They Have Our Number

The AU women's basketball team just can't beat Vandy. 15 losses in a row to the 'Dores is crazy. Vandy was bombing threes like crazy and Auburn just couldn't keep up. I don't think they will get a #1 seed in their big dance but maybe. Just keep them out of Vandy's bracket!

I'll admit I've watched two women's basketball games in my life and they have both been AU vs. Vandy but they don't play a whole lot of defense in the women's game. And I've never seen so many blown layups and airballs close to the basket. Plus there was another conference's championship game and a girl blew a wide open layup at the buzzer and her team eventually lost in overtime. I think it's a bit unfair that they play on the same court as men. I know this will never happen but maybe they should play on a nine foot rim. I'm not being sexist or anything, just being realistic here. Referees also seem to be nonexistent in the women's game. Girls jumping up and landing with the ball and traveling isn't called (Whitney Boddie did this) or girls landing on the baseline with the ball and they aren't called out of bounds (a Vandy player did this).

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