ESPN College Football Announcers for the Season


HOLLY ROWE MOVES OFF OF ESPN TO ABC WHERE THEY SHOW NOTHING BUT BIG 11 AND BIG 12 GAMES ANYWAY (all caps for effect if you didn't know how excited WRAS is - my HDTV couldn't take anymore of her caked-on makeup).

I really like the Mike Patrick for Brad Nessler swap. Nessler is good and Mike Patrick says stuff like this...

No doubt Blackledge pushed for this move as Patrick lost all street cred with him.

Jesse Palmer's role gets expanded and that's not necessarily a bad thing, just get rid of the short ties, you're no Michael Irvin.

Bruck Huard and Eric Collins will be doing the Saturday night ESPNU SEC broadcast. No opinion as Huard brothers have always been serviceable in backup roles and we have no idea who Collins is.

Mike Patrick moves over to the Thursday night game (you knew he wouldn't go away forever) with The Pony Express Craig James and Heather Cox (WHO TAKES OVER FOR HOLLY ROWE - HAVEN'T YOU HEARD? SHE'S NOT DOING SEC GAMES ANYMORE! WHOOO!).

Dave Neal will do the SEC regional games and this helps the SEC fans ease into the transition from JP to ESPN. We just couldn't go cold turkey and what's a Saturday morning without a Dave in our life? About the same but nevermind.

Rob "Hambone" Stone and one of the Stinchcomb brothers will be in studio during the regional broadcast and that sounds promising. Couple of rookies getting their feet wet in college football broadcasting.

Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit will continue to fawn over USC, Ohio State-Michigan and the Big 12 on ABC Saturday nights. Do what you want, just stay out of our lives, okay?

Chris Fowler, Palmer, James and Erin Andrews stick together on Thursday nights and I couldn't think of a better group to get us ready for the weekend. Don't mess with success.

Unfortunately the reports of Corso's demise aren't true and he's back on Gameday with Desmond Howard who needs to go as well. Though this show is no longer appointment viewing anyway and it's essentially a ABC Saturday night game infomercial. We'll see if that changes now that they have the best conference in history on board.

Poor Rece Davis, the only Bammer we like and respect here at WRAS is still being dragged through the depths (try to say that, Holtz) with Mark May & Lou Holtz.

Ron Franklin gets thrown a bone, he deserves better.

That insufferable know it all Bob Davie is back.

Don't think we didn't notice that Dennis Franchione is going to be doing radio.

Someone with the politically correct name of Diaz-Infante will be doing games. Must have thought they assigned him to futbol but anyway.


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Mickey Goldmill said...

Ron Franklin belongs on ESPN Saturday nights. Those were the days, err nights!