Packet 1

Okay, we have all heard about the infamous "packet." So here it is, or at least in part. TIFWIW.



Bammer of the Week

I was in NYC for a week and have been busy as hell at work this week so I haven't had much time to post but I had to post this one. I do not give a f*** if SPUAT is in the MNC game (why wouldn't a pro team be in it? bit I digress), this video and all of things that go with being a Bammer prove why Auburn is better.


WRAS Picks the SEC Championship Game

Florida (-6) vs. Alabama

Walt Flanagan: These are two very evenly matched teams. Both have fast defenses, strong running games that set up the pass and great coaching staffs. The loss of Carlos Dunlap hurts Florida but it's not like Alabama takes a lot of seven-step drops that enables pass rushers to cause havoc in the backfield. Plus, Florida backups aren't exactly walk-ons. Florida will try to put the game in Greg McElroy's hands and Alabama will play better than it did against Auburn but it won't be enough. I keep coming back to one thing...Tim Tebow. He's the best player on the field and that usually makes the difference in games between otherwise even teams...Florida 24 -SPUAT 17

Morris Fenderbaum: Saban steps down after the game and reaches a financial agreement for mental and physical abuse to Julio following a crucial 3rd down incompletion. Kirby Smart takes over as interim head coach mainly so the entire state won't have to scrape "S the Coach" stickers from their windows...Florida 31 - SPUAT 20

Mickey Goldmill: Get your jorts ready, ladies, this one's gonna have snot bubbles a plenty. Tim Tebow > Greg McElroy. Gaytors over Turds...28-24

Last Week:

Walt (4-3 straight up, 3-4 versus the spread)

Morris (2-5, 2-5)

Mickey (2-5, 4-3)


Walt (72-22, 39-43-1)

Morris (68-26, 39-43-1)

Mickey (73-21, 40-42-1)

Tebow 1: 1-2

Our Tebow, who art in Gainesville, hallowed be thy name. Thy jump pass come, thy will be done, in Atlanta as it was last year. Give us this day our annual Bama defeat, and forgive us for never letting you beat us (WAR EAGLE!), as we forgive the media for defying you. And lead us not into redneck chants of "13, baby!" but deliver us from SaBear. AMEN


Now THAT is Discipline!

Or either being scared to death of Rick Trickett.

Bowl Tickets...

...to a bowl game, in Tampa, on January 1st for sale. Just can't tell you which one yet. Wink wink.



Blooming Onion, Anyone?

Looks like Auburn will be going to the Outback Bowl on New Year's Day.

Any More Questions?


WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 13

SPUAT (-11.5) @ AUBURN

Walt Flanagan: Inside sources say there will be a little trickery and maybe even the unveiling of the "Big Cat Formation" (Ben Tate at wildcat with Fannin and McCalebb). SPUAT's strength (other than paying players) is their running game while Auburn's weakness is their linebacking depth. That's the difference but Auburn will keep it close...SPUAT 28 - Auburn 21

Morris Fenderbaum: SPUAT 33 - Auburn 20

Mickey Goldmill: Rivalry week. Iron Bowl. Tigers vs. Turds. Nuff said. Quite possibly Mickey’s favorite week of the year. The importance of this game cannot be overstated. What it means to the respective programs, is immeasurable. The implications, far reaching. SPUAT has proved, on the field, they are one of the best teams in the land. They have looked dominate the majority of the season. They are good on offense, good on defense, and good on special teams. Their rushing attack is brutal and Ingram is making a serious push towards winning The Heisman Trophy. It will take a near perfect game from the Tigers to give them a legitimate shot to win. Fannin fumbling can not happen. Ziemba and McCain’s false starts can not happen. Thorpe getting toasted down the sideline can not happen. Fumbled punts can not happen. These are the things that have plagued Auburn in its four losses. If Auburn is able to play a mistake free game, and get just a few breaks, we can compete. Its strength on weakness in SPUAT’s running game vs. AU’s run defense. In Mickey’s opinion, it is vital that Eltoro Freeman is healthy and starts. Auburn’s depth, or lack thereof, at linebacker has been an Achilles heel all season. “The Bull” is our best option to stop Ingram. His potential absence is a very, very bad thing. In the end the Turds have a better, deeper, more experience team, and will likely wear the Tigers down. A sad day on the plains, SPUAT 35 – AU 16

Clemson (-3) @ South Carolina

Walt Flanagan: Trap game for Clemson? This is the kind of game that Clemson loses and now that they are already in the ACCCG, can they get it together for this? I think so...Clemson 24 - South Carolina 20

Morris Fenderbaum: Clemson 28 - South Carolina 17

Mickey Goldmill: Will this be it for Spurrier at Carolina? The rumors have been out there. Clemson is hot having won there last six games to put the Tigers at 8-3 on the year and champions of the Atlantic Division. The Cocks are headed in the opposite direction, currently on a three game skid and at 6-5 on the year. This one’s in Columbia, but Big Mo is on the side of Clemson. Has S.O.S. had enough? CU 31 – SC 24

Tennessee (-3.5) @ Kentucky

Walt Flangan: 24 years of futility for the Wildcats versus the Vols. This is as good a shot as they will ever have but they won't have enough in a close one...Tennessee 31 - Kentucky 30

Morris Fenderbaum: Kentucky 24 - Tennessee 17

Mickey Goldmill: This one could prove tricky. The Cats are going for win number eight on the year and UT is trying to get number seven. Too many off the field incidences have provided a number of distractions for the Vols as of late. Mickey likes UK in the upset, 28-27.

Ole Miss (-7) @ Mississippi State

Walt Flangan: Ole Miss is running wild now that they have McCluster as the featured back. MSU was keeping it close with teams early on but they seem to have lost steam...Ole Miss 35 - MSU 21

Morris Fenderbaum: Ole Miss 37 - Mississippi State 20

Mickey Goldmill: Mickey can only guess the line is only a touchdown since this version of The Egg Bowl will be played in Starkghanistan. With wins over Jackson St., Vandy, MTSU, and Kentucky, Dan Mullen is still searching for his signature win in his rookie year at the helm. Don’t expect it to happen against the more talented Rebels. UM 42 – MSU 31

FSU (+23) @ Florida

Walt Flanagan: Let the Tim Tebow lovefest begin. It is going to be nauseating listening to Verne slobber all over the Football Jesus. He'll put on a show for the home crowd and get his name back in the Heisman race...Florida 45 - FSU 10

Morris Fenderbaum: Florida 41 - FSU 17

Mickey Goldmill: Bowden gets embarrassed in this one. It’s a shame, as this will be the last game for Mickey Andrews at FSU (except for maybe a bowl game). Apparently, Andrews got the memo. 42 – 10 Gaytors.

