20 Years Later

A good piece in the AJC by Tony Barnhart about the first time the turds came to the plains.


That day, December 2, 1989, Mickey was only 11 years old, but was lucky enough to be in Jordan-Hare. Mickey recalls his dad letting Mickey and Mickey's little brother skip school on Friday before the game so we could head down to the plains in the RV on Thursday night- to make sure we got "our" tailgating spot. And we were not the only ones, but it was the first time, to Mickey's knowledge, that had ever happened before. What an experience it was. Mickey recalls a pep rally Friday afternoon, a concert at the baseball field Friday night. Mickey was only eleven, and all jacked up on Mountain Dew ($1 to the red headed kid from Talledega Nights) but Mickey was throwin' down. Gameday- the Tiger Walk, indescribable. The blue haze in the air from the paper shakers- man, there was something different about that day.

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