Bammer of the Week

I took this picture with my cell phone in the parking lot of Regions Park this past weekend before my flag football game. If it's hard to read, it says "Crimson Tide" on the side of the car.


Freeeee Throoooows!

Disappointing end last night to a really good game and season. Would have been nice for the men's team to make it to NYC last night but it wasn't meant to be. Not enough presence inside last night and you have to make at least 1/2 free throws at the end. It was a great comeback to get into position to win. Hopefully Jeff Lebo can build on this and not take a step back since AU will be losing some important seniors. I think the excitement is back for men's basketball so let's hope it stays there.


AU Women Go Out With A Whimper, Not A Bang

That was a terrible showing by the women last night versus Rutgers. I don't want to hear about playing on their home court or anything like that. No excuse for a #2 seed to go out in the second round by 28 points. Sweet 16 should be the minimum for a team seeded that high. That, coupled with the games versus Vandy really puts a damper on what was a great season overall.

Barkley Mocked On TNT

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Bammer of the Week

Bernie Madoff (attended SPUAT for one year)


The Onion's NCAA Tournament Snubs


Guess The Onion has never set foot on Auburn's campus!

Official WRAS NCAA Bracket

I can't believe I'm picking the guy who posed for these pictures to lead his team to the championship but I did it anyway. Psycho T, redeem yourself!!


Percy Harvin is no Percy Harvey

And how could they not win with multiple Urban Meyers coaching?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

Official WRAS NIT Bracket (totally lame)

Gadrock In Da House!


Some of WRAS' favorite excerpts...

There are tapes of at least one car being given to a kid. Research shows that one of the cars was bought and sold four times in a short period of time before is was given to the kid.

The offensive lineman that switched his commitment to Ole Miss after Fluker committed to Bama is said to have receive $20,000 from these men and then they tried to get it back after he switched his commitment.

The 2nd letter revolves around a booster from Gadsen and that the NCAA has a video that contains full audio of a booster offering to pay a kid to go to UA.

The word is the possibility of no home games for at least one year, multiple years of probation, and significant scholarship cuts for football as well as a complete one year shutdown of one women's program.

The NCAA has twenty three investigators......four are assigned to Alabama at this very moment.

Seven SEC schools and 2 ACC schools have turned Bama in for numerous recruiting violations.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Barkley Released Back Into The Wild


Gus Johnson Call Of The Day

Mike Gundy Rant Helps Crootin'?


Loyal reader, Rob Williamson, sent along this link.


SEC West Dominant In Baseball's Opening Weekend


Won all 6 series versus the SEC East.

Early Footage of Philip Yost Kicking a Football

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Auburn to the NIT

I can't say I'm surprised Auburn didn't make the NCAA tournament. They didn't do quite enough and I don't have a beef that teams like Arizona or Wisconsin got in over Auburn. We were close and it was a great run but it was too little too late. The Tigers get a #1 seed in the loser's bracket (AKA NIT) and can play their first 3 games at Beard-Eaves before going to Madison Square Garden. If they can put the disappoint behind them, I think they can make it there. This will be good practice time and competition for the younger Tigers. I hope they take it seriously and win 'em all (just don't hang an NIT banner in BEMC).

Gus Johnson Call Of The Day


SEC Tournament Championship

Mississippi State (W3) vs. Tennessee (E1) - Both of these teams are playing really well right now. UT played as well as any time I've seen this year yesterday in their win over Auburn. Auburn played well enough to beat anyone in the country but UT shot lights out. If State wins this game I don't think there's any way that Auburn will make the NCAAs. If UT plays anything like they did yesterday, they win by 10+ and I think they do.


SEC Tournament Semifinals

Mississippi State (W3) vs. LSU (W1) - Two tough teams going at it and this should be a close, hard fought battle. State's playing well but I like the Bayou Bengals to advance.

Auburn (W2) vs. Tennessee (E1) - Auburn played as well as they possibly could over the last 10 minutes or so versus Florida and really made all the plays down the stretch. UT showed how good they can be when they are hitting on all cylinders versus UAT. I like Tennessee to win a close one but won't be surprised at all if the Tigers pull it out.

Also, it's the end of an error as the last ever JP/LF/Raycom SEC game is the AU/UT game. Let's hope Auburn sends this crappy TV sponsor out in style (which will be the first time JP has been associated with style.



As predicted below, Mississippi State beats South Carolina! The UF-AU game tonight is definitely a play in game. WDE!

