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Chizik: Tigers Targeting Nation's Prime Recruits

"We're at Auburn. I think that says it all. We're going after the best in the country - no matter when, what, where, how. That's how we're going to do it," Chizik said after talking to the Alabama Football Coaches Association meeting in Montgomery. "We're going to work really hard to try to get that done every year - including this one."



JJ's Response To My A-Day Email

Thanks for the email and for your suggestions. My staff has recently been discussing all the issues related to A-Day and ways we can boost attendance and make it a more enjoyable experience.

We will continue to discuss ways to do just that, and we are always glad to hear constructive criticism from Auburn men like you.

God bless, and War Eagle!


Jay Jacobs '85 '88
Athletics Director
Auburn University

Kevin Greene Hired By Green Bay Packers

Pack hired Kevin Greene to coach outside linebackers

The Green Bay Packers have agreed to terms with one of defensive coordinator Dom Capers' most productive players to join their staff.

Former Pittsburgh and Carolina outside linebacker Kevin Greene has been hired to coach the outside linebackers, a club source said. No contract has been signed yet but the club is expected to announce his addition in the next week or so.
Greene, who led the NFL in sacks in 1994 with the Steelers and 1996 with the Panthers, has mostly been out of football since his career ended, but he has worked six summer coaching internships while maintaining a career in business. A dynamic and outgoing personality, Greene was a staple of Capers' 3-4 defensive scheme.
Coach Mike McCarthy and Capers both felt Greene would be able to teach the team's outside linebackers the new scheme.
With Greene's hiring, assistant head coach Winston Moss' title will now be inside linebackers coach.
Source: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Why Does Auburn Charge For A Ticket To A-Day?

I sent this email to Jay Jacobs earlier today. What do you guys think? I think AU should do whatever it takes to get as many people into A-Day as possible. Sure can't hurt.

Mr. Jacobs-

I have a question regarding A-Day. Why does Auburn charge people to buy a ticket to this game? Wouldn't it be in AU's best interests to get as many people to Auburn and in the stadium as possible? If they gave away tickets, more people would come which means more money spent on cokes and hot dogs in the stadium, not to mention buying a t-shirt at Anders or buying some lemonade at Toomer's or buying gas within the city. Florida and Alabama don't charge admission to this game. Do the benefits of having more people coming to Auburn not outweigh a smaller number of people paying $5 to see a glorified exhibition?

Let's pack the stadium and do whatever we can to create another good reason to come to Auburn.

10 Family-Friendliest Football Programs


They definitely aren't talking about the fans b/c if any SEC fans made a family friendly list, they can go to C-USA (or hell, whichever is worst).


This Is A "Smokescreen" For The Real Violation...

(shameless excuse to show a photo of Mrs. Kiffin)

...having Mrs. Kiffin make in-home visits to recruits.

UT Reporting Possible Secondary Violation

UT is reporting a possible secondary violation involving the simulation of a game experience for recruits on an official visit.

According to UT spokeswoman Tiffany Carpenter, coaches used smoke machines as recruits entered the field from the tunnel inside Neyland Stadium when the Vols hosted prospects on official visits earlier this month.

UT does not use any special effects as players enter the field on gameday, leaving the line a little blurry as to whether using smoke during a recruiting visit actually consitutues the simulation of a game experience.

"They reported it just to be safe," Carpenter said.



Bammer Wedding

Gottfried And His Terrible Red Jacket Fired At SPUAT


My favorite memory of the Mark Gottfried era is the 94-40 beatdown in 1998 when he started yelling at the student section going into the locker room at halftime. Jackass.

I Got A Broken Face

I can't believe Arizona's bench didn't bum rush this kid. Lute Olsen was even thinking of pulling a "Reverse Artest".

Here's some Pixies...

Big Weekend For AU Basketball

I'm not telling you anything you don't already know but both of AU's teams are looking good.

The AU women beat the defending national champs and had over 12,000 in attendance. Amazing. This time is on track for getting a #1 seed in the tournament but have to come down from this high as they go to Athens and Baton Rouge their next two games. They are down this year but have been Final Four teams in recent years so they won't be easy games. If they can follow up the win over UT with wins on those two home courts...watch out!

