WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 11

Auburn (+4) @ Georgia

Walt Flanagan: Big time game as always no matter the records. Auburn's defense hasn't been great this year but it's getting better and getting pressure on QBs. UGay's offensive line has been struggling and their D is playing worse than Auburn's. I feel a lot of Tatemoney being rained all over Athens tonight. But A.J. Greene is dangerous and the only WR in the league who can take over a game. If he does, expect to see some of this...

Greene might get in the endzone once or twice but it won't be enough. This pic feels more like it...Auburn 34 - Ugay 27

Morris Fenderbaum: Auburn 34 - UGay 28 CANNONBAAAAALLLLL!!!!!

Mickey Goldmill: Great games across the conference this week. Your Auburn Tigers have rebounded and are on a roll heading into Amen Corner. This one goes as Chris Todd goes. Mickey knows two things concerning this game: Gus Malzahn > Willie Martinez and Ted Roof > Mike Bobo. Auburn should be able to out scheme UGay. Will Auburn’s lack of depth be an issue? Will the Canadian Scotsman return and give AU’s offense the added dimension it so desperately needs? Mickey is optimistic. Clear your New Year's Day calendar, ladies, cause we goin’ bowlin’!!!! Auburn 38 – UGay 27

Kentucky (-3) @ Vanderbilt

Walt Flanagan: SEC Game of the Week? UK gets it done and will go bowling...Kentucky 24 - Vandy 17

Morris Fenderbaum: Kentucky 20 - Vandy 13

Mickey Goldmill: ZZZzzz ZZZzzzzZZZZZ...Cats over Dores 27 – 18

Tennessee (+3) at Ole Miss

Walt Flanagan: UT's turned it around and Colonel Reb is crying. Ole Miss' is in danger of not even making a bowl in a season they were hyped incessantly. I didn't know you could ride dirty in a Prius wielding a pellet gun but I guess nothing is impossible (or so Nu'Keese's shirt said). Even without the 3 freshman playing, this one will be a "shootout"...Tennessee 28 - Ole Miss 24

Morris Fenderbaum: Tennessee 27 - Ole Miss 20

Mickey Goldmill: Chaos in Knoxville this week plays to the favor of the Rebs. Which version of Jonathon Crompton shows up? Rebs in a good one 30 – 28

Florida (-15) @ South Carolina

Walt Flanagan: South Carolina has won 5 SEC games in a row at home. SOS takes over the play-calling duties from the junior ball coach tonight. Won't make a difference. Florida is on cruise control...UF 31 - South Carolina 14

Morris Fenderbaum: Florida 33 - USC 13

Mickey Goldmill: If this one is close in the fourth, count on the SEC officials to make sure the Gaytors cover...UF 38 – Cocks 17

SPUAT (-13) @ Mississippi State

Walt Flanagan: SPUAT's getting all the breaks. They don't look impressive but just keep winning, it feels a little like 1992. I don't know how they do it but Mickey has an idea. SPUAT 28 - MSU 14

Morris Fenderbaum: SPUAT 28 - MSU 13

Mickey Goldmill: See previous game’s pick. Lather, rinse, repeat...Turds 38 – MSU 17

Louisiana Tech (+24.5) @ LSU

Walt Flanagan: Shake it off, corndogs. Only in the SEC can a zebra kill a tiger...LSU 49 - La. Tech 17

Morris Fenderbaum: LSU 41 - La. Tech 13

Mickey Goldmill: Seriously, working in Louisiana with these coon ass Cajuns is hilarious...LSU 42 – La. Tech 14

Troy (+14.5) @ Arkansas

Walt Flanagan: Arkansas looking to go bowling, they'll get it done...Arkansas 45 - Troy 21

Morris Fenderbaum: Arkansas 42 - Troy 10

Mickey Goldmill: Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere….or something like that. Troy continues to line up quality opponents. Kudos for trying...Hogs 35 – Trojans 17

Last Week:

Walt (8-0 straight up, 2-1-1 versus the spread)
Morris (7-1, 0-3-1)
Mickey (7-1, 2-1-1)


Walt (58-16, 30-33-1)
Morris (57-17, 31-32-1)
Mickey (61-13, 29-34-1)

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Anonymous said...

As I stated last week, focusing on Alabama lost you the Arky and Kentucky games... again, focusing on Alabama lost you the UGA game.

I understand it's easier said than done, and being an Aubarn (AL) fan is depressing, but it's your problem not ours.

However, look on the bright side this week, at least you can focus on Alabama and not have to worry about losing Saturday's game!

Envy is a sin, Barnies. Just remember that. ;-)

Got Saban? That hurts even more, doesn't it?