Was Stafford at Aquapalooza too?

Oh, man, I cannot even contain my excitement! Good riddance you stupid, unoriginal, unfunny Bammer!


Ian Fitzsimmons leaves WJOX for Dallas station
Posted by Bob Carlton -- The Birmingham News July 31, 2009 8:56 AM

Sports-talk radio personality Ian Fitzsimmons has left Birmingham's WJOX 94.5 FM to join ESPN 103.3 FM in Dallas.
Fitzsimmons will appear on the afternoon drive-time show "Galloway & Company" with host Randy Galloway. He said this morning he begins working in Dallas on Tuesday.
"The opportunity to do a show with a guy like Randy Galloway, with a longer contract, is just the opportunity of a lifetime," Fitzsimmons said. "But I will truly miss everything about Birmingham."
In Dallas, Fitzsimmons also will host pre- and post-game coverage of the Dallas Cowboys. At WJOX, Fitzsimmons co-hosted the midday show "The Roundtable" with Lance Taylor.
His last day on the air here was Wednesday, and he said today that he regrets that he did not get the chance to tell his listeners goodbye on the air.
"JOX was tremendous," he said. "That was two of the best years and the most fun I ever had doing radio."

Bammer of the Week

What an embarrassment. Is this the level SportsCenter has stooped to? Are they trying to make Rece quit? They make him endure the Lou Holth-Mark May pillow fights and now this.

And eating only 2 cookies in one minute is pathetic. Mickey eats more than that in his sleep. And I've seen him drink (almost) a gallon of whole milk in 30 minutes (and then almost have a reversal).

This is the going rate for Bammer lineman


Birmingham sister, brother sentenced to prison for stealing $250,000 from Barber Dairy Co.

Posted by Robert K. Gordon -- Birmingham News July 30, 2009 4:04 PM

A Birmingham woman told a judge Thursday that officials at Barber Dairy Co. allowed her to use a company credit card in exchange for steering her son to play football at the University of Alabama.

U.S. District Judge Scott Coogler dismissed the claim by Robin Lee Jones and sentenced her to four years in prison for stealing $250,000 from the company. Coogler sentenced Jones' brother, Robert Lee, to 23 months in prison.

Both are responsible for paying $256,963 in restitution and must serve three years' supervised release after their prison terms are served.

Jones worked for eight years at the dairy company and oversaw the company's Fuelman credit card system.

Each company driver has a card to make purchases for vehicle items such as fuel. Jones had no card for her personal use, the plea agreement said. The card was used to make diesel fuel purchases for RJ Trucking, company owned by Jones and Lee.

The card was also used for repairs on cars owned by Jones and her family, court records show.
Coogler said Jones' claim of an agreement between her and the company was out of bounds.
"If she isn't guilty, then she shouldn't have pleaded guilty," Coogler said, adding it was too late to re-open the case.

Jones' son, Dominic Lee, was a defensive tackle for Alabama from 2003 to 2006.

Jay Barker-Evans Castro

What is going on with The Opening Drive this week? Every day has been J(g)ay getting on his high horse and forcing his morality on everyone. Aren't we a month from football season? Sack up, Tony & Al! I immediately turn the show off every time J(g)ay starts being holier than thou.


Leaked Erin Andrews 911 Call

Tennessee Vols Team Photo

I'm getting a little worried at how much UT players and coaches like to be photographed with their shirts off. It was funny when Bruce Pearl did it. Then the whole UT Wild Boyz thing was a bit much. I'm worried than Lane & Ogre are turning into the ambiguously gay duo or something. At least Monte isn't in the above picture. Every story has a silver lining.


Go Play Intramurals, Brother!

Mickey's just mad because I pranked him first and he didn't know what was going on.

I'm always a step ahead of DICKHOLE RIVES. I got yo number!!


Go Buffs?

EDIT: okay so it seems the call from Coach Dan Hawkins was a prank by our very own Walt Flanagan, err ASSFACE HARRIS.