Georgia (+7.5) @ Georgia Tech

Walt Flanagan: This one should be a shootout as UGa can't really stop anyone and GT can score on anyone. Close but the Jackets pull it out...Georgia Tech 31 - Georgia 24

Morris Fenderbaum: Georgia Tech 34 - Georgia 24

Mickey Goldmill: The ACC Coastal Division Champion Jackets are playing for braggin rights. They get UGAy coming off a loss to Kentucky at home inside Bobby Dodd. Will they get caught looking ahead to the showdown with Clemson? Not likely. This one means too much. It’s a good thing UGAy beat Auburn because Mickey’s not sure he would have survived three losses and a losing record. GT 31 – UGAy 24 This one doesn’t have anything to do with football, but Mickey can’t get enough of the GTGs.

Arkansas (+3.5) @ LSU

Walt Flanagan: Les Miles has been hearing it from the Corn Dog Nation this week. I love Arkansas when they are at home, this game is Baton Rouge...LSU 27 - Arkansas 21

Morris Fenderbaum: Arkansas 36 - LSU 28

Mickey Goldmill: Words cannot describe the emptiness of Les Miles giant melon. Les Miles is a ritard. For that reason, Mickey likes the Hogs. rKansas 33 – Lswho 28

Last Week:

Walt (5-1 straight up, 3-2 versus the spread)

Morris (4-2, 3-2)

Mickey (4-2, 4-1)


Walt (68-19, 36-39-1)

Morris (66-21, 37-38-1)

Mickey (71-16, 36-39-1)



The SI jinx is on bitches!!!


20 Years Later

A good piece in the AJC by Tony Barnhart about the first time the turds came to the plains.


That day, December 2, 1989, Mickey was only 11 years old, but was lucky enough to be in Jordan-Hare. Mickey recalls his dad letting Mickey and Mickey's little brother skip school on Friday before the game so we could head down to the plains in the RV on Thursday night- to make sure we got "our" tailgating spot. And we were not the only ones, but it was the first time, to Mickey's knowledge, that had ever happened before. What an experience it was. Mickey recalls a pep rally Friday afternoon, a concert at the baseball field Friday night. Mickey was only eleven, and all jacked up on Mountain Dew ($1 to the red headed kid from Talledega Nights) but Mickey was throwin' down. Gameday- the Tiger Walk, indescribable. The blue haze in the air from the paper shakers- man, there was something different about that day.

Footage of Eltoro Freeman as a 6 year old

If "The Bull" plays on Friday, McElroy and Ingram better be prepared.


A year later, Auburn looks to strike back - ESPN article by Chris Low

Yes, some bammer really did this...

So there is an asterisk on the Got 12 shirts?


Not only was the "clock" play unbelievable, why in the world is LSU calling 3 straight passing plays when all they need is a field goal? What goes around, comes around. Miles' end of game management is insane. See LSU-Auburn 2007.



WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 12

Vanderbilt (+17) at Tennessee

Walt Flanagan: The season is mercifully about to end for Vandy. Their only bright spots have been LB Chris Marve and likely SEC Freshman of the Year, Warren Norman. The Wild Boyz need this one to get bowl-eligible and another off the field arrest won't distract them this week...UT 27 - Vandy 9

Morris Fenderbaum: UT 30 - Vandy 13

Mickey Goldmill: Twelve weeks and twelve games for Vandy. That’s what Mickey calls efficiency. The 'Dores will end their season with a loss in Knoxville to the “I say U-T, you say Wild Boyz!!” Wild Boyz 35 – ‘Dores 14

Ran across this cartoon this week:

Kentucky (+8.5) at Georgia

Walt Flanagan: Uga VII is gone. He had a short tenure and didn't have time to accumulate some of the memorable antics of his lineage. His grandfather loved to attack Auburn players and wear ill-fitting video cameras on his head (the forgettable ugacam) nor did he win as much as his dad and unfortunately didn't live long enough to have bouts of senility such as attacking his own flag...

...but Uga is Uga and I'm sure he's proud to know his last game was a home win over Auburn. Here's hoping dog heaven has a big bag of ice for him to sit on for eternity...Georgia 24 - Kentucky 14

Morris Fenderbaum: Georgia 27 - Kentucky 23

Mickey Goldmill: Richt definitely turned down the seat warmer last week in beating your Auburn Tigers. UGay is a more talented team than UK, but as Auburn learned, if you let them hang around long enough, make enough mistakes, they will slip up and put a whuppin' on ya. Georgia will mourn the unexpected death of Uga VII as he passed away earlier this week.


Dawgs by a TD...35 – 28

Mississippi State (+10.5) at Arkansas

Walt Flanagan: Anyone get the feeling MSU is running out of steam? With the SEC likely to get 10 teams in bowl games, every game from here on out is big for bowl positioning. Arkansas gets it done...UA 35 - MSU 17

Morris Fenderbaum: Arkansas 40 - Miss. State 20

Mickey Goldmill: Miss. State travels from Starkghanastan to Fayettnam this weekend. But really, Fayetteville is a nice town with a pretty campus and top notch athletic facilities. Wish Mickey was able to say the same about Starkville. Petrino schools Mullen on offense in this one. Mallet will give the State D fits...38 – 17

LSU (+3.5) at Ole Miss

Walt Flanagan: Weeeeeeeeell, now that the pressure's off Ole Miss looked like the team it was supposed to be in the win over the Wild Boyz. Or maybe it's that Nutt finally has decided that McCluster needs to touch the ball more than 15 times a game (UT was just the 3rd time this season). LSU comes in limping around and I think Ole Miss gets 'em...Ole Miss 27 - LSU 24

Morris Fenderbaum: LSU 28 - Ole Miss 17 CANNONBAAAALLLLL!!!!!

Mickey Goldmill: First no Confederate battle flags, and now no singing “the south will rise again”? What are they thinking. KIDDING, ONLY KIDDING. Seriously, is this the fifties?


This is a huge home game for Colonel Reb and having the KKK on campus on a big recruiting weekend has got to have Houston Nutt royally effin pissed. That reminds Mickey, does anyone know what happened to Andy Kennedy for his alleged racist comments last December?


Whatever, back to football. Game of the weekend in the SEC. LSU wins a close one...31 – 30. Les and his hat get lucky again.