The men went into Fayetteville and beat the Hogs by 22. Teams don't beat Arkansas on their home court very often, especially like that. Standing at 2-3 in the conference and with 4 of their next 5 conference games at home, Auburn should be at .500 or better at the end of that stretch in SEC play.


Bammer of the Week

Hell, he's the early leader for Bammer of the Year.


Vote For Change

Mickey and James Willis. A Cro-Magnon Man Era Conversation Followed

He said, "Hello." I said, "James?" He said, "Yeah." I said, "Man, what are you thinking?" He said, "Who is this?" I just told him I was real disappointed. He kept asking, "Who is this?" I said, "Daniel." He said, "Who?" I got scared and hung up.

Durst Leaves AU Football Team


Really? Not enough scholarships to give one to one of the best punters in the country?

Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Willis?

I don't know who to blame for Coach Willis leaving for the enemy. I have given Jay Jacobs a pass because Coach Chizik was putting together a great staff and maybe I was wrong about JJ. Maybe he did know what he was doing. But maybe he didn't or did Chizik not really want a Tuberville holdover but felt he had to retain him because he was an Auburn player or because of his contacts in Mobile. We'll probably never know. I do have faith that Chizik will hire a good coach in his place but this still stings.

I can't believe Willis could ever leave AU for SPUAT. But why did he? Why wasn't he given a raise comparable to the other new assistants before it got to this point? Supposedly Auburn told him they would match any other offer and would take care of him eventually but Willis never went back to AU after SPUAT offered. It shouldn't have taken JJ weeks to give Willis a bump to $400K or whatever the number is. And don't give me this "Willis gets the title of Associate Head Coach". Whatever, that title is meaningless. I blame him for letting it get to this point but I blame Willis for not showing a little loyalty to his school and to the players he was recruiting. But why should he show loyalty? He was told he would be retained, he was fired, did not have a job for days, rehired at his same salary and then saw newcomers to AU making twice as much as him. See this quote from Terrance Coleman...

"He told me a story," Coleman says. "He told me that he was going to be at Auburn when I came there. He was sitting in my living room two nights ago and told me that. He also told me some not so nice things about Alabama so I am not happy about this. I didn't know he was like that."

Terrance, coaches will tell you anything to get you to come to your school. Their only loyalty is to the paycheck. I believe Pat Dye once said something to that effect. And I know I've heard the Sabear say that if it was up to him, he'd take less money if there weren't any fans in the stands and it was just football. Remember that, Bammers, next time he says "RTR" or that he loves Alabama. Know that he doesn't and never will, it's just what he has to say to keep the cash rolling. Tommy Tuberville, Gene Chizik, Pete Carroll, Nick Saban, Tracy Rocker, James Willis, all of them love the paycheck and not the school. And if Notre Dame comes at Saban with more money that SPUAT can't match, he'll leave in a heartbeat. And if SPUAT matches it he'll stay. Not because the Capstone was tugging at his heartstrings or Mama called or whatever, only because it was best for his career. And if Texas or whomever comes at Chizik in three years with a busload of cash, Chizik will leave his "dream job" faster than you can say "5-19".

But what makes me sick is I think it's written in UAT contracts to use the word tradition because Willis has already used it. Was it a shot at Auburn or just what he's supposed to say? I'm going with the latter.
This had to be a hard decision for Willis. It comes at a bad time for Auburn two weeks before signing day. According to Terrance Coleman, Willis was bad-mouthing SPUAT no more than two days ago all the while knowing he was sleeping with the enemy. This is another reason I never blame a player for going pro early, get money, get paid while you can. This is further proof that recruits need to look at the school and not the coaches because they will leave your ass in a heartbeat while you are stuck at a school that maybe you didn't want to go to but you bought into whatever the coaches were saying they could do for you when really, they want you for what you can do for them.

Auburn will survive this. They will find a good coach to replace Willis and move on. They will get recruits from Mobile in the future. This does not guarantee SPUAT a MNC or Auburn last place in the SEC West next year. It's a blip in the overall big picture of the schools but it does guarantee that loyalty in college athletics is officially dead and it is a professional league without professional players.


Bammer of the Week

Looks like he's getting ready to "fist" Saban.

Must Win Game?

