This Is A "Smokescreen" For The Real Violation...

(shameless excuse to show a photo of Mrs. Kiffin)

...having Mrs. Kiffin make in-home visits to recruits.

UT Reporting Possible Secondary Violation

UT is reporting a possible secondary violation involving the simulation of a game experience for recruits on an official visit.

According to UT spokeswoman Tiffany Carpenter, coaches used smoke machines as recruits entered the field from the tunnel inside Neyland Stadium when the Vols hosted prospects on official visits earlier this month.

UT does not use any special effects as players enter the field on gameday, leaving the line a little blurry as to whether using smoke during a recruiting visit actually consitutues the simulation of a game experience.

"They reported it just to be safe," Carpenter said.


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Deano "aka" Jimmy Joe Meeker "aka" Fat Elvis said...

No wonder Saban doesn't want recruits heading to Tn....probably because the old ball and chain nixed all his recruiting trips within a 25 mile radius of the kiffin household. She is a deal closer.