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Updated: October 21, 2009, 1:47 PM ET
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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- Alabama coach Nick Saban said his kickers will not use tape to spot field goals and extra points.

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After reviewing video of the Gamecocks' 20-6 loss to Alabama last week, South Carolina Steve Spurrier pointed out Leigh Tiffin's use of the white tape to spot his kicks and reported it to the Southeastern Conference. Tiffin quickly put the tape in his pocket after kicking, Spurrier said.

Saban said he didn't know Tiffin was using the tape and said it isn't worth risking a 5-yard penalty. However, Saban said Tide coaches have found that more than half of the SEC's teams put something such as a piece of grass or mud on the field so the kicker knows where the ball will be spotted.

SEC officials received a formal complaint from South Carolina officials Tuesday and are looking into the matter, league spokesman Charles Bloom said.

Tiffin hit both extra points and field goals of 25 and 35 yards in Alabama's win Saturday. He also missed a 49-yarder. The senior is 9-of-11 on field goals and 21-of-23 on PATs this season.

Spurrier said he has no idea if what he thinks happened is legal.

"I've never seen that before," Spurrier said. "But I'm sure they've probably been doing it all year."

The NCAA football rulebook (Rule 6-3; Article 10; subsection d) says:

"Any device or material used to mark the spot of a scrimmage place kick or elevate the ball makes the kick illegal."

The penalty is "illegal kick" and is five yards from the previous spot.

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AUbarnie said...

From: http://www.aubarnie.com/2009/10/proof-alabammer-cheats-proof-proof.html

Well folks, not only does Alabammer cheat, but they're a bunch of cheating, lying, thieves as well! I think we know who the Lee County Duct Tape Bandit is... IT'S LEIGH TIFFIN!

A local here in the AU trailer park told reporters several weeks back that she saw Leigh Tiffin running around the trailer park... and it looks like she was right! "I saw Leigh Tiffin running around like a chicken with his head cut off. He impregnated me. We have a child. Our child is Beonce" Gale Jimboson from Wire Road Lot East told reporters two weeks ago. What was he doing running around OUR TRAILER PARKS? Answer: stealing duct tape and impregnating our beautiful women! What's he using the duct tape for? Spotting the mark of the ball WHICH IS CHEATING! CHEATING! CHEATING! I TOLD YALL THEY WERE CHEATERS AND THIS IS THE PROOF!!!

Sources I(ncomprehensible)-Man and Bobby from Homewood, Alabammer are reporting that Alabama is now facing lawsuits from Aubarn (AL) and is also facing yet another death penalty for this and the walls are closing in as they are expected to receive the death penalty sometime this week, before the Alabammer/Tennursee game. It's too bad they won't get to see us shit-can them this year!


Mickey Goldmill said...

68 minutes till AUbarnie's response. Dude, you are so easy.

Anonymous said...

It's tape. You guys are douches.