Keep Auburn Tailgating Where it Belongs - On Campus and Free!

Recently Auburn University has joined with a private company to start charging a fee to tailgate on our campus. This is a company that will setup and break down sites, while charging for everything from tents to coolers to bags of ice.

They have stated that they have exclusive rights to property on campus allowing them, and only them, to have access during Auburn gamedays.
Here is the website with a map of the area that will be taken away.

Tailgating has been a long time fixture of Auburn Football for a great many people. It is, sometimes, the only time of the year for old friends and alumni to get together and talk about old times and recent happenings in our lives. To some, tailgating is more important than the games. Many people make the weekly trip to Auburn just to tailgate and be with friends and family.

Auburn has already imposed restrictions pushing people further and further away from campus in order to keep it beautiful. Now, they want to impose ridiculous fees for those to re-enter our campus.

This Group has been started in the hope that our University will see that not everything should have a fee and some of the best things in life are and should remain free.We encourage anyone who wishes to keep one of our schools great traditions unchanged to join this group.

Auburntron.com did an interview with the owner of Tailgateguys Michael Otwell:

Auburn University Emails:

Tigers Unlimited: hargrrk@auburn.edu

Athletic Director Jacobs: jacobjo@auburn.edu

Auburn Athletic Dept: athletics@mail.auburn.edu


Skywalker said...

Hey! I really think this is one of the final nails in Jacobs' coffin. If Chizik doesn't deliver and all these "administrative" changes to the Auburn game day experience go over too well - Mr. Jacobs can expect find a job elsewhere.

This is too ridiculous for words. Since when did tailgating have to be monitored and regulated like this? Really?

Lee said...

Just another "Put youthands up and hand over all the money" Jacobs business deal. Fire Jay Jacobs!!

Auburn-University said...

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Lee said...

This just did not happen over night. Jay Jacobs has been doing this type thing for years to Auburn and real Auburn people. All he wants is money, money, and more money. He doesn't care about tradition at Auburn.