Go prank your buddies here: http://www.joinyourteam.com/Football/

Okay, so there I was at 1:55 today, alone in the conference room actually trying to get some real work done, when my cell phone starts ringing. I pull it out of my pocket, and do not recognize the 303-492-8337 number, but figure it is probably work related so I answer. Before I can get "This is Mickey" out of my mouth there is a recording of a way too excited fella from the University of Colorado ticket office selling season and single game tickets. "Don't miss Ralphie....blah blah blah" you get the idea. Mickey ain't ever been to Colorado, nor does he know anyone form that hippie infested, dope smoking, left wing state. Seriously, and the Big 12 wants to claim they have surpassed the Ess Eee See? Are you kidding? Get your tickets now for as low as $30 per game by calling 303-492-8337. Go Buffs.


War Eagle, Arkansas


Award Winning "War Eagle, Arkansas" Film Opens July 31 in Birmingham with proceeds benefiting United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Birmingham

"War Eagle, Arkansas," the acclaimed family film about two best friends at a crossroads in life, will open in Birmingham on July 31.

The critically praised film features an "Oscar-Caliber" performance from New York actor Dan McCabe as a teenager with Cerebral Palsy, along with veteran screen actors Brian Dennehy, Mare Winningham, Mary Kay Place and James McDaniel.

Playing at Rave Motion Pictures Lee Branch 15 complex starting Friday, July 31st.

Empire Film Group donating the opening weekend's proceeds to United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Birmingham.

"War Eagle, Arkansas" is the most acclaimed independent film of the year, after earning top awards at more than twenty, major film festivals. The film is rated PG-13, and runs 93-minutes.


R.I.P. Stephen Orr Spurrier


WRAS says goodbye to a legend today. Steve Spurrier passed away today at the age of 64. He leaves behind a legacy as one of the greatest coaches college football has ever known. He won the Heisman Trophy in 1966 and led his alma mater to the mythical national championship in 1996 to go with his 6 SEC championships at Florida.

Spurrier changed the field to grass at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium and named it "The Swamp" which it will be forever known. He also became known for his gamesmanship while at UF, doing such things as giving much-derided Georgia coach Ray Goff the nickname of "Ray Goof" and intentionally running up the score against not only lesser teams, but also conference rivals such as UGa and Kentucky. His rivalry with Tennessee and their coach Phillip Fulmer became highly publicized, as Spurrier would often tell the media after UF wins over the Vols that "you can't spell 'Citrus' without 'UT'", a reference to the Citrus Bowl, which second-place teams in the SEC would often go to in the postseason. He also said about Peyton Manning, Tennessee's quarterback that "I know why Peyton came back for his senior year: he wanted to be a three-time Citrus Bowl MVP". Other notable and controversial quotes from Steve Spurrier include nicknaming rival Florida State University, "Free Shoes University," for their troubles with recruiting violations.

And don't tell me that Spurrier isn't dead because if he was still alive, no way he would have apologized for voting Jevan Snead over Tim Tebow and said it was a mistake. No way.

He would have said something like, "I don't care too much for those running QBs, that's what guys like Errict Rhett are for. Remember Tommie Frazier? I hate that SOB. Ol' Jevan woulda started for me over Timmy any day. And don't give me what a great Christian guy he is, I know a great Christian QB when I see one and his name is Danny Wuerffel. Did you see that picture of Tebow with that girl? Virgin my ass. Danny's still one of only two quarterbacks to win the Heisman for the Gators. Tebow ain't nothing but a ball carrier. And you can quote the Ol' Ball Coach too!"

SEC on ESPN Logo

This will be on your TV screen of all SEC games on ESPN this fall.

Keep Auburn Tailgating Where it Belongs - On Campus and Free!

Recently Auburn University has joined with a private company to start charging a fee to tailgate on our campus. This is a company that will setup and break down sites, while charging for everything from tents to coolers to bags of ice.