Florida International (+43.5) at Florida

Walt Flanagan: Anyone else get the feeling that the Gators are sleep-walking through this season? Hit the snooze button on this one...Florida 49 - FIU 3

Morris Fenderbaum: Florida 53 - FIU 13

Mickey Goldmill: Snot Bubbles. Gaytors 56 – FIU 10

Chattanooga (no line) at SPUAT

Walt Flanagan: Well, this one's going to be a beatdown. SPUAT will be coming to Auburn undefeated and in the Mythical National Championship hunt on the 20th anniversary of December 2, 1989. SPUAT 49 - Chattanooga 7

The beatings will continue until morale improves...http://www.wareaglesupperclub.com/ironbowlbash.htm

Morris Fenderbaum: SPUAT 44 - Chattanooga 6

Mickey Goldmill: Snot Bubbles. Mickey would never wish personally injury on anyone, well maybe just a few folks, and you know who you are. However, if it is meant to be for a few turds to have - say maybe a turf toe or something not life altering, please Chattanooga do your part. We need the help...SPUAT 42 – UTC 3

Last Week:

Walt (5-2 straight up, 3-4 versus the spread)
Morris (5-2, 3-4)
Mickey (6-1, 3-4)


Walt (63-18, 33-37-1)
Morris (62-19, 34-36-1)
Mickey (67-14, 32-38-1)



WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 11

Auburn (+4) @ Georgia

Walt Flanagan: Big time game as always no matter the records. Auburn's defense hasn't been great this year but it's getting better and getting pressure on QBs. UGay's offensive line has been struggling and their D is playing worse than Auburn's. I feel a lot of Tatemoney being rained all over Athens tonight. But A.J. Greene is dangerous and the only WR in the league who can take over a game. If he does, expect to see some of this...

Greene might get in the endzone once or twice but it won't be enough. This pic feels more like it...Auburn 34 - Ugay 27

Morris Fenderbaum: Auburn 34 - UGay 28 CANNONBAAAAALLLLL!!!!!

Mickey Goldmill: Great games across the conference this week. Your Auburn Tigers have rebounded and are on a roll heading into Amen Corner. This one goes as Chris Todd goes. Mickey knows two things concerning this game: Gus Malzahn > Willie Martinez and Ted Roof > Mike Bobo. Auburn should be able to out scheme UGay. Will Auburn’s lack of depth be an issue? Will the Canadian Scotsman return and give AU’s offense the added dimension it so desperately needs? Mickey is optimistic. Clear your New Year's Day calendar, ladies, cause we goin’ bowlin’!!!! Auburn 38 – UGay 27

Kentucky (-3) @ Vanderbilt

Walt Flanagan: SEC Game of the Week? UK gets it done and will go bowling...Kentucky 24 - Vandy 17

Morris Fenderbaum: Kentucky 20 - Vandy 13

Mickey Goldmill: ZZZzzz ZZZzzzzZZZZZ...Cats over Dores 27 – 18

Tennessee (+3) at Ole Miss

Walt Flanagan: UT's turned it around and Colonel Reb is crying. Ole Miss' is in danger of not even making a bowl in a season they were hyped incessantly. I didn't know you could ride dirty in a Prius wielding a pellet gun but I guess nothing is impossible (or so Nu'Keese's shirt said). Even without the 3 freshman playing, this one will be a "shootout"...Tennessee 28 - Ole Miss 24

Morris Fenderbaum: Tennessee 27 - Ole Miss 20

Mickey Goldmill: Chaos in Knoxville this week plays to the favor of the Rebs. Which version of Jonathon Crompton shows up? Rebs in a good one 30 – 28

Florida (-15) @ South Carolina

Walt Flanagan: South Carolina has won 5 SEC games in a row at home. SOS takes over the play-calling duties from the junior ball coach tonight. Won't make a difference. Florida is on cruise control...UF 31 - South Carolina 14

Morris Fenderbaum: Florida 33 - USC 13

Mickey Goldmill: If this one is close in the fourth, count on the SEC officials to make sure the Gaytors cover...UF 38 – Cocks 17

SPUAT (-13) @ Mississippi State

Walt Flanagan: SPUAT's getting all the breaks. They don't look impressive but just keep winning, it feels a little like 1992. I don't know how they do it but Mickey has an idea. SPUAT 28 - MSU 14

Morris Fenderbaum: SPUAT 28 - MSU 13

Mickey Goldmill: See previous game’s pick. Lather, rinse, repeat...Turds 38 – MSU 17

Louisiana Tech (+24.5) @ LSU

Walt Flanagan: Shake it off, corndogs. Only in the SEC can a zebra kill a tiger...LSU 49 - La. Tech 17

Morris Fenderbaum: LSU 41 - La. Tech 13

Mickey Goldmill: Seriously, working in Louisiana with these coon ass Cajuns is hilarious...LSU 42 – La. Tech 14

Troy (+14.5) @ Arkansas

Walt Flanagan: Arkansas looking to go bowling, they'll get it done...Arkansas 45 - Troy 21

Morris Fenderbaum: Arkansas 42 - Troy 10

Mickey Goldmill: Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere….or something like that. Troy continues to line up quality opponents. Kudos for trying...Hogs 35 – Trojans 17

Last Week:

Walt (8-0 straight up, 2-1-1 versus the spread)
Morris (7-1, 0-3-1)
Mickey (7-1, 2-1-1)


Walt (58-16, 30-33-1)
Morris (57-17, 31-32-1)
Mickey (61-13, 29-34-1)


Julio & Ingram Can Take Them Fishing


"I just really do believe this: If I was an official, and I was making what I make officiating, because I love the game and I love doing it, and I was getting crit­icized by the media, includ­ing our announcers on TV, like these guys get crit­icized, I'd step back and say, 'I think I'll go to the lake this weekend. You can have this.' That's what I'd do," Saban added.


An SEC Ref Would Have Taken It

Move Along, Nothing To See Here

That Was Close!

No truth to the rumor that this was a SEC referee getting a scare about what would happen UNLESS HE KNOWS WHAT'S GOOD FOR HIM!

Everyone else sees it, why can't the S(puat)EC?


Matt (Bham)
Your call on the LSU/Bama interception call. Bad Call? I think so. Everyone says even if LSU got it they wouldn't win. Hard to say. They only needed 7 points to get ahead. It only takes one play (like the one from Julio) to accomplish it. It's sad to see games come down to this.

Chris Low
(1:37 PM)
I thought it was an interception when I saw it live and it also "appeared" to be one when watching the replay. It would have given the Tigers a chance to come back and win, but I'm not sure what the chances are that Jarrett Lee leads them down the field for a touchdown. LSU only had 9 yards of total offense in the fourth quarter. Like you, though, I hate to see so many questionable calls in all these games.

3. The fourth-quarter interception that LSU corner Patrick Peterson did (according to video) or didn't (according to the SEC officials) make enthralled conspiracy theorists. I think they need a hobby. If the Tigers had gotten the ball, they would have been on the Alabama 37, trailing 21-15, with a backup quarterback and a backup tailback. On the Tigers' last two possessions, Jarrett Lee went 1-for-7 with two sacks and one pick. In other words, that call didn't decide the game.

At least one person is defending the officials...

