Move Along, Nothing To See Here


2004 and 2006 anyone? said...

But never mind the fact that you refuse to say anything about Smelley's similar catch, which was ruled "incomplete" on Alabama's opening drive (despite he appeared in bounds), but the play wasn't reviewed because "the replay booth was down".

Or the LSU defender hitting the ball at the 4 yard line, yet it was oddly placed an inch away from the goal, ultimately resulting in a safety.

And speaking of the safety, the intended target was Mark Ingram who was in the path of the ball. How was that intentional grounding?

Or the fact that they only managed 14 total yards in the 4th quarter.

Anyway, you rednecks should know about screwing LSU. You cheated to defeat them in 2004 by 1 point at home. Then again, you cheated to beat them in 2006.

Not to mention, you wouldn't happen to remember that bogus "late-hit" call on Alabama in 2007 after Cox-sucker threw an incomplete pass on 4th down, which gave them a new set of downs, and PERFECT field position which gave them the go-ahead touchdown.

Worrying about Daddy was the reason you guys lost to Arkansas, then to Kentucky, and then to LSU. Now that you're doing it again, I can see UGA spanking your asses for the 4th year in a row, followed by Daddy himself!

Sucks to be Aubarn (AL) right now!

Acid Reign said...

.....I think you may have found your "Bammer of the Week!"

albumpas said...

Gotta love the Bammer philosophy....focusing on the past. You whine about crap that happened years ago, yet the University of Alabama Tuscalooser is superior to every other school because of the 12 bogus national championships.(Understandably, they're not ALL bogus) Quit whining about a game that you won and focus on the mighty Chattanooga.