I Imagine This Is What It's Like When The Sabear Speaks At A Bammer QB Club Meeting

In a related note, my new wife took me to her church yesterday to show me off to the congregation or whatever and the minister asked everyone what people most wanted out of life. People would respond with, "good health" or "happiness" or whatever. Well, one guy blurts out, "Nashunul Champunsheeps". Mickey goes to the same church as Mrs. Flanagan so he and I immediately looked at each other and said, "Bammer of the Week" but I can't even wait until Friday to award him this honor. You might ask, "How do you know he's a Bammer?". I'll tell you, he brought his Bammer coffee mug into church with him. No surprise he was a little short shit with a Hitler youth mustache. And I'm beginning to wonder if there is a God because after the Bammer spoke I asked for, "a lightning bolt to strike him down". Didn't work though.

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