'Bama Is Not Back

As you well know, SPUAT was not included among the 252 selections in this year's NFL draft. It was the first time Alabama has been shut out since 1970, the year the American Football League officially joined the NFL.

Some of the schools that had players drafted include, Bentley, Wheaton, Army, Division III Mount Union, Washburn, Gardner Webb, and Montana. Not SPUAT.

Some delusional Bammer quotes from the weekend...

"We're just really confused," offensive lineman Justin Britt said. "I mean, this doesn't make any sense."

No, Justin, it does. If you're good enough the NFL knows it and will draft you. If you're not, they won't.

"I was very surprised," defensive lineman Wallace Gilberry said, "just for the simple fact that me, DJ and Simeon were by far better than half the guys that were chosen in front of us, if not all of them."

Hopefully in a couple of months when Gilberry's NFL career is over no team hires him as a scout because if it were up to him, he, DJ Hall and Simeon Castille would have been the first three picks of the draft.

Pre-draft analysis of DJ Hall that appeared on NFL.com: "Even if there is a $100 bill in the middle of the field with his name on it, he will not be found in that area. He looks like Tarzan but plays like Jane."

Maybe he won't go after a $100 bill but I bet he would if it was $100 worth of the stickiest of the icky.

"I guess the NFL people didn't see what 92,000 Alabama fans saw every week," Hall's agent Ed Rowan said. "I can't explain it."

So he thinks Bammers can critically evaluate their players? Puh-leaze. Were these Bammers at the Louisiana-Monroe game?

"I've never seen anything like this," receiver Matt Caddell said. "I was just looking for the first Bama guy. I was most surprised about DJ and Gilberry. I was kind of shocked they didn't get drafted."

Sorry, Matt, going 6-6 every year, playing in the Independence Bowl, and not working hard after your last season isn't what the NFL is looking for. Hate to break it to ya.

"A lot of people were blowing a lot of smoke, crying wolf, so I was kind of glad I didn't get drafted once it got past the sixth round," Gilberry said.

Complete bullbammer, every player wants to get drafted.

"I almost got drafted," Britt said, "but I couldn't believe Wallace and DJ and Simeon didn't get drafted. It doesn't make any sense at all. A lot of these guys going in their same position, and I just don't think they can match up with these guys I've been playing with for four years."

Yeah, almost, and SPUAT almost won the 2005 Iron Bowl.

"Just because a guy isn't taken in the first round or those early rounds," Simeon Castille said last week, "it doesn't mean that he can't have an awesome impact in the NFL."

If anyone can fine the percentages of undrafted free agents that make it, we'd like to know but I'm sure it's not good.

Melick's Cold Sore & Scarbinsky Talk About SPUAT In The NFL Draft (or lack therof)

Tide blanked in the NFL draft


2008 Spring Game Attendance Numbers

Congratulations to the Nebraska Cornhuskers on winning the spring game attendance national championship over last year's winner SPUAT. Since SPUAT didn't win their 2nd in a row, what are they going to do with all of the "Got 2?" shirts they printed up to sell at the outdoor flea market that is Bryant-Denny Stadium this fall?

'Nuff Said

Another Auburn Tiger Lands With An NFL Team

Prechae Rodriguez has signed a free agent deal with the New York Jets.
Photograph by Rob Carr


Five Tigers Drafted by the NFL in 2008

Good weekend for Auburn as five players were drafted including Quentin Groves, Pat Lee, Pat Sims, Jonathan Wilhite and King Dunlap.

Quentin Groves - 52nd pick in the 2nd round to the Jacksonville Jaguars
Q was projected as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense but the Jags run a 4-3 and project him as a defensive end. They have a good team, especially on defense so look for them to ease Groves into the system, probably as a situational 3rd down rusher during his rookie year.

Pat Lee - 60th pick in the 2nd round to the Green Bay Packers
Another good team with a good, young defense. The Packers have one of the best secondaries in the NFL with Atari Bigby, Charles Woodson and Al Harris. Harris and Woodson are the two starting corners but are 33 and 31 years old respectively so Lee will have a chance to start in a couple of years after learning from two of the best.

Pat Sims - 77th pick in the 3rd round to the Cincinnati Bengals
The Bengals, who usually run a 3-4 defense, under defensive guru Marvin Lewis need a youth movement on their defensive line. The Bengals' defense has not lived up to their head coach's resume in recent years and seem to be team turmoil. Hopefully that will change. Their top two defensive tackles last season were 32-year-old Mike Myers and 31-year-old John Thornton. They each have a couple of years left in them so Sims will also get a chance to learn with a chance to start in 2-3 seasons.

