WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 10

Furman @ Auburn (no line)

Walt Flanagan: Now that's what I'm talking about! Defense played much better and got great QB pressure and really swarmed to the football. McCluster had a great day and the special teams gave up the long kickoff return but overall a good effort to get blowl eligible. Saturday makes the Kentucky even harder to take. No shame in losing on the road to Arkansas and LSU but that one still hurts. I don't think Money will play and he probably shouldn't. Chris Todd shouldn't play more than one quarter and Benny Tate needs to come out no later than halftime. Win #7 comes Saturday going into Amen Corner...Auburn 49 - Furman 7

Morris Fenderbaum: Auburn 54 - Furman 17

Mickey Goldmill: SNOT BUBBLES. Auburn racks up big time yardage. This Homecoming game was much needed before a mini version of Amen Corner. Tigers 49 – Purple Paladins 7

War Damn Michael Dyer

South Carolina (+5.5) @ Arkansas

Walt Flanagan: And so it begins. And by that I mean the 'Cocks going limp towards the end (which is of course the most important time). Arkansas at home is tough and they'll continue on Saturday...Arkansas 31 - South Carolina 20

Morris Fenderbaum: Arkansas 27 - South Carolina 23

Mickey Goldmill: Mickey was wrong about SC last week as Mickey thought Spurrier would take it to Kiffen. Mickey is reminded how the 'Cocks have a tendency to fizzle as the season wears on...Pig Souie 38 - Cocks 28

Vanderbilt (+32.5) @ Florida

Walt Flanagan: Quite the week for the Gators. Brandon Spikes hijacks the week and then Urban gets a slap on the wrist with his $30,000 fine for complaining that the referees didn't take care of Teblow as well as the media. Vandy put up a good fight against Georgia Tech but they won't even sniff a lead Saturday...Florida 45 - Vandy 10

Morris Fenderbaum: Florida 48 - Vandy 13

Mickey Goldmill: U. G. L. Y. Meyer takes out his SEC frustrations on little ole Vandy...Gaytors 49 – Dores 13

LSU (+9) at Alabama

Walt Flanagan: SPUAT favored by 9?!?! Seems high for this game. Did SPUAT get their redzone offense corrected during the off week? Has LSU's defense corrected their problems? It looks like the Bayou Bengals have the last two weeks but they did play an Auburn team at their swagger nadir and Tulane. I don't think LSU can score enough against the SPUAT defense...SPUAT 20 - LSU 14

Morris Fenderbaum: LSU 20 - SPUAT 18 (6 FGs from Leigh Ann Tiffin). CANNONBAAAAALLLLL!!!!!

Mickey Goldmill: Mickey found out this week that he will be working in the corndog state for the foreseeable future and getting used to all the coon asses takes some getting used to. Damn this economy! That being said, Mickey would gladly put up with the corndog crowing after they beat the turds. Do it for Mickey, Bengal Tigers! The HAT 28 – Cheatin' Bastards 27

Memphis (+26) @ Tennessee

Walt Flanagan: Tennessee's about to go on their patented late season winning streak versus the unholy trilogy of Memphis, Kentucky and Vandy...Tennessee 38 - Memphis 10

Morris Fenderbaum: Tennessee 34 - Memphis 13

Mickey Goldmill: East Tennessee > West Tennessee. Seriously, how bad were UT’s unis last week? Mickey likes seeing the special threads on occasion but that was just trying too hard. Vols win big...38 – 10

Eastern Kentucky @ Kentucky (no line)

Walt Flanagan: Not only did Auburn look like a different team versus Ole Miss but Kentcuky went out and lost at home to Mississippi State. Whut tha hell. UK 42 - EKU 10

Morris Fenderbaum: UK 44 - EKU 9

Mickey Goldmill: What does Mickey know about EKU? Not much. The University is in Richmond, Ky and they play in the OVC along with Jacksonville State among others. Seriously, who cares? Snot Bubbles? Check...UK 38 – EKU 7

Tennessee Tech @ Georgia (no line)

Walt Flanagan: If Georgia finishes 6-6 or worse then there will be changes in Athens. They aren't that crazy to get rid of Richt, are they? UGay 49 - TT 6

Morris Fenderbaum: UGay 52 - Tennessee Tech 10

Mickey Goldmill: Snot bubbles. I’m not going to waste my time or yours. Jawga wins by lots...UGAy 42 – Tenn Tech 10

Northern Arizona @ Ole Miss (no line)

Walt Flanagan: Nutt and Ole Miss just can't handle prosperity. They are in danger of not going to a bowl game since they have 2 games versus 1AA opponents...Ole Miss 49 - UNA 10

Morris Fenderbaum: Ole Miss 40 - Northern Arizona 6

Mickey Goldmill: Seriously, this must be the week of stupid out of conference match-ups in the SEC. Snot Bubbles, what else? Rebels 42 – Northern Arizona 6

Last Week:

Walt (4-2 straight up, 3-3 versus the spread)
Morris (5-1, 4-2)
Mickey (3-3, 2-4)


Walt (50-16, 28-32)
Morris (50-16, 31-29)
Mickey (54-12, 27-33)

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