Auburn Snow Day Slideshow


SEC Tournament Day Two

Kentucky (E4) vs. LSU (W1) - I would not be shocked if UK pulls this one out as they have the talent and LSU has not been lighting the world on fire the last couple of weeks. I think the Corndogs were just coasting after having clinched the #1 seed and they'll beat Kentucky today.

Mississippi State (W3) vs. South Carolina (E2) - This is a nice looking game and a tough one to predict. Carolina needs to win to make the Dance but I don't see it. State is too strong inside and will bomb a lot of threes today. Bulldogs advance.

Alabama (W4) vs. Tennessee (E1) - What a finish the other day between UTK and UAT. Lost in that was the fact that UTK played below par and missed way too many easy shots and free throws. Not today as hundreds of Bammers tear their ACLs jumping off the Philip Pearson bandwagon.

Florida (E3) vs. Auburn (W2) - Game of the day in the SEC as it's a defacto play in game in my opinion. Florida has the name, the irritating players (mainly Calathes), the history and the coach with the slicked back hair but they don't have the team this year. Arkansas is pathetic and there is no way they should be on the court with the Gators. Jeff Lebo has been feeding Korvotney Barber and the rest of these Tigers Gator meat and they like the taste. Auburn wins a close one.

Gus Johnson Call Of The Day

Bammer of the Week

Andre is lapping the field when it comes to Bammer of the Weeks. This is his 3rd award. Strong work (unlike at pro day)!

It'll Be Hard To Top Yesterday

I'm tired this morning. Not as tired as Syracuse or UConn is but tired nonetheless. I finally crawled in bed at 12:30am after 6 overtimes, 7 or 8 foul outs (depending on who is reporting), the almost buzzer beater, various walk-ons taking crunch time shots and the official beginning of March Madness.

If there is even one day in the Big Dance that is like yesterday, this will be a great tournament. Villanova and UAB win at the buzzer, Kansas, Oklahoma and Pitt are all upset and the aforementioned 'Cuse-UConn game.


Get Amped For March Madness With Gus

If We Got This Guy...

...well, you know what that would be?


SEC Tournament About To Get Under Way

In less than 2 hours Kentucky and Ole Miss tipoff in one of the most wide open and subsequently important SEC basketball tournaments in recent memory. There is no clear cut favorite, anyone can win this thing (see UGa in 2008) and this has to be the least amount of teams with a secure spot in the NCAAs in recent memory. Not to mention seeding, where no team is guaranteed even a top four but LSU could move up to that line with a win on Sunday.
Kentucky (East 4) vs. Ole Miss (West 5) - Kentucky has been the only team to sell out their allotment of tickets so the stands for this first game should be all big blue. Kentucky wins this one as they are playing for their tournament lives and maybe Billy Gillespie's job.
Mississippi State (West 3) vs. Georgia (East 6) - Georgia can't be taken lightly as they proved last year and while their SEC record this year is horrible, they have risen up on a couple of occasions and beaten Florida and Kentucky in Lexington. Bulldogs win, Mississippi State that is.
Alabama (West 4) vs. Vanderbilt (East 5) - Vandy is the most schizophrenic team team in the SEC this year as they will lose to Georgia then turn right around and beat South Carolina and LSU right afterwards. They come in winning their last 3 so I think they are due for a letdown. Alabama advances due to their size inside.
Florida (East 3) vs. Arkansas (West 6) - There aren't many teams in the country that can say they have beaten Oklahoma and Texas but Arkansas can. But those two wins equal their total SEC wins this season...pathetic. Florida needs this win or their bubble will burst. And they'll get it. Big.

Tommy Tuberville Interview With Rick Karle


He Ran With His Shirt Off!?!? (Part 2)


Go to the 2:30 mark to see Bigfatandre running with his shirt off. If. You. Dare.


He Ran With His Shirt Off!?!?


He'll be lucky to go first day now. What an idiot.

Auburn beats Alabama 8-7 in Capital City Classic


That's No Good For Anyone (Except Cleveland)

One more bubble has burst thanks to Cleveland State beating Butler last night. It really looks like Auburn needs to make it to the SEC championship game to have a chance and I think they need to play Florida in the 2nd round as a defacto play in game.


From the WTF Department...

...or is it just business as usual at a football program that just happens to have a university affiliated with it?


They Have Our Number

The AU women's basketball team just can't beat Vandy. 15 losses in a row to the 'Dores is crazy. Vandy was bombing threes like crazy and Auburn just couldn't keep up. I don't think they will get a #1 seed in their big dance but maybe. Just keep them out of Vandy's bracket!