Jonathan Wilhite - 129th pick in the 4th round by the New England Patriots
Wilhite faces a deep roster in front of him in New England, even with the loss of Asante Samuel to the Philadelphia Eagles. But this is the class team of the NFL and it will be a great situation for Wilhite, especially with as many players that see the field for the Pats and their ability to maximize player's potential wherever they can get them on the field.

King Dunlap - 230th pick in the 7th round by the Philadelphia Eagles
King lost his starting job early in the 2007 season. No one doubts his size or potential as you would think he would be a dominant offensive lineman. The only one that seems to stop Dunlap is Dunlap himself. To lose your job as a senior to a true freshman and still be drafted is a testament to his potential. It's up to him now. Dunlap has his opportunity in Philadelphia, which cut its backup right tackle in December and he'll have a chance to backup John Runyan, 34, for the Eagles.

Three Tigers have signed free agent deals as of this morning, defensive tackle Josh Thompson signed with the St. Louis Rams, tight end Cole Bennett signed with the Houston Texans and fullback Carl Stewart signed with Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


AU Baseball In Must Win Series

The Auburn Tigers (23-19, 7-11) go to Tuscaloosa to face Alabama (23-20, 8-10) in a must win series for both teams. Auburn is in 10th place in the SEC while Alabama is in 8th. Losing 7 out of their last 8 games overall including 5 of 6 against SEC opponents has led to Auburn's fall.

"We're at the time of year we need to win series," Auburn coach Tom Slater said. "We could have a great stretch and be in great position a month from now. Obviously, to do that, it's imperative to win series. This is the one in front of us now that we need to focus on winning."

Auburn has 12 SEC games remaining and all are against SEC West opponents with home series versus Mississippi State and LSU sandwiching a series at Ole Miss. Time is running out on the season and AU's bid to make the SEC tournament for the first time since 2003. To even have a chance it looks like Auburn will need to have a winning record the rest of the way. Can it be done? Tom Slater's job might depend on it.

Auburn will start R-Fr. LHP Grant Dayton (5-1, 3.81 ERA) on Friday and Fr. LHP Cory Luckie (4-4, 4.23) on Saturday but hasn't determined who will start on Sunday. Alabama will counter with Jr. LHP Miers Quigley (4-3, 3.99) on Friday, Jr. RHP Austin Hyatt (3-3, 4.85) on Saturday and Jr. RHP Robert Phares (1-3, 6.31) on Sunday.

Bammer of the Week

I hate to subject all of you good Auburn men and women out there to this but it's too ridiculous for you to not listen to. A Bammer has recorded a song about the Bahr and put it on myspace.com. It is a complete ripoff of a David Allan Coe song called "The Ride" about Hank Williams, Sr. The Bammer who recorded it is probably the same guy who put this bumper sticker on his car.



Sir Tonto Kowalski?

Kenny "The Jet" Smith and Ernie Johnson have started calling Charles Barkley by a new nickname on their TNT broadcasts during the NBA Playoffs...Tonto Kowalski. Google it.


Stewart Mandel Article on cnnsi.com

Underrated: Quentin Groves, Auburn

Groves was limited by injuries at times last season, but when he was at his best, he was definitely one of those guys who can take over a game just by the pressure he puts on opposing quarterbacks. He did just that in the Tigers' early season upset at Florida, helping limit Heisman winner Tim Tebow to mostly short completions. The year before, when fully healthy, he notched 9.5 sacks. The only defensive end I'd rank above him is Chris Long, and if, as projected, Groves slips into the second round, someone is going to get themselves an absolute steal.


Gabe Gross Traded to the Rays

So you get two hits, score three times including the game winner and what is your reward? Getting traded to the Tampa Devil Rays or just Rays or whatever that baseball outpost is calling themselves nowadays. And who is the unlucky soul that is now a Ray? Gabe Gross of course.


Photograph by Jeff Roberson / Associated Press


Post Spring Depth Chart Thoughts (Part II)

Today we'll look at the defensive side of the ball for the 2008 Auburn Tigers. You do remember we have a defense, don't you? And a pretty good one at that.

