Gadrock In Da House!


Some of WRAS' favorite excerpts...

There are tapes of at least one car being given to a kid. Research shows that one of the cars was bought and sold four times in a short period of time before is was given to the kid.

The offensive lineman that switched his commitment to Ole Miss after Fluker committed to Bama is said to have receive $20,000 from these men and then they tried to get it back after he switched his commitment.

The 2nd letter revolves around a booster from Gadsen and that the NCAA has a video that contains full audio of a booster offering to pay a kid to go to UA.

The word is the possibility of no home games for at least one year, multiple years of probation, and significant scholarship cuts for football as well as a complete one year shutdown of one women's program.

The NCAA has twenty three investigators......four are assigned to Alabama at this very moment.

Seven SEC schools and 2 ACC schools have turned Bama in for numerous recruiting violations.

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