You may or may not know it but UAT and Auburn play basketball this weekend. Auburn is 0-2 in the SEC and coming off a horrible shooting performance (though not many people were there so I don't know who saw it) and UAT is 1-1 coming off a loss to Mississippi State. The yearly rumblings about Mike Gottfried have started extra early this year and it's likely that nothing short of an NCAA tournament appearance will save his job. The patience fans have for Jeff Lebo is almost out and he'll need a major turnaround to save his job. With Auburn moving into a new arena next season, they need butts in the seats and Auburn fans have proven that they'll fill the stadium with a winner. But nothing short of that will bring them out. Better start tomorrow against the Tahd.

Dirty Sanchez

Is USC QB Mark Sanchez leaving for the NFL really THAT big of a deal? He has been on ESPN non-stop. He's only started 16 games in his career and never played in a MNC game. Only Brettfavre gets more face time on ESPN when he's leaving. Or staying. Or leaving. Or not sure what he's going to do. Or holding teams hostage.

Pete Carroll's Thoughts on "Dirty" leaving...



Final Vote For The New Wildcat Formation Name

Wild Thing

Eagle Claw

Crouching Tiger, Spread Eagle

Spread Eagle

Super Mario (this one won my initial poll but I'm not sure we should name it after a player who may not run it every time)

Reason #195,804 Why Sausage Is Good But You Don't Want To See It Made


WJOX Is Making Me Nauseous

What is going on with them the past couple of days? Why do they always have to get into these religious discussions that don't go anywhere and just irritate people? Couldn't they be talking about Tracy Rocker or the NFL playoffs or Florida winning the MNC? I almost called in to ask how long I should stop listening before they start talking about sports again? Tony Kurre rambling on and on about how religion shouldn't be a part of sports talk for 2 days was a little counterproductive to his point and it's just as bad when Jay Barker-Evans and Dawson and people of their ilk use sports radio as a pulpit. Give me a break.

McCalebb Enrolling at AU


McCalebb enrolling in Auburn, ready to run

Posted by Charles Goldberg, Birmingham News
January 12, 2009 5:59 PM

Running back Onterio McCalebb, the last of three Auburn signees eligible to enroll this spring, will be in school this week and be available for spring practice.

A big-time Auburn signee out of high school in Fort Meade, Fla., McCalebb is coming from Hargrove Military Academy as the No. 1 prep school running back in the nation, according to Rivals. He's the No. 4 prep school player overall. AuburnSports.com reported McCalebb's eligibility Monday afternoon.

McCalebb joins junior college defensive lineman Nick Fairley and junior college linebacker Eltoro Freeman as mid-year qualifiers. McCalebb has all four years of eligibility remaining because prep school play doesn't count against college eligibility. Fairley and Freeman each have three years remaining. Auburn had tried to persuade offensive lineman Jermaine Johnson to follow the same path, but he went to the University of Miami.


A-Day Scheduled

A-Day has been scheduled for Saturday, April 18 at 1 p.m.

Spring practice is tentatively scheduled to start on March 24.

Welcome Back, Rocker



Barkley Taking Leave Of Absence From TNT


Police: Tests show Barkley legally drunk

PHOENIX -- Charles Barkley is taking a leave of absence from the broadcast booth.
The announcement by Turner Sports came Friday, hours after police said the 45-year-old former NBA star was legally drunk when police arrested him Dec. 31 on suspicion of drunken driving in Scottsdale, Ariz. Test results show Barkley had a blood-alcohol level at .149, nearly twice the legal limit of .08 in Arizona. Barkley will be off the air for a minimum of several weeks and no return date has been set, a person familiar with the situation told The Associated Press. The person requested anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss it. "I have spoken with Charles Barkley regarding the incident. .. and I understand he has hired a lawyer to represent him regarding this matter," said David Levy, president of TNT Sports, in a statement. "When I spoke with Charles, he was apologetic for the events that transpired and it was obvious he understands the significance of the situation. This is an important time for Charles as he deals with the legal and personal issues that confront him. Charles is a valued part of the Turner Sports organization and we are concerned for his well-being." A Gilbert officer working a regional DUI task force stopped Barkley shortly after he left a popular nightclub at about 1:30 a.m. He failed field sobriety tests but was cooperative. Barkley was booked and released at a field command post and later issued a statement saying he was disappointed he put himself in that situation. Barkley's attorney wasn't immediately available for comment Friday.