Defensive Tackles
This position is taking hit with the loss of Josh Thompson and in the eyes of WRAS a premature departure from the team by Pat Sims. But we'll never fault someone for leaving early if they feel they are ready. Plus it looks like Sims will get drafted in the first 4 rounds so it looks like a good decision for him. Lots of unproven guys in this group with Sen'Derrick Marks being the only one with starting experience. There are 3 sophomores, 1 redshirt freshman and junior Jake Ricks in the top 6 along with Marks. Marks has a chance to be All-SEC this year but he'll need the young guys to step up.

Defensive Ends
Helping out the young DTs will be a young group of DEs that has a little more experience than the big guys on the inside. Only 2 upperclassmen in the top 6, Antonio Coleman and JUCO transfer Raven Gray). Coleman missed most of the spring with a neck injury but his play last year keeps WRAS from being worried about him. Coleman's backup, Antoine Carter, and Michael Goggans had good springs and a lot is expected out of them. Raven Gray missed the spring with an injury but has received a lot of hype without ever seeing the field but Coach Tuberville thinks he has a chance to be one of the best he's coached and that's saying a lot.

WRAS would be a lot more skeptical of the D-line if it weren't for the deepest and most talented unit on the defense and possibly Auburn's whole team. Craig Stevens (backed up by Courtney Harden and Bo Harris), Tray Blackmon (Josh Bynes and Adam Herring) and Chris Evans (Merrill Johnson and Courtney Harden) have a lot of experience and all will see the field with not much of a dropoff from player to player. Only Johnson and Harden are seniors and this hard hitting bunch will be leaned on to carry this defense. If Blackmon can stay healthy, the sky is the limit for him as he doesn't always show up on the stat sheet but he is the definition of an impact player. Josh Bynes and Bo Harris are two exciting young players who will make a big difference for the Tigers and look for Bynes to have a big year if his spring is any indication.

Another young group with 2 sophomores listed as the starters, Mike McNeil at free safety and Zac Etheridge at strong safety. McNeil was named 2nd string last year the day he set foot on campus and now he gets the starting nod after playing considerably last year as a true freshman. He's big and rangy and should cover a lot of ground in the secondary this year.

Auburn lost two big-time players from last year's team, Pat Lee and Jonathan Wilhite and there is a lot of anxiety about this position (as well as the whole secondary) but Jerraud Powers played the best out of the CBs last year in our opinion and should improve greatly in his junior year. Aairon Savage and Walter McFadden are listed as co-number ones at the right CB position. Savage is moving over from safety and is a big hitter who will need to learn to stay at home and make plays on the ball or McFadden will see more playing time. A lot has been made of Powers' backup, Ryan Williams, and now we'll get a chance to see what he can do.

Complete depth chart here...


Auburn Interactive Depth Chart


Pretty cool site where you can scroll over player's names and get a short bio on each player with their height, weight, forty times, the all-important Rival's start rating, etc.


The Auburn Links

Article by Gene Wojciechowski about Mayor Barkley...

Frank Thomas released by the Toronto Blue Jays. This was a business move all the way. Hopefully the Big Hurt will get to finish his career on his own terms.

Detroit Free Press article about Clete Thomas...

Photograph by Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

Bammer of the Week

WRAS is impressed that the Bammers got as close as they did to spelling his name right. And at least "Atnoine" seems happy about this honor, a frontal lobotomy will do that to ya. Plus, it's only fitting that one of the "Textbook 5" is named a captain at the Scandal Plagued University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa (SPUAT) and they spelled his name wrong. Stupid Bammers.


Photographs by Chris Pow / al.com


Post Spring Depth Chart Thoughts (Part I)

Auburn has released their post-spring depth chart yesterday and not many surprises are on it. WRAS will take a look at the offense today as twelve starting positions are listed but there will be instances where 4 wide receivers will be on the field at one time and in other cases 3 WRs and a tight end which accounts for the 12 official starters.

The most analyzed position in many years on the Plains is QB. It seems more and more likely than AU will have a two-quarterback system and whether Burns or Todd starts and who plays more will be a fluid situation. See this previous blog post regarding WRAS' position.


Wide Receivers / Tight Ends
James Swinton has one of the #1 spots at WR over Chris Slaughter and walk-on Charles Olatunji.

Tim Hawthorne and Mario Fannin are 1-2 at the 2nd WR spot. WRAS is expecting big things out of these two and even with them missing most of the spring with injuries, the Auburn coaching staff is as well.