Auburn Football Swaggometer - Week 10


WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 10

Furman @ Auburn (no line)

Walt Flanagan: Now that's what I'm talking about! Defense played much better and got great QB pressure and really swarmed to the football. McCluster had a great day and the special teams gave up the long kickoff return but overall a good effort to get blowl eligible. Saturday makes the Kentucky even harder to take. No shame in losing on the road to Arkansas and LSU but that one still hurts. I don't think Money will play and he probably shouldn't. Chris Todd shouldn't play more than one quarter and Benny Tate needs to come out no later than halftime. Win #7 comes Saturday going into Amen Corner...Auburn 49 - Furman 7

Morris Fenderbaum: Auburn 54 - Furman 17

Mickey Goldmill: SNOT BUBBLES. Auburn racks up big time yardage. This Homecoming game was much needed before a mini version of Amen Corner. Tigers 49 – Purple Paladins 7

War Damn Michael Dyer

South Carolina (+5.5) @ Arkansas

Walt Flanagan: And so it begins. And by that I mean the 'Cocks going limp towards the end (which is of course the most important time). Arkansas at home is tough and they'll continue on Saturday...Arkansas 31 - South Carolina 20

Morris Fenderbaum: Arkansas 27 - South Carolina 23

Mickey Goldmill: Mickey was wrong about SC last week as Mickey thought Spurrier would take it to Kiffen. Mickey is reminded how the 'Cocks have a tendency to fizzle as the season wears on...Pig Souie 38 - Cocks 28

Vanderbilt (+32.5) @ Florida

Walt Flanagan: Quite the week for the Gators. Brandon Spikes hijacks the week and then Urban gets a slap on the wrist with his $30,000 fine for complaining that the referees didn't take care of Teblow as well as the media. Vandy put up a good fight against Georgia Tech but they won't even sniff a lead Saturday...Florida 45 - Vandy 10

Morris Fenderbaum: Florida 48 - Vandy 13

Mickey Goldmill: U. G. L. Y. Meyer takes out his SEC frustrations on little ole Vandy...Gaytors 49 – Dores 13

LSU (+9) at Alabama

Walt Flanagan: SPUAT favored by 9?!?! Seems high for this game. Did SPUAT get their redzone offense corrected during the off week? Has LSU's defense corrected their problems? It looks like the Bayou Bengals have the last two weeks but they did play an Auburn team at their swagger nadir and Tulane. I don't think LSU can score enough against the SPUAT defense...SPUAT 20 - LSU 14

Morris Fenderbaum: LSU 20 - SPUAT 18 (6 FGs from Leigh Ann Tiffin). CANNONBAAAAALLLLL!!!!!

Mickey Goldmill: Mickey found out this week that he will be working in the corndog state for the foreseeable future and getting used to all the coon asses takes some getting used to. Damn this economy! That being said, Mickey would gladly put up with the corndog crowing after they beat the turds. Do it for Mickey, Bengal Tigers! The HAT 28 – Cheatin' Bastards 27

Memphis (+26) @ Tennessee

Walt Flanagan: Tennessee's about to go on their patented late season winning streak versus the unholy trilogy of Memphis, Kentucky and Vandy...Tennessee 38 - Memphis 10

Morris Fenderbaum: Tennessee 34 - Memphis 13

Mickey Goldmill: East Tennessee > West Tennessee. Seriously, how bad were UT’s unis last week? Mickey likes seeing the special threads on occasion but that was just trying too hard. Vols win big...38 – 10

Eastern Kentucky @ Kentucky (no line)

Walt Flanagan: Not only did Auburn look like a different team versus Ole Miss but Kentcuky went out and lost at home to Mississippi State. Whut tha hell. UK 42 - EKU 10

Morris Fenderbaum: UK 44 - EKU 9

Mickey Goldmill: What does Mickey know about EKU? Not much. The University is in Richmond, Ky and they play in the OVC along with Jacksonville State among others. Seriously, who cares? Snot Bubbles? Check...UK 38 – EKU 7

Tennessee Tech @ Georgia (no line)

Walt Flanagan: If Georgia finishes 6-6 or worse then there will be changes in Athens. They aren't that crazy to get rid of Richt, are they? UGay 49 - TT 6

Morris Fenderbaum: UGay 52 - Tennessee Tech 10

Mickey Goldmill: Snot bubbles. I’m not going to waste my time or yours. Jawga wins by lots...UGAy 42 – Tenn Tech 10

Northern Arizona @ Ole Miss (no line)

Walt Flanagan: Nutt and Ole Miss just can't handle prosperity. They are in danger of not going to a bowl game since they have 2 games versus 1AA opponents...Ole Miss 49 - UNA 10

Morris Fenderbaum: Ole Miss 40 - Northern Arizona 6

Mickey Goldmill: Seriously, this must be the week of stupid out of conference match-ups in the SEC. Snot Bubbles, what else? Rebels 42 – Northern Arizona 6

Last Week:

Walt (4-2 straight up, 3-3 versus the spread)
Morris (5-1, 4-2)
Mickey (3-3, 2-4)


Walt (50-16, 28-32)
Morris (50-16, 31-29)
Mickey (54-12, 27-33)

War Dyer Eagle!


WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 9

Ole Miss (-3.5) @ Auburn

Walt Flanagan: As is usually the case with Auburn, underachieving team comes into the game looking like it has finally put it together. No different with Ole Miss and McCluster/Snead. I think Auburn plays better than it has in the last three weeks but this is not a good matchup right now...Ole Miss 28 - Auburn 20

Morris Fenderbaum: Auburn 31 - Ole Miss 27 CANNONBAAAAALLLLL!!!!!

Mickey Goldmill: Here we go again. Mickey, like most AU fans, has lost confidence in our team's ability to score points and rightfully so. WRAS’ sources tell us that Todd’s arm is fatigued and that Caudle has taken the majority of the snaps in practice the last two weeks, yet Chizik has publicly stated that “Todd will start and they feel he give them the best chance to win”. I am aware that Caudle has shown the penchant to throw picks but Mickey will pose the question again: Is a 65% Todd with no confidence still better the Caudle? Mickey hopes we don’t have to find out and that Todd will come out slinging the ball around. For Auburn to win he will definitely have to perform. Auburn must eliminate the turnovers and special teams must improve. Ole Miss has a nasty defensive front and should prove a real challenge to Auburn. Reluctantly, Rebels 31 – AU 17.

