Bammers Will Buy Anything

Item #486,908 submitted as proof.


TigerFan said...

How do they know what A day attendance is going to be a month and a half in advance?! Maybe Bammers have psychic abilities now. Add that to the list of their amazing qualities.

Anonymous said...

I just don't know what to say about this...it's just so .....wrong. Thank you God, for making me an Auburn man.

36-0 said...

It surely beats the anti-Alabama shirts you find in Lee County. But I guess when you're a small, backwoods college who's suffocated by the dark, unbearable shadow which The University casts upon you, little man's disease/envy/jealousy AUbsessing over the better teams helps cope with the fact that you aren't half of what they are.

By the way Tiger Fan, don't you wish you guys could sell out a spring game? Or better yet, if it weren't for the fans of your fatherly program (Alabama) I highly doubt you guys would sell out the Iron Bowl in Cow Patty Stadium.

Go put that free Sociology degree to good use! Go clean your trailer; clean the mud off of your truck; hunt a deer; throw out an Aubarn (AL) rodeo; rock out at some D-list country music concert in the outdated (and ghettofied) downtown Aubarn (AL) area.

You're not Alabama... that's literally killing you backwoods AUtards isn't it?