They have stated that they have exclusive rights to property on campus allowing them, and only them, to have access during Auburn gamedays.
Here is the website with a map of the area that will be taken away.

Tailgating has been a long time fixture of Auburn Football for a great many people. It is, sometimes, the only time of the year for old friends and alumni to get together and talk about old times and recent happenings in our lives. To some, tailgating is more important than the games. Many people make the weekly trip to Auburn just to tailgate and be with friends and family.

Auburn has already imposed restrictions pushing people further and further away from campus in order to keep it beautiful. Now, they want to impose ridiculous fees for those to re-enter our campus.

This Group has been started in the hope that our University will see that not everything should have a fee and some of the best things in life are and should remain free.We encourage anyone who wishes to keep one of our schools great traditions unchanged to join this group.

Auburntron.com did an interview with the owner of Tailgateguys Michael Otwell:

Auburn University Emails:

Tigers Unlimited: hargrrk@auburn.edu

Athletic Director Jacobs: jacobjo@auburn.edu

Auburn Athletic Dept: athletics@mail.auburn.edu

Happy Alex "MGDMF" Lincoln Day!

43 days until kickoff!


Did Mark Richt do it?

"It would be very difficult for somebody not to vote for Tim, but I guess they did," Mark Richt said. "Maybe it was a mistake."
A mistake is right. Hope you enjoyed that endzone celebration two years ago because you got the timeout beatdown last year and I can't even imagine what Meyer & Tebow have in store for you this year to make you pay for your voting mistake.

2009 Auburn Football Media Guide Cover



Kickoff Times Set

Get your tailgate on! The September 5th game against La Tech will be at 6:00 and televised on ESPNU and the September 12th game against Miss St. will be at 6:00 and televised on FSN. We already knew that the game on September 19th game against WVU would be on ESPN at 6:45.


Tigers to play Utah State in 2011

According to the Deseret News, Utah State University will travel to Jordan Hare for a payout of $950,000.


Auburn catches lots of heat for the cupcake games like the upcoming HC game against Furman. At least Utah State is a FBS school. Auburn already has games against Arkansas State, Tennessee-Chattanooga, and at Clemson on the schedule for 2011.

Utah State ended its 2008 season with a 3-9 overall and 3-5 WAC ledger, marking the first time since 2005 that the Aggies have three wins in a season. USU has won three WAC games in a season for the first time in the Aggies' four seasons in the league. It is also the first time since 2003 that USU has won three conference games and just the third time in the 2000's.


Next Daniel Moore painting...

"The Attrition" featuring Brandon Fanney, Alonzo Lawrence and Jermaine Preyear.

Senator Holthss Drools


Houston Nutt on cover of SI SEC Preview Issue

Doesn't all this Ole Miss love have the feel of Auburn 2003? We'll see. Of course I bought the hype then but I'm not buying it now.

Auburn Billboards Go Up Around State


You know it, I know it, Barstool Sports knows it


"You can knock off the comparisons between Belichick and Saban. One is the bedrock of the model franchise in all of sports. The other is a duplicitous, carpet-bagging weasel. They might have comparable talents for coaching tackle football and saying nothing to the press, but that’s where the similarities end."


I Imagine This Is What It's Like When The Sabear Speaks At A Bammer QB Club Meeting

In a related note, my new wife took me to her church yesterday to show me off to the congregation or whatever and the minister asked everyone what people most wanted out of life. People would respond with, "good health" or "happiness" or whatever. Well, one guy blurts out, "Nashunul Champunsheeps". Mickey goes to the same church as Mrs. Flanagan so he and I immediately looked at each other and said, "Bammer of the Week" but I can't even wait until Friday to award him this honor. You might ask, "How do you know he's a Bammer?". I'll tell you, he brought his Bammer coffee mug into church with him. No surprise he was a little short shit with a Hitler youth mustache. And I'm beginning to wonder if there is a God because after the Bammer spoke I asked for, "a lightning bolt to strike him down". Didn't work though.