I'll admit I've watched two women's basketball games in my life and they have both been AU vs. Vandy but they don't play a whole lot of defense in the women's game. And I've never seen so many blown layups and airballs close to the basket. Plus there was another conference's championship game and a girl blew a wide open layup at the buzzer and her team eventually lost in overtime. I think it's a bit unfair that they play on the same court as men. I know this will never happen but maybe they should play on a nine foot rim. I'm not being sexist or anything, just being realistic here. Referees also seem to be nonexistent in the women's game. Girls jumping up and landing with the ball and traveling isn't called (Whitney Boddie did this) or girls landing on the baseline with the ball and they aren't called out of bounds (a Vandy player did this).

New G.A. at SPUAT


Sabear hires world's oldest and most experienced graduate assistant. Typical.


Auburn Women Advance to SEC Tournament Semifinals


DeWanna Bonner is now the leading scorer in AU women's basketball history. Next up is the winner of tonight's Tennessee-Florida game.

Bammer of the Week

Atnoine and the rest of the Textbook 5 (plus all the other athletes at SPUAT who were involved) receive this award for the 2nd time.

WRAS will. Will you?


Auburn Just Wanted It More

Big time win by the Tigers last night. Sullivan and Barrett made some huge buckets down the stretch and Barber just would not be stopped around the glass. I loved the defensive adjustment to a zone by Lebo in the second half and it worked to perfection. Didn't hurt that Auburn's shots started to fall as well. I can't wait until Saturday and the LSU game!


Hilarious Song About Duke Basketball

Bammers Will Buy Anything

Item #486,908 submitted as proof.

"Water & More Balls" - The Hank Haney Project: Charles Barkley

I watched this last night and it was pretty good. Had some funny moments but you could tell Charles was serious and Hank definitely was. It's amazing how bad Charles' swing has become. They showed him in 1994 and now and it was like night and day. They had a sports psychologist and a friend of Barkley's explain why they think it went so bad.

They had the above clip of Tiger impersonating Charles' swing and that was funny. The most amazing thing about the show is what Tiger does every day to train. From what I can remember, it is something like this:

6am - wake up
6am-7:30 - lift weights
7:30am-8 - eat breakfast
8am-10 - hit balls
10am-11 - play 9 holes
11am-11:30 - putt
11:30am-12pm - short game
12pm-1 - lunch
1pm-2 - play 9 holes
2pm-4 - hit balls
4pm-4:30 - putt
4:30pm-6 - hit balls

Charles stepped up and wanted the Tiger day and you could tell it was tough. Hank was on him pretty good and Charles was sweating like crazy. Hank estimated he hit 1,000 balls that day. I thought it was a good show and I'll be tuning in going forward. The show is supposed to run for 6 months so by my estimation, Barkley spent ~a month with Haney. I like to play golf and have taken lessons so maybe I'll learn something too.

BroBible's Top 10 Pre-Game Traditions


Auburn @ Alabama

Biggest game of the Jeff Lebo era? Yes.

On the surface, you would assume Alabama is struggling and Auburn should win this game but Alabama is on a 3-game winning streak and the crowd will probably be their best this season (maybe not during the first or second halves but definitely at halftime when the Iron Bowl trophy is handed out). Plus, Alabama is still alive to finish 2nd in the SECW and get the first round bye if they win out and Auburn and Mississippi State lose out. But an Auburn win tonight clinches 2nd place in the SECW and a 1st round bye in the SEC tournament.

Auburn needs this win if they want to make the NCAA tournament. It's a primetime game on ESPN2 and the Tigers need all the wins they can get. They haven't sniffed any of the bracketoligist's (ESPN made up word) lists and need a win on TV to be mentioned. A win tonight will put them at 20 wins on the season and 9-6 in conference. Since Auburn has jumped into the conversation so late, they need to win out in conference to go 10-6 and win at least one SEC tournament game but hopefully make it to the championship game. These are big ifs but I don't see the NCAA selection committee keeping out an SEC team that reaches those levels. That would be more impressive than what Florida or Kentucky has done this season but they have brand name recognition and have expected to make the tournament all season.

I see a close game tonight with the difference being Auburn's bench play and their defense. Auburn has settled into a rotation with defined roles and they are playing with a lot of confidence. The defense has been one of the SEC's best all season and I don't see that changing tonight.

Auburn 70
Alabama 65

This Can't Be Good For The Cadillac


RB Derrick Ward signs with Tampa Bay Bucs.