Even with all the talk of a less than stellar spring, Rod Smith holds on to a #1 spot over Pelham's Montez Billings and Quindarius Carr.

10 players are listed on the depth chart and 6 of them (Swinton, Slaughter, Olatunji, Carr, Zachery and Hawthorne) caught 8 passes for 82 yards last year. Look for those 6 to get at least that in the first game versus Louisiana Monroe.

Tommy Trott is slotted at the #1 tight end spot over Gabe McKenzie and Brent Slusher. Big things are expected out of Trott this year but he'll have to get over a bad case of the drops he's had since he came on campus. Don't forget about #83 as he'll still have a role and seems to be underrated as a pass catcher.

Offensive Line
Last year's starters are back and ready to dominate, the only shocking position change is Chaz Ramsey buried down at #3 right guard. This is more than likely due to injuries this spring and look for him to reclaim the #1 spot come September.

Running Backs
No surprises here as Brad Lester, Ben Tate and Tristan Davis are 1,2 & 3. Can 2,500 total yards be expected out of this trio in 2008? It's possible.

Complete depth chart here...

Got 33 'Croots?

New Bammer championship t-shirt making the rounds. How far has SPUAT fallen? WRAS was watching the news the other day and a Bammer was being interviewed at their A-Day and he said that this was the greatest day of the year. Guess it's the only time they can be sure that SPUAT will win. This shirt will probably be the hottest seller at the outdoor flea market better known as Bryant-Denny Stadium.


Scott Griffin Brings The Heat

Good job by Scott Griffin this morning on his show, The Cage on WSPZ 690 AM. The Bammers were out in full force this morning defending the Sa6ear as per usual. One caller said that Sa6an had to face "great" coaches at Arkansas and Ole Miss, and a "decent" one at Auburn. Griffin said that there was way more than a decent coach at Auburn, one who has averaged 10 wins a year over the last 5. Then another caller said that Coach Tuberville was lucky to come along at a time when SPUAT was so down because of bad coaching, probation, too much ice cream, and whatever else was convenient. Of course he failed to mention Tuberville's record versus UT, LSU, UGA, UF all while they are at full strength and the last 3 are as strong as they've ever been. But I digress. Then Griffin made a point that isn't that the same as commending Wimp Sanderson on his record and championships at Alabama while Kentucky was on probation and a mess in the 80's, saying that was the definition of looking through rose-colored glasses. The caller said "no" but IT'S EXACTLY THE SAME! Ever since Matt Coulter left their morning show, Scott Griffin has been on top of his game, speaking coherently about sports and making a whole lot of rational sense. Coulter leaving (for whatever reason) has been the best thing for Griffin's legitimacy.

Speaking of Coulter, Bammers are a bunch of commies. How else to explain the uproar over Gentry Estes' blog entry regarding SPUAT and their performance this spring and the backlash that came from his blog. See the link below and scroll down until you see "To clear the air about a previous blog entry..."


He has every right to write what he sees regarding anything. Bammers are incapable of looking at their team critically and continually drink up the Kool-Aid. Why do you think they always get high recruiting rankings or ESPN talking heads pick them to win the SECW at Florida's spring game or the outside of Bryant-Denny Stadium resembles a flea market in Dogtown? It's because smart businessmen know if you cater to Bammers they will spend their last dime on the Tide (which is the same as their first dime).


Bammer of the Week (tie)

A lot of stuff going on in this picture with Sa6an. Is it hot? Is it cool? Is it windy? Is it sunny? Does he have an afternoon tee time? Are those pants Sansabelt?

The fact that SPUAT is able to hold spring practice with ankle monitors on the players and an armed guard watching their every move is impressive to WRAS.


Breaking News Out of Birmingham Today

Paul Bryant won The Birmingham News' "The Greatest Sports Legend" contest. I know everyone reading is shocked by this and let me tell you something, I am too. Without having home (and definitely not work) internet access, Jefferson County's public libraries must have been overrun by Bammers in line to get on the computers so they could vote for tha Bahr.

Phog Allen Fieldhouse During Monday Night's Last Second Shot

Okay, this video is awesome and be sure to turn your volume up. Maybe one day Auburn students will be celebrating like this in the new basketball arena for one of our teams during a national championship game.


Rev. Bubba D. Liverance & The Cornhole Prophets

These Auburn fans have a band and new song called "Let the Eagle Fly" and 100% of the proceeds go towards AU's Raptor Center. Below is the website where you can purchase the CD and get some more information on the band, etc.



