Auburn to the NIT

I can't say I'm surprised Auburn didn't make the NCAA tournament. They didn't do quite enough and I don't have a beef that teams like Arizona or Wisconsin got in over Auburn. We were close and it was a great run but it was too little too late. The Tigers get a #1 seed in the loser's bracket (AKA NIT) and can play their first 3 games at Beard-Eaves before going to Madison Square Garden. If they can put the disappoint behind them, I think they can make it there. This will be good practice time and competition for the younger Tigers. I hope they take it seriously and win 'em all (just don't hang an NIT banner in BEMC).

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Jonesy said...

They hang NIT banners already. Not championship, just NIT participation banners...

Of course, if we didn't, the men's side would look pretty lonely against the women