Bammer of the Week

So which is it, Confucius?


ESPN College Football Announcers for the Season


HOLLY ROWE MOVES OFF OF ESPN TO ABC WHERE THEY SHOW NOTHING BUT BIG 11 AND BIG 12 GAMES ANYWAY (all caps for effect if you didn't know how excited WRAS is - my HDTV couldn't take anymore of her caked-on makeup).

I really like the Mike Patrick for Brad Nessler swap. Nessler is good and Mike Patrick says stuff like this...

No doubt Blackledge pushed for this move as Patrick lost all street cred with him.

Jesse Palmer's role gets expanded and that's not necessarily a bad thing, just get rid of the short ties, you're no Michael Irvin.

Bruck Huard and Eric Collins will be doing the Saturday night ESPNU SEC broadcast. No opinion as Huard brothers have always been serviceable in backup roles and we have no idea who Collins is.

Mike Patrick moves over to the Thursday night game (you knew he wouldn't go away forever) with The Pony Express Craig James and Heather Cox (WHO TAKES OVER FOR HOLLY ROWE - HAVEN'T YOU HEARD? SHE'S NOT DOING SEC GAMES ANYMORE! WHOOO!).

Dave Neal will do the SEC regional games and this helps the SEC fans ease into the transition from JP to ESPN. We just couldn't go cold turkey and what's a Saturday morning without a Dave in our life? About the same but nevermind.

Rob "Hambone" Stone and one of the Stinchcomb brothers will be in studio during the regional broadcast and that sounds promising. Couple of rookies getting their feet wet in college football broadcasting.

Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit will continue to fawn over USC, Ohio State-Michigan and the Big 12 on ABC Saturday nights. Do what you want, just stay out of our lives, okay?

Chris Fowler, Palmer, James and Erin Andrews stick together on Thursday nights and I couldn't think of a better group to get us ready for the weekend. Don't mess with success.

Unfortunately the reports of Corso's demise aren't true and he's back on Gameday with Desmond Howard who needs to go as well. Though this show is no longer appointment viewing anyway and it's essentially a ABC Saturday night game infomercial. We'll see if that changes now that they have the best conference in history on board.

Poor Rece Davis, the only Bammer we like and respect here at WRAS is still being dragged through the depths (try to say that, Holtz) with Mark May & Lou Holtz.

Ron Franklin gets thrown a bone, he deserves better.

That insufferable know it all Bob Davie is back.

Don't think we didn't notice that Dennis Franchione is going to be doing radio.

Someone with the politically correct name of Diaz-Infante will be doing games. Must have thought they assigned him to futbol but anyway.


Smay Smackmon Smeaks


Bo Knows Thrill Lists


Whatever the hell that is but here ya go...


Boom. Roasted.


Paul is a hack and everyone knows it. Except for Shane and the rest of the toothless nation.

Bammer Greg McElroy At A Carnival (Most Bammers are carnies so this is where they congregate)

Is McElroy a suspect in the LeighAnne Tiffin beating?


Jason Campbell Reacts To Steve McNair's Death

"The whole black quarterback thing, it's like a fraternity. Guys who played before you pass the torch down to younger guys. You always keep in contact with those guys who came before you. You try to keep in contact with them and learn as much as possible from them. Losing a guy like that from our fraternity ... it hurts because of how much you looked up to him. He's definitely one of the guys I looked up to. A lot of other guys looked up to him to. It's just a real hard day."

Jason Campbell, Washington Redskins quarterback as told to the Washington Post



Have a Happy 4th of July

Everyone get your Bammer friends to try this over the weekend. Easy pickings.


And the Bammer of the Year Award goes to....


Is it just us, or is Andre Smith an easy target?

"But the reality is, if Smith was indeed earnestly searching for the right Bloomington, he spent almost 36 hours driving the highways and byways of the Midwest"

You can't make this stuff up.