There's No Place Like Home, There's No Place Like Home, There's No Place Like Home...

Dorothy and the men's basketball national championship finally made it back to Kansas and does Roy Williams wish he was too?

UNC head coach Roy Williams was in person sporting this KU sticker. The meltdown on the UNC message boards has begun and as of this posting over 700 posts have been made regarding this subject.

WRAS understands where he's coming from but we can only imagine what would happen if Coach Tuberville was sporting an Ole Miss sweater vest two days after a loss to the Rebels and it wouldn't be good.

Of course, who's the guy in the UNC hat in front of him and did he want to punch Coach Williams in the face?

Vote on the right and let us know what you think.


Melick's Cold Sore & Scarbinsky Talk AU QB Controversy

Seeds may have been sown for Auburn quarterback controversy

It looks like al.com has started something called One Minute Madness where a couple of Bammerham, excuse me, Birmingham sportswriters talk for about a minute on sports or the status of Ray Melick's most recent herpes outbreak on his bottom lip or whatever.

The first OMM talks about a potential QB controversy at Auburn. A QB controversy to me is when a team is going to have one QB and needs to decide between two. Barring something unexpected, Tony Franklin and Tommy Tuberville have said that both QBs will play this season and the amount they play will probably vary from week to week depending on their level of play and the opponent. This is not a controversy, it's people like Melick trying to start something that isn't there.

Auburn wins 2 out of 3 against the Hogs

Auburn men's baseball team won two out of three on the road this past weekend against Arkansas to improve to 20-12 overall and 6-6 in conference. They are in second place in the SECW, just one game behind Ole Miss.

Down 8-2 in yesterday's rubber match Auburn scored 4 runs in the eighth, 4 runs in the ninth and 2 runs in the 10th to win 12-10.

Auburn's getting big hits in big situations and Hunter Morris continues to play huge for this team. They have won 3 out of the 4 SEC series this year with the only loss being the opening sweep at the hands of the Florida Gators. This is a long season and there's a lot of baseball to be played but WRAS is starting to believe the Tigers can make the SEC tournament.


Bammer of the Week

Saw this guy walking to work in a camo Bammer jacket. I'd try to hide too if I was a Bammer.

Clete Thomas Making an Impact for the Detroit Tigers

Good article in the Detroit Free Press about Detroit Tiger's rookie Clete Thomas.
Photograph by MANDI WRIGHT/Detroit Free Press


The Great Wall of Mobile

The "Master's Eye" is on Mobile and a wall is going up brick by brick. This area is arguably the most talented area for high school football talent in the state. How will Auburn compete with Sa6an and his crootin? Wait, what's that you say? Three from there have already committed to Auburn? Oh, well, nevermind...


Football's Over Until The Fall

Auburn football's spring practice ends today and the question at the beginning is the same as it is today, who will be the starting quarterback? According to a poll WRAS held at the beginning of the spring about who would be the starting QB? Two QB system was the runaway winner until Chris Todd's shoulder began bothering him and Kodi Burns began receiving almost all of the votes. So with a healthy Todd readers think AU will have two QBs rotating in and out of games.

According to Tony Franklin, they are neck and neck and he has said that he thinks both will play a lot this fall. WRAS thinks that will be the case but thinks if Burns is not the outright starter, he should play the most and in crunchtime. Burns is not as accurate a passer as Todd is but he can make plays with his legs. In an interview with Chris Todd on The Cage with Scott Griffin last week Todd mentioned that running is not his strength, his accuracy and getting playmakers the ball is. Burns' upside is much more than Todd's and he's making strides passing the ball. What if Todd's arm doesn't get better and he can't stretch the field? We know Burns can do this. His potential and duel threat and big play ability should be the tiebreaker. The spread offense does better with someone who can run, Coach Franklin has admitted as much.

Todd has more experience running this offense, having worked in a form of it at Texas Tech and with Coach Franklin in high school. Burns did not have that head start going into spring practice. If Burns can keep things close without as much time in the system, imagine what might happen once he really starts to understand it. WRAS welcomes the competition because it is good for the team. If one of the quarterbacks does not distance himself from the other then it's time to give the reigns to Kodi Burns. The last two times Auburn had a starter who could run and pass it there names were Dameyune Craig and Jason Campbell. Enough said.

Photograph by M. Almond, B’ham News