SEC Tournament Day Two

Kentucky (E4) vs. LSU (W1) - I would not be shocked if UK pulls this one out as they have the talent and LSU has not been lighting the world on fire the last couple of weeks. I think the Corndogs were just coasting after having clinched the #1 seed and they'll beat Kentucky today.

Mississippi State (W3) vs. South Carolina (E2) - This is a nice looking game and a tough one to predict. Carolina needs to win to make the Dance but I don't see it. State is too strong inside and will bomb a lot of threes today. Bulldogs advance.

Alabama (W4) vs. Tennessee (E1) - What a finish the other day between UTK and UAT. Lost in that was the fact that UTK played below par and missed way too many easy shots and free throws. Not today as hundreds of Bammers tear their ACLs jumping off the Philip Pearson bandwagon.

Florida (E3) vs. Auburn (W2) - Game of the day in the SEC as it's a defacto play in game in my opinion. Florida has the name, the irritating players (mainly Calathes), the history and the coach with the slicked back hair but they don't have the team this year. Arkansas is pathetic and there is no way they should be on the court with the Gators. Jeff Lebo has been feeding Korvotney Barber and the rest of these Tigers Gator meat and they like the taste. Auburn wins a close one.

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