WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 8

Auburn (+8) @ LSU

Walt Flanagan: Didn't take long for the 5-0 rose to fall off the bloom, did it? I never expected Auburn to win 10 games this year so I'm not disappointed or anything. Just working the plan. Still, that Kentucky loss was tough. 6-6 is a real possibility...LSU 24 - Auburn 17

Morris Fenderbaum: Auburn 31 - LSU 28 CANNONBAAAALLLLL!!!!!

Mickey Goldmill: Mickey gets sick to his stomach when he thinks of Auburn’s last two trips to Tiger Stadium.

On their way to winning the MNC in 07:

This ESPN College Gameday story about the ’05 game:

Plain and simple: The key to this game is Chris Todd. If Todd comes out and struggles in the first few series, do not be surprised if Auburn makes a change early. Yeah, Mickey is aware this is a bold prediction. There is no doubt Auburn will be fired up for this game, but it’s Auburn’s firepower that is in question. This one scares Mickey. Coon Asses 21 – AU 20

Vanderbilt (+13) at South Carolina

Walt Flanagan: Vandy's back...South Carolina 28 - Vandy 10

Morris Fenderbaum: USC 24 - Vandy 9

Mickey Goldmill: The Dore’s (2-5, 0-4) travel to Columbia to take on the Cocks (5-2, 2-2). Mickey doesn’t see any way Vandy gets this one done, and they will likely finish the season on at 2-10 on an eight game losing streak. Vandy still has Ga. Tech, Florida, Kentucky and Tennessee remaining after this weekend’s tilt at Williams Bryce Stadium. South Carolina may be the second best team in the Eastern Division after the Gaytors. This one has a chance to get out of hand. 35 – 10 Cocks.

Tennessee (+16.5) at SPUAT

Walt Flanagan: What a bunch of toolbags SPUAT is for not letting UTK wear orange jerseys. That would have been kinda cool. Reason #1,789 why SPUAT sucks and they have about as much fun as a foot soldier marching through red square...SPUAT 28 - UTK 10

Morris Fenderbaum: Tennessee 27 - SPUAT 26 CANNONBAAAAALLLLL RUN 2!!!!!

Mickey Goldmill: Mark Ingram, blah blah blah, Heisman candidate, blah blah blah. Whatever. Not gonna happen. Turds don’t win Heismans. They have however become quite efficient at winning football games as of late with their brutal running game and turd curtain defense. Ole Monte will definitely have his work cut out for him trying to stop SPUAT’s offensive attack as they have proven unstoppable so far in the ’09 campaign. Mickey can’t see UT being successful in turd town, especially if Kiffen is bold retarded enough to take 15 yard penalties to start both halves. Turds win again 28 – 14

Arkansas (+5.5) at Ole Miss

Walt Flanagan: Stock up - Arkansas. Stock down - Ole Miss. The South won't rise on Saturday (or ever again I guess)...Arkansas 28 - Ole Miss 24

Morris Fenderbaum: Arkansas 30 - Ole Miss 20

Mickey Goldmill: The hogs are getting 5.5 at Ole Miss? What is Mickey missing? The Rebs (4-2, 1-2) have ZERO quality wins this season with victories over Memphis, SE Louisiana, Vandy, and UAB. This one may be a high scoring shootout, but Mickey thinks despite being robbed in Gainesville last weekend, potty mouth Bobby has the Hawg Express on a roll. Pork 33 – Rebels 28

Florida (-22) at Mississippi State

Walt Flanagan: Florida is missing 3 starters on defense and have turned into a smashmouth football team. MSU is playing hard and pretty well this year and no coach knows Urban's system better than Mullen. Couple that with the fact that Starkville is a house of horrors for Florida (and pretty much anyone else who sets foot within the city limits of that decrepit "college town") AND I doubt Urban wants to destroy Mullen's team anyway...Florida 35 - MSU 17

Morris Fenderbaum: Florida 42 - MSU 17

Mickey Goldmill: In case you were not aware, the Gaytors have lost a regular season game to an SEC West team for the last ten consecutive years. Now that’s what Mickey calls a frigin’ streak! Considering UF was able to beat Arky last week its up to State to do the West proud and keep the streak alive. And why shouldn’t they? First year coach Dan Mullen will look across Scott Field and see both his pupil and mentor in Tebow and Meyer. The last time the Gaytors were victorious in Starkghanistan was ’85! Mind games anyone? State had it first and goal from inside LSU’s 5 yard line and failed to get it in. They played nationally ranked Houston and Georgia Tech in relatively close ball games. Will this be Mullen’s signature win? More Cow Bell!! More Cow Bell!! More Cow Bell!!!!!!! Gaytors 33 – MSU 13

La.Monroe (+15.5) at Kentucky

Walt Flanagan: I have witnessed Auburn lose to Vanderbilt and Kentucky in the last 12 months. Two teams AU had never previously lost to in my lifetime plus a few decades. Ugh. UK 35 - LAMO 14

Morris Fenderbaum: UK 38 - LAMO 10

Mickey Goldmill: Uhhggg. Kentucky. Mickey hates losing to Kentucky. In Basketball. Losing in Football is inexcusable. What are we to do?!?!?!?!?!?!? Cats 35 – ULM 14

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