Go Buffs?

EDIT: okay so it seems the call from Coach Dan Hawkins was a prank by our very own Walt Flanagan, err ASSFACE HARRIS.

Go prank your buddies here: http://www.joinyourteam.com/Football/

Okay, so there I was at 1:55 today, alone in the conference room actually trying to get some real work done, when my cell phone starts ringing. I pull it out of my pocket, and do not recognize the 303-492-8337 number, but figure it is probably work related so I answer. Before I can get "This is Mickey" out of my mouth there is a recording of a way too excited fella from the University of Colorado ticket office selling season and single game tickets. "Don't miss Ralphie....blah blah blah" you get the idea. Mickey ain't ever been to Colorado, nor does he know anyone form that hippie infested, dope smoking, left wing state. Seriously, and the Big 12 wants to claim they have surpassed the Ess Eee See? Are you kidding? Get your tickets now for as low as $30 per game by calling 303-492-8337. Go Buffs.


JunkerJorge said...

LOL Hippie infested dope smoking left wing state!!!!!! I love it!

Marky Mark said...

It will be okay as long as you don't get caught at a game in Boulder wearing a UC visor and a black shirt.

Mickey Goldmill said...

Only posers from Gadsden would do something like that.

GPH said...

What does the "P" in poseur stand for? Pelham.