28 - SE La. 7
Morris Fenderbaum: MSU 27 - SE La. 7
Mickey Goldmill: What happened to State last week losing to La. Tech? Mickey is confused. MSU 28 – SE La. 16

Last Week:
Walt Flanagan(7-5 straight up, 3-9 versus the spread)
Morris Fenderbaum (8-4, 4-8)
Mickey Goldmill (7-5, 4-8)


SI? So what. AU made the cover of Maxim!

LSU-Troy Game Postponed


An Open Letter to Auburn Fans

Dearest Auburn Fans,

You knew this was going to happen. The media fawns over everything good SPUAT does because of ratings and money. Doug Segrest ranks SPUAT #10 and Auburn #11. Finebaum finally writes an article just in time for SPUAT's win over Clemson. SPUAT will lock down all the 5 stars in Georgia if you believe the Seaman (sp?) Finebaum. Sports Illustrated follows the Forbes' plan and cashes in on the Bammers need to purchase anything and everything related to the Tahd.

I understand there was a lot of hype for Tony Franklin and the new offense but there are kinks to work out, there always are. The passing has to get better and it will get better. I prefer to focus on the positives, CTF is 2/2 in having offenses that had over 400 yards of total offense when Coach Borges only had two times all of last year over 400 yards. They will learn how to better manage the WR and QB rotation. Auburn ran for over 300 yards which is something AU hasn't done since 2005. Special teams were strong and the defense looks nasty and will carry us a long way. Tuberville never shows his cards the first game(s) of the season against lesser opponents and never will. That is a good thing. The LSUs and Georgias of the world are more important.

If I told you before the game Auburn would shutout LAMO and run for over 300 yards you would have taken it in a heartbeat and been ecstatic that they did that. These are good times to be an Auburn fan (spoiled as we obviously have become) to be disappointed with a 34-0 win.

Remember 2004, Auburn opened against LAMO with a completely new offense and coordinator and no one knew what to expect. They looked vanilla and people were disappointed with the 31-0 victory. Little did they know that this would turn out to be the greatest team in Auburn history. Does that mean the same thing will happen this year? No. But one game does not a season make and if Auburn was playing their best football of the season during the first game I would be worried. Now that they know areas that need improvement and how to implement them. We have one of the best coaching staffs in the country and they have a track record of correcting mistakes quickly. And nothing Saturday night has made me change my mind.

Be patient, greater things are down the road.

War Eagle,