Everyone else sees it, why can't the S(puat)EC?


Matt (Bham)
Your call on the LSU/Bama interception call. Bad Call? I think so. Everyone says even if LSU got it they wouldn't win. Hard to say. They only needed 7 points to get ahead. It only takes one play (like the one from Julio) to accomplish it. It's sad to see games come down to this.

Chris Low
(1:37 PM)
I thought it was an interception when I saw it live and it also "appeared" to be one when watching the replay. It would have given the Tigers a chance to come back and win, but I'm not sure what the chances are that Jarrett Lee leads them down the field for a touchdown. LSU only had 9 yards of total offense in the fourth quarter. Like you, though, I hate to see so many questionable calls in all these games.

3. The fourth-quarter interception that LSU corner Patrick Peterson did (according to video) or didn't (according to the SEC officials) make enthralled conspiracy theorists. I think they need a hobby. If the Tigers had gotten the ball, they would have been on the Alabama 37, trailing 21-15, with a backup quarterback and a backup tailback. On the Tigers' last two possessions, Jarrett Lee went 1-for-7 with two sacks and one pick. In other words, that call didn't decide the game.

At least one person is defending the officials...


2004 and 2006 anyone? said...

But never mind the fact that you refuse to say anything about Smelley's similar catch, which was ruled "incomplete" on Alabama's opening drive (despite he appeared in bounds), but the play wasn't reviewed because "the replay booth was down".

Or the LSU defender hitting the ball at the 4 yard line, yet it was oddly placed an inch away from the goal, ultimately resulting in a safety.

And speaking of the safety, the intended target was Mark Ingram who was in the path of the ball. How was that intentional grounding?

Or the fact that they only managed 14 total yards in the 4th quarter.

Anyway, you rednecks should know about screwing LSU. You cheated to defeat them in 2004 by 1 point at home. Then again, you cheated to beat them in 2006.

Not to mention, you wouldn't happen to remember that bogus "late-hit" call on Alabama in 2007 after Cox-sucker threw an incomplete pass on 4th down, which gave them a new set of downs, and PERFECT field position which gave them the go-ahead touchdown.

Worrying about Daddy was the reason you guys lost to Arkansas, then to Kentucky, and then to LSU. Now that you're doing it again, I can see UGA spanking your asses for the 4th year in a row, followed by Daddy himself!

Sucks to be Aubarn (AL)!

1950 through 1982 and most years in between said...

someone knows how to cut and paste.

Bama fans can't complain about officiating this year.

My favorite is the blatant block in the back on the lsu defender as giligan(8) ran right by him.