Georgia Tech (-14) @ Vanderbilt

Walt Flanagan: Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerds!!!!! Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!! More neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerds!!!!! GT is quietly putting together a BCS run. With Vandy, Wake Forest, Duke and then a home game versus Georgia; Tech could easily be 11-1 going into the ACCCG. Watch out...GT 35 - Vandy 10

Morris Fenderbaum: Georgia Tech 38 - Vandy 13

Mickey Goldmill: GT gets it done “Reck Style” 31 – 16

Eastern Michigan (+36.5) @ Arkansas

Walt Flanagan: 1 more win towards the SEC having 10 bowl eligible teams...Arkansas 45 - EMU 10

Morris Fenderbaum: Arkansas 50 - Eastern Michigan 10

Mickey Goldmill: Snot Bubbles. Seriously does anyone care or know anything about Eastern Michigan? Arky 42 – EM 3

Georgia (+16) @ Florida (in Jacksonville)

Walt Flanagan: Is this the quietest Cocktail Party in recent memory? I think so. Chinks are in Florida's armor but this is a statement game and I think they make a statement of sorts but it'll still look like a slapfight to SEC fans...Gaytors 30 - UGay 17

Morris Fenderbaum: Florida 33 - Georgia 16

Mickey Goldmill: UGay struggled against UT’s defense and as good as they may be, the Gaytors D is still much better. Tebow seems to be on a roll, and has the Gaytors on a mission. Things aren’t looking any better for Richt at this point. The Dawg fans will have to revert to making jort references. Over under on jean short references in Jacksonville Saturday is 11,732. Gaytors 33 – UGay 14

Mississippi State (+3.5) @ Kentucky

Walt Flanagan: MSU wuz robbed! Kentucky is riding high two weeks after the Auburn game and needs this game to help their bowl eligibility. They'll get it...UK 24 - MSU 17

Morris Fenderbaum: MSU 24 - UK 20

Mickey Goldmill: Usually this game does not garner any real attention across the conference but this game intrigues Mickey. Look for MSU to give UK a heavy dose of Anthony Dixon who has 749 yards on the season and is averaging 5 yards per carry. MSU will likely create opportunities for UK as they have 10 fumbles lost on the season. Kentucky seems to be just good enough to win ball games this year and Mickey expects them to be victorious in this battle of cats and dogs...UK 28 – MSU 24

South Carolina (+4.5) @ Tennessee

Walt Flanagan: UT wuz robbed part deux! UT is getting better and better while South Carolina looks like they are ready for their patented late season swoon. It begins Saturday...UT 24 - USC 16

Morris Fenderbaum: USC 19 - UT 18

Mickey Goldmill: Unless UGay is able to pull the miraculous upset tomorrow, the Gamecocks have the opportunity to establish themselves as the second best team in the SEC East. It will be a difficult feat as the Cocks travel to Neyland. Something tells Mickey that Stephen Orr Spurrier would love nothing more than to teach that little punk Kiffen a thing or two. The key is likely which Jonathon Crompton will show up. Mickey likes SC in the upset...31 – 30

Tulane (+34) @ LSU

Walt Flanagan: Tuneup for the SECWCG next week. Still don't think LSU is that good but they'll continue to seduce on Saturday...LSU 49 - Tulane 7

Morris Fenderbaum: LSU 41 - Tulane 13

Mickey Goldmill: More snot bubbles. Corndoggers 42 – Green Wave 3. A Green Wave is so much cooler than a “Crimpsun” Tide anyways.

Last Week:

Walt (5-1 straight up, 2-4 versus the spread)
Morris (3-3, 2-4)
Mickey (5-1, 3-3)


Walt (46-14, 25-29)
Morris (45-15, 27-27)
Mickey (51-9, 25-29)


Bammer of the Week

Scandal Plagued Former Mayor Larry Langford ("SPFMLL") and Scandal Plagued University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa ("SPUAT"). Very fitting.


Official AU Football Swaggometer - Week 8

With Walter McFadden's assessment that Auburn was operating at about 90% swagger after the WFVU game, WRAS' team of mathematicians culled football data from the archives and ran some numbers just to see what Auburn's swagger was just past the halfway point of the season. They found that the swagger level of Auburn's football team has experienced its lowest in-season drop since 1998. Never before has swagger reached 100% and then fallen to levels below 50% in one calendar year. We'll continue to monitor the situation.

Maybe all we need is a new hat...

Les Miles is gay. That is all.

Love Stinks

It's hard loving Auburn. Not much to say about Saturday night. Auburn got their arse handed to them. Penalties hurt, and a few were questionable - but it would not have mattered. WRAS's sources, which are pretty damn good, indicated that Caudle took the majority of the snaps in practice last week and Todd threw very few balls. Apparently, all the speculation is true and Todd's arm is tired. Is Caudle really that much worse of an option than a 65% Todd? Two coaching staffs think so. Mickey is aware that this was before two knee surgeries, but Caudle was at one point held in pretty high esteem.

Yeah, that's from the 2005 Elite 11 camp. Josh Freeman, Tim Tebow, Pat Devline, Jevon Snead and Matt Stafford. Mickey has always been a Todd supporter, but if he is not healthy, can trying a different option really be that bad of an idea?


WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 8

Auburn (+8) @ LSU

Walt Flanagan: Didn't take long for the 5-0 rose to fall off the bloom, did it? I never expected Auburn to win 10 games this year so I'm not disappointed or anything. Just working the plan. Still, that Kentucky loss was tough. 6-6 is a real possibility...LSU 24 - Auburn 17

Morris Fenderbaum: Auburn 31 - LSU 28 CANNONBAAAALLLLL!!!!!

Mickey Goldmill: Mickey gets sick to his stomach when he thinks of Auburn’s last two trips to Tiger Stadium.

On their way to winning the MNC in 07:

This ESPN College Gameday story about the ’05 game:

Plain and simple: The key to this game is Chris Todd. If Todd comes out and struggles in the first few series, do not be surprised if Auburn makes a change early. Yeah, Mickey is aware this is a bold prediction. There is no doubt Auburn will be fired up for this game, but it’s Auburn’s firepower that is in question. This one scares Mickey. Coon Asses 21 – AU 20

Vanderbilt (+13) at South Carolina

Walt Flanagan: Vandy's back...South Carolina 28 - Vandy 10

Morris Fenderbaum: USC 24 - Vandy 9

Mickey Goldmill: The Dore’s (2-5, 0-4) travel to Columbia to take on the Cocks (5-2, 2-2). Mickey doesn’t see any way Vandy gets this one done, and they will likely finish the season on at 2-10 on an eight game losing streak. Vandy still has Ga. Tech, Florida, Kentucky and Tennessee remaining after this weekend’s tilt at Williams Bryce Stadium. South Carolina may be the second best team in the Eastern Division after the Gaytors. This one has a chance to get out of hand. 35 – 10 Cocks.

Tennessee (+16.5) at SPUAT

Walt Flanagan: What a bunch of toolbags SPUAT is for not letting UTK wear orange jerseys. That would have been kinda cool. Reason #1,789 why SPUAT sucks and they have about as much fun as a foot soldier marching through red square...SPUAT 28 - UTK 10

Morris Fenderbaum: Tennessee 27 - SPUAT 26 CANNONBAAAAALLLLL RUN 2!!!!!

