Final Vote For The New Wildcat Formation Name

Wild Thing

Eagle Claw

Crouching Tiger, Spread Eagle

Spread Eagle

Super Mario (this one won my initial poll but I'm not sure we should name it after a player who may not run it every time)


Jonesy said...

It's gotta be Super Mario. Who else would run it? I think PPL has to be the motion guy (think Felix Jones in the wildhog or Ricky Williams in the wilddolphin)

gph said...

True, but what happens when Fannin is no longer at AU?

Anonymous said...

Ahh man, I can't wait to see PPL on the field again. So glad Jonesy brought him!

Deano "aka" Jimmy Joe Meeker "aka" Fat Elvis said...

Ok, here is my vote

everybody is trying to add their fancy addition to the "wild". I say we make it our very own by just calling the new offense THE WILD. Kind of like "the U". I think ESPN would have fun with it and it fits perfectly with the JUNGLE.


Deano "aka" Jimmy Joe Meeker "aka" Fat Elvis said...

Wow 2 days and no love for the "WILD"

Anonymous said...

What about the "Wild Bust" or "Tony Franklin Part Two?"

Will you guys run Gus off after he fails miserably, much like the end result of your claims of Tony Fraklin being the greatest offensive mastermind on the planet?

13 interceptions... 7 touchdowns... Here's to hoping Kodi Burns remains the starter next year...