How Much Football Have You Coached?

Ignore the "worthless Auburn fan" and picture that is obviously a Bammer and focus on how riled up Brando gets. Obviously, Gary isn't the first one to call Brando out or his fuse wouldn't be so short. Also, Gary wasn't anonymous (like so many Bammer lurkers who follow this blog) as he said his name and that he was an AU grad.

Bammer of the Week (tie)

Too bad Andre Smith wasn't in New Orleans last Friday night to help pick John Sarah Jessica Parker Wilson off the turf one last time. Nor will he be around next year to pick up whomever SPUAT trots out at QB.


Attention All Auburn Co-eds

It might be cold in Auburn but we need you to get your jogging/exercise clothes out and hit the streets of Auburn this weekend. Work off those holiday pounds by running between JHS, Sewell Hall and the athletic offices. Well, pretty much anywhere on campus. Auburn needs you.

The Onion Bowl Game Highlights

Including the Sugar Bowl...


WRAS Exclusive

John Parker Wilson was partying in New Orleans a couple of nights before the Sugar Bowl according to my future Bammer father-n-law.

Stafford and Knowshon...

... Soulja Boy their way on out of Athens. You will be missed.


GMAC Bowl Thoughts

ESPN's camera work sucked last night. It seemed like half of the plays had already started by the time the camera got around to let us know there was a game going on.

Tulsa's offense was impressive. They run the ball with the running backs and every now and then the QB. I like that. The offensive line gets in a run stance and they come off the ball fast and the RBs run north-south. I also liked it when they mixed in a little of the option. One thing that I hadn't thought about is the new pistol formation, where the QB is in a 1/2 shotgun formation with the RB behind him. Then he receives the snap and just turns around to hand it to the RB who is already running towards the line. Seems quicker than being under center and going back 2-3 steps and then handing off.

CFN on Auburn's New Coaches


The Maualuga-Andrews Dance Video Is Back!



Gus Malzahn on Sports Talk with Bo Mattingly


Listen to Hour 2 on January 5th.

This Is A Start...

...but I want more from Finebaum, ESPN, etc. And lastly I want Charles Barkley to apologize to Auburn.





Texas Tailgate

If you didn't see the mullet on the player from UT last night in the Fiesta Bowl, watch this video.

I am so glad this is the last year that Fox is broadcasting the BCS games. They are terrible. Their analysts don't watch college games all year, they are NFL guys, and then they bring them in for one game and they don't know what they are talking about. The play by play guy, whomever he was, said that the BCS ramifications for Utah were huge depending on the outcome of the Fiesta Bowl. How exactly? The BCS is required to give the winner of the National Championship Game the trophy. Game over, whether Texas, Utah, Ohio State or Cincinnati wins has no effect on the BCS National Champion. The only legitimate body that can give Utah a national championship is the AP poll and if those guys knew anything they would know that the AP is not part of the BCS. I'll say this for ESPN, they get on my nerve sometimes with their over-promoting of themselves but at least they are dedicated to college football and don't half ass their coverage of it.


Rey Maualuga Celebrates Rose Bowl Win With Erin Andrews

Woke Up This Morning...


This looks like a scene where Tony, Paulie, Silvio, Christopher and Bobby Bacala are planning to go whack Big Pussy (played by Nick Saban).

Utah, Get Me Two!

Hey, at least SPUAT won the last 3 quarters, right?


And Another Thing!


Virginia Tech calls their version the "Wild Turkey". Now that is a good name for it.

Barkley Speeding For Sex


From The Smoking Gun: "...Charles Barkley told Arizona cops that he ran a stop sign because he was in a hurry to pick up a girl who had "given him (oral sex) one week earlier," which the former NBA star described as "the best one he had ever had in his life." According to a Gilbert Police Department report." No reaction to the whole shmear yet from his employers at TNT. Because of the New Year's holiday, the network doesn't have its usual Thursday night doubleheader scheduled. Nor have the good people of Alabama who may someday see his name on the ballot in the race for governor weighed in.

Dallas Morning News

Bammer of the Week

My future Bammer Father-in-law received this book from one of his daughters for Christmas (thankfully not my fiancee') signed by CNNSI.com writer, Stewart Mandel. So much for his unbiased journalistic integrity. I may never read another article by him again.