Mickey Goldmill: Mark Ingram, blah blah blah, Heisman candidate, blah blah blah. Whatever. Not gonna happen. Turds don’t win Heismans. They have however become quite efficient at winning football games as of late with their brutal running game and turd curtain defense. Ole Monte will definitely have his work cut out for him trying to stop SPUAT’s offensive attack as they have proven unstoppable so far in the ’09 campaign. Mickey can’t see UT being successful in turd town, especially if Kiffen is bold retarded enough to take 15 yard penalties to start both halves. Turds win again 28 – 14

Arkansas (+5.5) at Ole Miss

Walt Flanagan: Stock up - Arkansas. Stock down - Ole Miss. The South won't rise on Saturday (or ever again I guess)...Arkansas 28 - Ole Miss 24

Morris Fenderbaum: Arkansas 30 - Ole Miss 20

Mickey Goldmill: The hogs are getting 5.5 at Ole Miss? What is Mickey missing? The Rebs (4-2, 1-2) have ZERO quality wins this season with victories over Memphis, SE Louisiana, Vandy, and UAB. This one may be a high scoring shootout, but Mickey thinks despite being robbed in Gainesville last weekend, potty mouth Bobby has the Hawg Express on a roll. Pork 33 – Rebels 28

Florida (-22) at Mississippi State

Walt Flanagan: Florida is missing 3 starters on defense and have turned into a smashmouth football team. MSU is playing hard and pretty well this year and no coach knows Urban's system better than Mullen. Couple that with the fact that Starkville is a house of horrors for Florida (and pretty much anyone else who sets foot within the city limits of that decrepit "college town") AND I doubt Urban wants to destroy Mullen's team anyway...Florida 35 - MSU 17

Morris Fenderbaum: Florida 42 - MSU 17

Mickey Goldmill: In case you were not aware, the Gaytors have lost a regular season game to an SEC West team for the last ten consecutive years. Now that’s what Mickey calls a frigin’ streak! Considering UF was able to beat Arky last week its up to State to do the West proud and keep the streak alive. And why shouldn’t they? First year coach Dan Mullen will look across Scott Field and see both his pupil and mentor in Tebow and Meyer. The last time the Gaytors were victorious in Starkghanistan was ’85! Mind games anyone? State had it first and goal from inside LSU’s 5 yard line and failed to get it in. They played nationally ranked Houston and Georgia Tech in relatively close ball games. Will this be Mullen’s signature win? More Cow Bell!! More Cow Bell!! More Cow Bell!!!!!!! Gaytors 33 – MSU 13

La.Monroe (+15.5) at Kentucky

Walt Flanagan: I have witnessed Auburn lose to Vanderbilt and Kentucky in the last 12 months. Two teams AU had never previously lost to in my lifetime plus a few decades. Ugh. UK 35 - LAMO 14

Morris Fenderbaum: UK 38 - LAMO 10

Mickey Goldmill: Uhhggg. Kentucky. Mickey hates losing to Kentucky. In Basketball. Losing in Football is inexcusable. What are we to do?!?!?!?!?!?!? Cats 35 – ULM 14


Auburn's Todd added to Manning Award list

Auburn's Todd added to Manning Award list
By Charles Goldberg -- The Birmingham News
October 22, 2009, 3:28PM

Chris ToddAuburn's Chris Todd has been added to the Manning Award watch list. The Manning Award goes to the nation's top QB.

Todd was one of 10 quarterbacks added to the list Thursday, says Auburn sports information. Thirty-eight quarterbacks were already on the list when the season began.

Todd has completed 106-of-190 passes for 1,443 yards and 12 touchdowns and two interceptions.

He's third in the SEC in passing efficiency.

He is ranked 17th nationally in yards per completion (13.61), tied for 21st in touchdown passes (12) and 37th in passing efficiency
(149.45). His average of 206.1 passing yards per game is No. 4 in the SEC.

Kudos to Todd. Let's hope he is able to return to his pre Arky form or it could be a long night in Red Stick for the Tigers.

Time to kick some coonasses

Think He Got This Itch From Destiny?


Cheauke on it, LSU!

Bammers....cheating in every facet

Updated: October 21, 2009, 1:47 PM ET
Saban: Marking kicks not worth penaltyComment Email Print Share ESPN.com news services

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- Alabama coach Nick Saban said his kickers will not use tape to spot field goals and extra points.

SEC blog
ESPN.com's Chris Low writes about all things SEC in his conference blog.

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College Football Nation

After reviewing video of the Gamecocks' 20-6 loss to Alabama last week, South Carolina Steve Spurrier pointed out Leigh Tiffin's use of the white tape to spot his kicks and reported it to the Southeastern Conference. Tiffin quickly put the tape in his pocket after kicking, Spurrier said.

Saban said he didn't know Tiffin was using the tape and said it isn't worth risking a 5-yard penalty. However, Saban said Tide coaches have found that more than half of the SEC's teams put something such as a piece of grass or mud on the field so the kicker knows where the ball will be spotted.

SEC officials received a formal complaint from South Carolina officials Tuesday and are looking into the matter, league spokesman Charles Bloom said.

Tiffin hit both extra points and field goals of 25 and 35 yards in Alabama's win Saturday. He also missed a 49-yarder. The senior is 9-of-11 on field goals and 21-of-23 on PATs this season.

Spurrier said he has no idea if what he thinks happened is legal.

"I've never seen that before," Spurrier said. "But I'm sure they've probably been doing it all year."

The NCAA football rulebook (Rule 6-3; Article 10; subsection d) says:

"Any device or material used to mark the spot of a scrimmage place kick or elevate the ball makes the kick illegal."

The penalty is "illegal kick" and is five yards from the previous spot.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report

Totally off topic....

ohh the irony......LINK


Bammer of the Week

AU vs Ole Miss kick-off set for 11:21

and will be televised on the SEC Network. LINK

Corndog Dance Off - Who ya got?

Though in reality, no one wins. Especially you, the viewer.


WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 7

Auburn (-13.5) vs. Kentucky

Walt Flanagan: I'm just now beginning to recover from the Fayetteville trip. That much pork will do that to a man. I'm no less confident in the team than I was a week ago. UK is hurting and are missing two of their most important players in Mike Hartline and Trevard Lindley. Not to mention that they will be starting a true freshman QB at night in PDJHS against a fired up, angry and embarrassed AU team...AU 45 - UK 17.

