WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 12

Vanderbilt (+17) at Tennessee

Walt Flanagan: The season is mercifully about to end for Vandy. Their only bright spots have been LB Chris Marve and likely SEC Freshman of the Year, Warren Norman. The Wild Boyz need this one to get bowl-eligible and another off the field arrest won't distract them this week...UT 27 - Vandy 9

Morris Fenderbaum: UT 30 - Vandy 13

Mickey Goldmill: Twelve weeks and twelve games for Vandy. That’s what Mickey calls efficiency. The 'Dores will end their season with a loss in Knoxville to the “I say U-T, you say Wild Boyz!!” Wild Boyz 35 – ‘Dores 14

Ran across this cartoon this week:

Kentucky (+8.5) at Georgia

Walt Flanagan: Uga VII is gone. He had a short tenure and didn't have time to accumulate some of the memorable antics of his lineage. His grandfather loved to attack Auburn players and wear ill-fitting video cameras on his head (the forgettable ugacam) nor did he win as much as his dad and unfortunately didn't live long enough to have bouts of senility such as attacking his own flag...

...but Uga is Uga and I'm sure he's proud to know his last game was a home win over Auburn. Here's hoping dog heaven has a big bag of ice for him to sit on for eternity...Georgia 24 - Kentucky 14

Morris Fenderbaum: Georgia 27 - Kentucky 23

Mickey Goldmill: Richt definitely turned down the seat warmer last week in beating your Auburn Tigers. UGay is a more talented team than UK, but as Auburn learned, if you let them hang around long enough, make enough mistakes, they will slip up and put a whuppin' on ya. Georgia will mourn the unexpected death of Uga VII as he passed away earlier this week.


Dawgs by a TD...35 – 28

Mississippi State (+10.5) at Arkansas

Walt Flanagan: Anyone get the feeling MSU is running out of steam? With the SEC likely to get 10 teams in bowl games, every game from here on out is big for bowl positioning. Arkansas gets it done...UA 35 - MSU 17

Morris Fenderbaum: Arkansas 40 - Miss. State 20

Mickey Goldmill: Miss. State travels from Starkghanastan to Fayettnam this weekend. But really, Fayetteville is a nice town with a pretty campus and top notch athletic facilities. Wish Mickey was able to say the same about Starkville. Petrino schools Mullen on offense in this one. Mallet will give the State D fits...38 – 17

LSU (+3.5) at Ole Miss

Walt Flanagan: Weeeeeeeeell, now that the pressure's off Ole Miss looked like the team it was supposed to be in the win over the Wild Boyz. Or maybe it's that Nutt finally has decided that McCluster needs to touch the ball more than 15 times a game (UT was just the 3rd time this season). LSU comes in limping around and I think Ole Miss gets 'em...Ole Miss 27 - LSU 24

Morris Fenderbaum: LSU 28 - Ole Miss 17 CANNONBAAAALLLLL!!!!!

Mickey Goldmill: First no Confederate battle flags, and now no singing “the south will rise again”? What are they thinking. KIDDING, ONLY KIDDING. Seriously, is this the fifties?


This is a huge home game for Colonel Reb and having the KKK on campus on a big recruiting weekend has got to have Houston Nutt royally effin pissed. That reminds Mickey, does anyone know what happened to Andy Kennedy for his alleged racist comments last December?


Whatever, back to football. Game of the weekend in the SEC. LSU wins a close one...31 – 30. Les and his hat get lucky again.

Florida International (+43.5) at Florida

Walt Flanagan: Anyone else get the feeling that the Gators are sleep-walking through this season? Hit the snooze button on this one...Florida 49 - FIU 3

Morris Fenderbaum: Florida 53 - FIU 13

Mickey Goldmill: Snot Bubbles. Gaytors 56 – FIU 10

Chattanooga (no line) at SPUAT

Walt Flanagan: Well, this one's going to be a beatdown. SPUAT will be coming to Auburn undefeated and in the Mythical National Championship hunt on the 20th anniversary of December 2, 1989. SPUAT 49 - Chattanooga 7

The beatings will continue until morale improves...http://www.wareaglesupperclub.com/ironbowlbash.htm

Morris Fenderbaum: SPUAT 44 - Chattanooga 6

Mickey Goldmill: Snot Bubbles. Mickey would never wish personally injury on anyone, well maybe just a few folks, and you know who you are. However, if it is meant to be for a few turds to have - say maybe a turf toe or something not life altering, please Chattanooga do your part. We need the help...SPUAT 42 – UTC 3

Last Week:

Walt (5-2 straight up, 3-4 versus the spread)
Morris (5-2, 3-4)
Mickey (6-1, 3-4)


Walt (63-18, 33-37-1)
Morris (62-19, 34-36-1)
Mickey (67-14, 32-38-1)

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