Bammers, Read This!


You need to cheer for the school you attended. But in most of your cases, the highest level you've achieved is high school so you should be B.B. Comer or Hokes Bluff or Opp fans, not fans of a university whose shadow has never darkened your pathway.


Anonymous said...

I'm a bama fan- and a grad of U of Virginia- I knew about 6 or 7 guys from Alabama, and we all would skip UVA games and go to a bar to watch Alabama if the games were at the same time. And if Alabama ever played UVA (gold help them) i would pull for Alabama- it wouldn't even be close. Its just not due to the fact that I went to a sucky ACC footbal school either, I knew several guys who went to Georgia and Ole Miss who are the same way- they pull for their school except when they play Alabama, and now several years after graduation they all have Bama season tickets. Very few programs could engender this type of loyalty- and Auburn isn't one of them.

Anonymous said...

"gold help them.". Lol, yep, you're a bammer.

Anonymous said...

Is that your only method of coping with the fact that Aubarn (AL)'s fanbase is 1/4 of what Daddy Alabama's is?

Don't envy teams like Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Florida, and Tennessee just because you don't have even hardly a quarter of the fan support they do.

And talk about cheering for your school, you second-rate envious redheaded stepchildren seem to cheer more against Daddy Alabama than you do your very own.

Nice attempt at taking stabs at people for supporting a team that represents a school they didn't attend, just because nobody cares to support your little backwoods, country bumpkin program -- other than the white trash morons who had to endure four years of it and even they seem to hate AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT TEAM more so than they love Aubarn (AL). Could that be because The University rejected them, which forced them to spend four miserable years in Lee County at an irrelevant school that hardly anyone outside of Alabama has even heard of, enduring a lackluster nightlife, trailer park block parties, KKK fraternity parties, rodeos, and being overshadowed by their fatherly institute across the state?

+1 on another failed attempt by the inferior AUtards. I couldn't imagine how miserable you degenerates are. I guess if I had to go through that type of experience, I'd envy another school/team to the point of self destruction as well.

I'd normally leave you with a Got Saban? But this time I think I'll leave you with a Got Fan Support?

Anonymous said...

Got AUBsession? You're a very bitter, angry individul aren't you? Nothing like "Anonymous" posts from bammer fans on an Auburn blog to make one realize how gutless the mullets really are.

Anonymous said...

What really angers me about the bammers is they criticize me for graduating from Auburn while they never went anywhere. That shows their ignorance and lack of real class. I never miss an opportunity to ask them where they went and of course their answer is: "I didn't think so because anyone who did would have more sense than to say something like that to a real college graduate. That gets them!

Anonymous said...

The inferiority complex must be breaking the sound barriers down in the armpit of the south aka Lee County, correct?

And for you Wire Road trailer trash who's talking about Alabama fans are obsessed simply because we're coming to your boards and DEFENDING ALABAMA, stop writing (which is what the envy and jealousy leads to) about us and you won't hear a peep from us! You're team is 5-0 and ranked for the first time in nearly a year, yet you're still talking about Bammer. As I said, inferiority complex has hit an all-time high down at the barn.

GIVE LEE COUNTY TO GEORGIA! Let them be the gnats in the UGA fans' asses instead of ours.

Anonymous said...

Hey moron, if you didn't come to the Auburn blogs in the first place, you'd never know if things were being said about you turds or not. Just admit it, you can't help yourself...you check this blog everyday. Your life consists of checking what Auburn fans are saying about their biggest rival. Me, I couldn't care less what was said on uat blogs about Auburn, but then again I'm not you. Thank God. Keep the hits coming, I'm sure bloggers appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I count at least 4 blog posts on the front page making fun of UT, but yet no moronic posts from UT fans. You know why? Because they aren't obsessed with Auburn.

Anonymous said...

I guess I am obsessed then... but if you'd travel over to volnation, tigerdroppings, red cup rebellion, ITAT, and dawgsports you'll find I post a lot on those sites as well. I guess you can say I'm obsessed with every other team too! The only difference is none of them seem to target Alabama, the way our stepsisters do (and LSU is a close second).

It's funny the only thing LSU fans and Awbun fans have in common is they both enjoy talking more about Alabama and Nick Saban more than anything else!

And don't try to twist the facts around by saying there have been four UT posts this week. I can search through all the archives and I'll bet the farm you guys work on the Bammer-Awbun post ratio is probably 2-4.

I'll be back this afternoon, or tomorrow as soon as the next Bammer obsessed blog owner posts another Bammer topic, while the other sites (excluding ITAT -- where half the main page consists of legendary topics such as "$atan cheats, bammer is overrated, check out this douche-bag bammer pic, my wife the bammer told me today, mal moore is under investigation for child pornography, i saw julio driving a new challenger today, etc etc" and tigerdroppings) focus on their very own teams!

Anonymous said...

and again...the bammer misses the point totally. i don't go to those sites, BECASUE I DON'T CARE ABOUT THEM. i don't care what, if anything, they have to say about Auburn. if i want to know something about any other SEC team, i sure as hell wouldn't go to a FAN BLOG to find it. my world doesn't revolve around trying to defend my team from insults thrown out by fans of other teams, ON THEIR OWN SITES. i'm not that insecure.

and really? awbun? stepsisters? "bet the farm you guys work on"? i really expect more from such a blog pro like you.

ps. its a good thing the bammer blogs only focus on bammer.... http://www.churchofsaban.com/page/2 (thanks aunation)