Morris Fenderbaum:

Mickey Goldmill: Eating all that pork last weekend probably wasn’t the best idea. Mickey’s colon has been paying the price all week for a botched attempt at some good mojo. Auburn was caught with their pants down and Potty Mouth Bobby kicked Ted Roof in the teeth. Except for the young lady sitting on the end seat of section 111 row 8 it was an ugly day at Reynolds Razorback Stadium. But seriously, she was hot. I’m just saying. After two weeks on the road, your Auburn Tigers will return to Pat Dye Field at Jordan-Hare Stadium to play yet another night game. WRAS sources are saying that true freshman Morgan Newton, last years Mr. Football in Indiana has been getting significant reps in practice this week and will start tomorrow night, since Mike Hartline was hurt in last weeks loss at South Carolina. Playing your first game on the road in JHS is a bad idea…………..unless of course you are Matt Leinart. Auburn rebounds. Defense looks light years better than last week. AU 35 – UK 17

Ole Miss (-22) vs. UAB

Walt Flanagan: I may be one of the only people who either read or write on this blog who have seen UAB play. They are much better this year than in years past. Ole Miss' dream season is toast and I don't know how fired up they will be to play the Blazers. This is a classic sandwich game between the Rebels "SuperBowl" from last week and Houston Nutt versus Arkansas next week. UAB won't win but they'll keep it closer than the experts think...Ole Miss 38 - UAB 20

Morris Fenderbaum:

Mickey Goldmill: Going into the season many of the Rebel faithful had high expectations. Mickey wasn’t buying it. Like Mickey has said here before, if the Rebs couldn’t win the SEC West with Manning, what in the tar makes them think they can win it with Snead? Now they are 3-2 with the likes of Arkansas, Auburn, Tennessee and LSU still on there schedule, plus winnable games against UAB, Northern Arizona and Mississippi St. Mickey expects Ole Piss to lose two more, finishing the season at 8-4. Which two will they lose? Stay tuned to find out. Colonel Reb 38 – UAB 14

Georgia (-7.5) @ Vanderbilt

Walt Flanagan: Uh oh. Scarbinsky writes an article comparing Richt to Tuberville and now we find the Dawgs in the middle of a disappointing season on the road against Vandy in a must win. Sound familiar? Didn't work out too well for Tubs. Will it for Richt? UGa 24 - Vandy 10

Morris Fenderbaum:

Mickey Goldmill: Mickey expected there to be a let down in Athens this year. It seems logical considering the Dawgs lost Matt Stafford and Knowshon Moreno as the respective first and twelfth overall picks in the ’09 NFL draft. UGay fans are wishing Moreno had stayed for his senior season as their running game has been pitiful at times. This Vandy team is not as good as the Vandy team of recent years and Georgia is without doubt a more talented squad. Both teams are coming off losses and UGay’s 45-19 defeat to the East Tennessee cat humpers was a serious punch in the mouth. Will Georgia be able to circle the wagons and right the ship? Time will tell. UGay 26 – Dores 21

SRV (-17.5) vs. South Carolina

Walt Flanagan: The Serial Repeat Violators from SPUAT/UNST are at it again, thumbing their fat noses at the hammer. What's new. SPUAT schollies are worth more than everyone else's so they better damn well be undefeated. Stephen Garcia sucks...SRV 35 - USC 17

Morris Fenderbaum:

Mickey Goldmill: Trying to write about the turds is painful. Mickey would like to pick against them. Mickey wants to talk bad about them. Mickey liked it better when they were losing. But its may be time to face reality- their cheating ways have them as a legitimate contender for the MNC. How they got to campus, what they are driving, how they go fishing, and how thick their wallets are is all up for serious inquiry and debate, but little Nick has put a quality product on the field. The Turds have looked dominate to date and will likely continue to win. Mickey can only hope someone will revive Steve Spurrier from the dead and he can create a miracle. Not likely. Turds 33 – Cocks 14

Florida (-25) vs. Arkansas

Walt Flanagan: Florida's D is much better than Auburn's and Mallet, Fred Talley and the rest of the Hawgs won't have as easy a time this week...Florida 38 - Arkansas 10

Morris Fenderbaum:

Mickey Goldmill: Petrino got a big win last week against by slowing down the Auburn attack. Will they be able to repeat this feat as they travel to Gainesville? Not likely, unless Tim Tebow goes into a coma. The Florida D is ridiculous good and Mallet will have trouble in the Swamp. UF 40 – Pork 14

Mississippi State (-4.5) @ Middle Tennessee

Walt Flanagan: The last time Tony Franklin went up against MSU it was a 3-2 barnburner. I watched a little MTSU versus Troy and they had a stat that out of MTSU's first 12 plays, 9 went for zero or negative yards. Sound familiar? Miss. State 31 - MTSU 20

Morris Fenderbaum:

Mickey Goldmill: Okay, why is Mississippi State playing at MTSU? Mickey can only assume this will be the first time any SEC program has traveled to Murphreesboro. Lets hope it’s the last. Seriously, that ain't good for street cred. And don’t go up there and get beat either!! State plays at Memphis next season, at UAB in 2011 and 2013. They play at Troy in 2012 and play at South Alabama in 2014. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot???? At Southern Miss in 2015. Who is doing this to you State fans? Find this person and commence witch hunt immediately. Back to this weekends game- Mickey is picking against “The System.” Tony Franklin blows, but he did put up 3 in the win over state last year. MSU 28 – MTSU 21

Richt becoming Tuberville???

Check out Scarbinky's article on the state of Georgia football and Mark Richt HERE

2nd grade ehh? Wow.

Thu Oct 15, 2009 12:30 pm EDT
FSU releases NCAA transcripts: Some 'Noles reading on 2nd-grade level?
By Matt Hinton
After months of appeals, wrangling over public records laws and the usual backbiting between the university and the NCAA, an appellate court finally gave Florida State the go-ahead Wednesday to release a 695-page transcript of its Oct. 18, 2008 hearing before the NCAA's Committee on Infractions, testimony from which was used to smack multiple sports at FSU in March with probation, minor scholarship restrictions and -- most notably in light of Bobby Bowden's quixotic pursuit of the career wins record -- vacated wins for playing ineligible players later accused of cheating in an online course ("Musical Cultures of the World") in 2006 and 2007. The transcript didn't tell us a whole lot we didn't already know. (Although it is, like, 700 pages long, so a few people are still reading.)
The news is probably more notable for public records scholars -- the NCAA infractions process is a notoriously secretive ordeal, and it fought tooth-and-nail to keep it that way -- than football fans, but the released documents did shed some light on a few specific details of the Florida State's violations, and of the school's subsequent investigation and defense, most of it painting "an unflattering portrait of Florida State’s professors and administrators," according to the New York Times. But certainly not nearly as unflattering as the portrait it painted of some of FSU's players, academically speaking, or the stops pulled out on their behalf by (to use FSU president T.K. Wetherell's term) a "rogue tutor":
Brenda Monk, a learning specialist hired to work with athletes who had learning and physical disabilities, was accused of improperly helping students type, edit and write their papers. Monk, who testified that some of those athletes had a second-grade reading level, was accused of committing academic fraud. In one case, she was said to have let students use a study guide that had answers to exam questions for an online music course.
Monk has left the university and filed a defamation suit against Florida State.
In their defense, second-graders are very advanced these days, what with the Baby Einstein and secret genetic engineering programs Congress slipped into an appropriations bill; some of the contemporary seven-year-old's favorite television shows also captivate the Miami Hurricanes. (And vicious, highly educated commenters, please, consider how the unusually high clusters of "criminal justice" and "recreational administration" majors on your own squad might fare by the same standard before you hit that spittle-flecked 'return' key.)
We can still assume that every Seminole at least knows how to count to 14, which remains the relevant number: As it stands, FSU still has to wipe 14 victories from Bowden's career total, a fate that may actually be looking more and more attractive to him -- if you remove those wins from the 2006-07 seasons, the unfolding disaster in 2009 suddenly looks like an improvement.


