Why Does Auburn Charge For A Ticket To A-Day?

I sent this email to Jay Jacobs earlier today. What do you guys think? I think AU should do whatever it takes to get as many people into A-Day as possible. Sure can't hurt.

Mr. Jacobs-

I have a question regarding A-Day. Why does Auburn charge people to buy a ticket to this game? Wouldn't it be in AU's best interests to get as many people to Auburn and in the stadium as possible? If they gave away tickets, more people would come which means more money spent on cokes and hot dogs in the stadium, not to mention buying a t-shirt at Anders or buying some lemonade at Toomer's or buying gas within the city. Florida and Alabama don't charge admission to this game. Do the benefits of having more people coming to Auburn not outweigh a smaller number of people paying $5 to see a glorified exhibition?

Let's pack the stadium and do whatever we can to create another good reason to come to Auburn.


Lee Dobbs said...

Jay cares about nothing but money$$$$. Auburn should fire this money grabbing whore. He cares nothing about tradition or the wants or needs of the majority of the loyal Auburn fans.
Doc Dobbs

Anonymous said...

Stop while you're ahead; you guys will NEVER come close to bringing in as many people for an A-Day game as Alabama does.

Do you honestly think PAYING FIVE DOLLARS is what's holding people back from coming? Or does the cost of rent in all the trailer parks in Aubarn, and ghettos of Opelika consume the average Lee County citizen's weekly paycheck?