JJ's Response To My A-Day Email

Thanks for the email and for your suggestions. My staff has recently been discussing all the issues related to A-Day and ways we can boost attendance and make it a more enjoyable experience.

We will continue to discuss ways to do just that, and we are always glad to hear constructive criticism from Auburn men like you.

God bless, and War Eagle!


Jay Jacobs '85 '88
Athletics Director
Auburn University


Anonymous said...

AU should schedule A-Day the same weekend as a home baseball series, softball playing in town, a track meet, and as many other events -- even non-sports -- as possible.

Why not have a street party with some live music on Friday and/or Saturday night, too?

Have some big art show at the museum... etc.

gph said...

Agreed. It was always fun to go knowing you had a good baseball game to go to afterwards. They need to get back to that.

Anonymous said...

Stop while you're ahead; you guys will NEVER come close to bringing in as many people for an A-Day game as Alabama does.

Do you honestly think PAYING FIVE DOLLARS is what's holding people back from coming to a spring game? Or does the cost of rent in all the trailer parks in Aubarn, and ghettos of Opelika consume the average Lee County citizen's weekly paycheck?

JoeTiger said...

A big chunk of the money from the A-Day ticket sales goes to the Auburn Band. When I was in the Auburn Band (86-90) it was split between the band and one other group I cannot remember.