Need more proof that Micheal Dyer is headed to AU?

Warning: EARMUFFS !! His boys have potty mouths. Dyer is in the red Angels hat.

Dyer has 1322 yards through 6 games this season and is only 206 shy of breaking breaking the all-time Arkansas rushing record held by Vernon Hicks of 7122 yards. At his current pace Dyer will finish his career with over 8000 yards.

Check out Dyer's website HERE


Vote for Money for AL.com ROY


Absolutely no way Trent Richardson is having a better year than McCalebb!


Go Gaytors!

Thanks, Sherman.


Road Trip, Bitches!

WRAS has the top down and the wind in our hair. Watch out, piggies, we eatin' nuthin' but pork all weekend.

WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 6

Auburn (-3) @ Arkansas

Walt Flanagan: WRAS is getting the Tiger Prowl limo washed and waxed and ready to go for this weekend. I plan on eating pork at every meal and am going for the record for most ribs eaten in one weekend. I'll need every ounce to make sure Mickey can get his ass on the road from Little Rock Saturday morning. Ryan Mallett is the best QB Auburn has seen to this date. But Arkansas hasn't quite seen an offense like Auburn's either. Auburn's offense as a whole is greater than Arkansas. Lee Ziemba, Adam Herring, Kodi Burns and Gus Malzahn have a happy homecoming...Auburn 45 - Arkansas 28

Morris Fenderbaum: Auburn 46 - Arkansas 30

Mickey Goldmill: Go ahead and bring Mickey a pitcher of that orange kool-aid, cause it’s a tastin real good. What this team continues to do is awesome, and has been a blast to watch so far. Mickey cannot ever remember the Tigers playing at 11:00 am before, as they will this Saturday. This should play to the advantage of Auburn as they travel for the second consecutive week to take on potty mouth Bobby and his pork chops. Ryan Mallet will be the best signal caller the Auburn D has faced so far in the ’09 campaign, and Mickey expects Arky to put up some points. The Ar-Kansas D however, well sucks, to be blunt, and will not be able to contain what Dr. Gus has in-store for his homecoming to the Ozarks. AU 42 – Arky 30

Vanderbilt (-11) @ Army

Walt Flanagan: Vandy is flushing a good opportunity down the crapper. They absolutely have to win this game if they want to go bowling for the second year in a row...Vandy 24 - Army 12

Morris Fenderbaum: Vandy 24 - Army 14

Mickey Goldmill: The Black Nights (2-3) are coming off a loss to bottom dweller Tulane which before last weeks game had lost 10 consecutive games to teams of the division formerly know as D-1. Commodores over Black Nights 28 – 16. And in case you missed last year’s Army-Navy game check out the unis Army was sportin…

Georgia (pickem) @ Tennessee

Walt Flanagan: Tennessee's getting a lot of love from Vegas, favored by 1.5 against Auburn last weekend and now a pickem versus Georgia. Will Georgia be able to rebound after last weekend's loss to LSU? Expect to see some more of this guy...UGay 24 - UT 21

Morris Fenderbaum: UT 24 - UGay 17

Mickey Goldmill: This ones gonna be interesting. In Knoxville, players are getting the boot, while in Athens people are cussin Willie Martinez almost as much as we were cussin Tony Franklin last year. The Dawgs D is pretty bad and their offense hasn’t lived up to the hype. And there aint gonna be a base coat in Neyland. This game is gonna be about which team screws up the least. Something tells me Lame Kiffen gets his first league W. UT Wild Boyz 30 – UGAy 28

Kentucky (+11.5) @ South Carolina

Walt Flanagan: South Carolina owns Kentucky and the Wildcats are getting short on players...USC 24 - UK 10

Morris Fenderbaum: USC 38 - Kentucky 10

Mickey Goldmill: Kentucky was hanging with the turds last week through the first 28 minutes then the floodgates opened. Closer than the experts think here. Cocky 24 – Wildcats 20.

Houston (-3) @ Mississippi State

Walt Flanagan: It was just last Saturday that I was saying that Houston and not Boise State deserved the non-BCS love. What happened? Mike Price made it rain all over the Cougars. SEC! SEC! MSU 34 - Houston 31

Morris Fenderbaum: MSU 31 - Houston 28 CANNONBAAAAALLLLL!!!!!

Mickey Goldmill: So Houston started getting some pub from the national pundits and then they go out and lose to UTEP. Chant it with Mickey “OVER-RATED!!!” It’s never good with C-USA is favored over the SEC. Here’s hoping Mullen and company bring their A-game. MSU 33 – UH 32

SPUAT (-6.5) @ Ole Miss

Walt Flanagan: About the time this game kicks off, I should be mixing another bourbon drink and working on rib rack #3 (the first comes at the Rendezvous in Memphis Friday for lunch). This is the game Ole Miss has had circled on their calendar since the spring and their first 4 games sure looked like this was all they cared about. Doesn't matter...SPUAT 31 - Ole Miss 20

Morris Fenderbaum: SPUAT 33 - Ole Miss 24

Mickey Goldmill: In a game that was billed all summer to be the game which would decide the SEC West, there has been very little hype in bammerham this week surrounding this game. That would be the byproduct of Ole Miss laying an egg and losing to South Carolina in week 3. Now The Auburn Tigers are 5-0 and the landscape of the west has changed as many are pointing to the game on the plains on black Friday as the one which will decide who gets to take on the Gaytors in Atlanta. Anyways, back to the grove, this is the kind of game Houston Nutt is known for winning, and it wouldn’t surprise Mickey if they make it real close. The turds however are to strong and will likely win going away. SPUAT 38 – Rebels 24

Florida (-9) @ LSU

Walt Flanagan: Will Tebow play? Should he play? How good can he be at night in Red Stick with his head still ringing? If he doesn't play, can John Brantley handle this atmosphere in his first ever collegiate start? I'm starting to question how good LSU is. I know they're talented but if they don't put it together as a team, it doesn't matter how many draft picks are on their roster. I believe the Gators are the better team but this line is way too big for me think they can cover...Florida 24 - LSU 20

Morris Fenderbaum: Florida 34 - LSU 20

Mickey Goldmill: The game of the week in college football, and everyone is wondering if Tebow will play. Mickey doesn’t see it happening, but it won’t matter. The hat’s luck will run out this week. UF 35 – Corndogs 31.

Anyone know the over-under on the number of alligators will be roasted on a spit Saturday in red stick?

Last Week:

Walt (5-2 straight up, 4-2 versus the spread)
Morris (4-3, 3-3)
Mickey (6-1, 4-2)


Walt (34-8, 21-15)
Morris (38-4, 21-15)
Mickey (38-4, 18-18)