"Water & More Balls" - The Hank Haney Project: Charles Barkley

I watched this last night and it was pretty good. Had some funny moments but you could tell Charles was serious and Hank definitely was. It's amazing how bad Charles' swing has become. They showed him in 1994 and now and it was like night and day. They had a sports psychologist and a friend of Barkley's explain why they think it went so bad.

They had the above clip of Tiger impersonating Charles' swing and that was funny. The most amazing thing about the show is what Tiger does every day to train. From what I can remember, it is something like this:

6am - wake up
6am-7:30 - lift weights
7:30am-8 - eat breakfast
8am-10 - hit balls
10am-11 - play 9 holes
11am-11:30 - putt
11:30am-12pm - short game
12pm-1 - lunch
1pm-2 - play 9 holes
2pm-4 - hit balls
4pm-4:30 - putt
4:30pm-6 - hit balls

Charles stepped up and wanted the Tiger day and you could tell it was tough. Hank was on him pretty good and Charles was sweating like crazy. Hank estimated he hit 1,000 balls that day. I thought it was a good show and I'll be tuning in going forward. The show is supposed to run for 6 months so by my estimation, Barkley spent ~a month with Haney. I like to play golf and have taken lessons so maybe I'll learn something too.

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