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ESPN's Mark Schlabach Predicts The Bowl Games


Early thoughts on his predictions...

1) Ohio State in the MNC game versus another SEC team? That will end badly for the Buckeyes;
2) BYU crashes the BCS party;
3) The Sugar Bowl will be spreading the love;
4) Ole Miss, Nebraska, Miami and Notre Dame back in a bowl game;
5) Zook versus the Gators;
6) Eight Auburn opponents (two non-conference) predicted to go bowling; and
7) Ten SEC teams predicted to go bowling. Ten!

Mythical National Championship Contenders

#46 - Maryland


Bammer of the Week

Might as well get this over with. Jimmy Johns, come on down, you're the next contestant on if the price is right (we'll sell you a bag)!
And afterwards, head on over to Jimmy John's Pit Bulls, home of the Linebacker Bullies:
"Not only does Jimmy sell some of the bulliest dogs in the country.
He also (no longer) plays for the (most overrated) best college football team in the country.
The (Scandal Plagued) University of ALABAMA (at Tuscaloosa)!

Mythical National Championship Contenders

#47 - Boston College


Mythical National Championship Contenders

#50 - Notre Dame

Bammer(s) of the Week

What the hell kind of getup is Jay Barker wearing in this outfit? Give me a break, Jay is pushing 40 and he's trying too hard. The $300 jeans, graphic tee from some retro band he doesn't even listen to and the Fidel Castro hat. Come on! I've seen Jay out in public and he also looks like he has purchased a lifetime supply of Mystic Tans as well. I'll bet anything Sara Evans picks out his clothes for him. It's all about style over substance for Bammers.

Just when you think it couldn't get any more irritating for Auburn fans to listen to Bammerham radio, these two start taking shots at Coach Tuberville during an interview with Brain Matthews of AuburnSports.com and Auburn's recruiting this season. Asking questions like, "do you think Tuberville is offering these scholarships to try and compare to Sa6an?" and "do you think he will pull these scholarships if a better player comes along?" Just because Bammers' lives revolve around Sa6an doesn't mean the rest of the world is in his orbit.

And Tony Kurre said in so many words that Tuberville is going after guys he can attain instead of going after 4 and 5 stars. Kurre is nothing but a burned out hipster and disc jockey from the 80s and he should not be taken seriously. It kills me when people call in asking what he thinks about sports. How does he have time to even watch a ballgame when he is on two different radio stations all the time.

Bammers are so brainwashed on the star system and crootin' rankings. To be fair that's all they have to brag about these days. Tuberville has put a lot of players in the NFL that weren't blue chip recruits and he'll continue to do that. He knows a good player when he sees one and I trust him to bring in the best players for Auburn.


Toomer's Corner

A lot of discussion has been going on regarding Toomer's Corner and the work that is being done on the oak tree and keeping it healthy.

While WRAS loves the tradition of rolling Toomer's Corner, something needs to be done. We'd rather have that tree standing in 20 years when our kids go to Auburn than for them to see an empty corner and only being able to hear about or just see pictures of the tree. That is more important than rolling the tree after every victory, swim meet or graduation.

What are your thoughts? Vote on the right or post a comment here.


I Got Out The Official WRAS Telescope...

..and was looking at some of ESPN and SI's stars and here is what I found:

SI's top 100 seniors:
AU has 23 prospects
SPUAT has 25 prospects w/ 2 commits

On ESPN.com's Top 150 Watch List:
AU has 7 out of a total of 14 commits
SPUAT has 5 out of 7 commits

ESPN.com's Face of the Program


Birmingham News Ranks SEC's Athletic Programs

The Birmingham News recently rated the all-time SEC athletic programs and most intense rivalries. WRAS was a little shocked at Auburn's #6 ranking but that's still better than SPUAT.




Bammer of the Week

Jason Caffey's stats...

8 Years
4 Teams
462 Games Played
7.3 Points Per Game
4.4 Rebounds Per Game
$29 Million Earned
10 Kids
8 Baby Mommas
$300,000 in Child Support due
1 Bammer of the Week


Special Monday Edition of Bammer of the Week

ROBERTSDALE -- Former Alabama quarterback Ken Stabler refused to take a breathalyzer test Sunday morning after his arrest for driving under the influence early Sunday morning, said Robertsdale Assistant Police Chief Brian Middleton.

Stabler was driving a white 2007 Dodge Durango north on Alabama 59 on Sunday morning when Robertsdale Patrolman Tyler Kane stopped him near Hub City Grocery at 12:32 a.m., according to the police report. Kane conducted a field sobriety test, Middleton said, but the assistant chief declined to describe the details of it because the case remains under investigation.
Stabler, 62, was arrested and charged with reckless driving and driving under the influence. His SUV was impounded, but it was released to the former quarterback and current analyst for Alabama football radio broadcasts when he posted $1,000 bond at 1:16 p.m. Sunday.
The Sunday night arrest marked the second time since 2001 that Stabler has been arrested in Baldwin County for driving under the influence. In 2001, he pleaded guilty to drunken driving after being arrested in Orange Beach. Stabler entered that plea as part of a deal whereby the police dropped drug and reckless driving charges.
Come on, Robertsdale P.D., get your act together and leave The Snake alone. All he wants to do is "Drive around in my truck and drink Jack Daniels...and they just don't understand."


Domestic Violence in Gainesville on the Rise

Jort Rage is the leading cause of domestic violence in northern Florida and with the weather warming up, Florida fans will be taking their wrinkled jorts out en masse so if you have any family or friends who are wearing big sweaters or pants and have been "falling down the stairs" or "hitting themselves in the face with a door" contact your local authorities. It's very likely they are victims of Jort Rage.


Tha Bahr Must Be Doing 360's In His Grave

Ray Melick's cold sore is defending Auburn regarding the most recent finger salute from Coach Tuberville...

Two thumbs up for seven-finger salute?

The Mickey Goldmill Retort

So here I am, rocking my seersucker shorts for the first time this summer at the Magic City Brewfest at Sloss Furnaces this past weekend and what should I see but a confluence of events so unbelievable I thought I had been drinking too much Emerald Coast Ale. My bloodshot eyes did not deceive me. It was a LSU fan eating a corndog. Thankfully he didn't try to hit me across the eye with a beer bottle or cause me to get nuts because if he wanted to get nuts, Mickey would get nuts.

If anyone has information on whether or not Apache from Bartender & Apache infamy is actually affiliated with Emerald Coast Beer Company, let me know. Because he was there serving beer and I know it was him no matter how many times he denied it. Take it for what it's worth but Apache thinks Auburn is going to win the SEC this year over Georgia only losing in the regular season to the Dawgs. And Apache gets his picks right 60% of the time every time.