WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 6

Auburn (-3) @ Arkansas

Walt Flanagan: WRAS is getting the Tiger Prowl limo washed and waxed and ready to go for this weekend. I plan on eating pork at every meal and am going for the record for most ribs eaten in one weekend. I'll need every ounce to make sure Mickey can get his ass on the road from Little Rock Saturday morning. Ryan Mallett is the best QB Auburn has seen to this date. But Arkansas hasn't quite seen an offense like Auburn's either. Auburn's offense as a whole is greater than Arkansas. Lee Ziemba, Adam Herring, Kodi Burns and Gus Malzahn have a happy homecoming...Auburn 45 - Arkansas 28

Morris Fenderbaum: Auburn 46 - Arkansas 30

Mickey Goldmill: Go ahead and bring Mickey a pitcher of that orange kool-aid, cause it’s a tastin real good. What this team continues to do is awesome, and has been a blast to watch so far. Mickey cannot ever remember the Tigers playing at 11:00 am before, as they will this Saturday. This should play to the advantage of Auburn as they travel for the second consecutive week to take on potty mouth Bobby and his pork chops. Ryan Mallet will be the best signal caller the Auburn D has faced so far in the ’09 campaign, and Mickey expects Arky to put up some points. The Ar-Kansas D however, well sucks, to be blunt, and will not be able to contain what Dr. Gus has in-store for his homecoming to the Ozarks. AU 42 – Arky 30

Vanderbilt (-11) @ Army

Walt Flanagan: Vandy is flushing a good opportunity down the crapper. They absolutely have to win this game if they want to go bowling for the second year in a row...Vandy 24 - Army 12

Morris Fenderbaum: Vandy 24 - Army 14

Mickey Goldmill: The Black Nights (2-3) are coming off a loss to bottom dweller Tulane which before last weeks game had lost 10 consecutive games to teams of the division formerly know as D-1. Commodores over Black Nights 28 – 16. And in case you missed last year’s Army-Navy game check out the unis Army was sportin…

Georgia (pickem) @ Tennessee

Walt Flanagan: Tennessee's getting a lot of love from Vegas, favored by 1.5 against Auburn last weekend and now a pickem versus Georgia. Will Georgia be able to rebound after last weekend's loss to LSU? Expect to see some more of this guy...UGay 24 - UT 21

Morris Fenderbaum: UT 24 - UGay 17

Mickey Goldmill: This ones gonna be interesting. In Knoxville, players are getting the boot, while in Athens people are cussin Willie Martinez almost as much as we were cussin Tony Franklin last year. The Dawgs D is pretty bad and their offense hasn’t lived up to the hype. And there aint gonna be a base coat in Neyland. This game is gonna be about which team screws up the least. Something tells me Lame Kiffen gets his first league W. UT Wild Boyz 30 – UGAy 28

Kentucky (+11.5) @ South Carolina

Walt Flanagan: South Carolina owns Kentucky and the Wildcats are getting short on players...USC 24 - UK 10

Morris Fenderbaum: USC 38 - Kentucky 10

Mickey Goldmill: Kentucky was hanging with the turds last week through the first 28 minutes then the floodgates opened. Closer than the experts think here. Cocky 24 – Wildcats 20.

Houston (-3) @ Mississippi State

Walt Flanagan: It was just last Saturday that I was saying that Houston and not Boise State deserved the non-BCS love. What happened? Mike Price made it rain all over the Cougars. SEC! SEC! MSU 34 - Houston 31

Morris Fenderbaum: MSU 31 - Houston 28 CANNONBAAAAALLLLL!!!!!

Mickey Goldmill: So Houston started getting some pub from the national pundits and then they go out and lose to UTEP. Chant it with Mickey “OVER-RATED!!!” It’s never good with C-USA is favored over the SEC. Here’s hoping Mullen and company bring their A-game. MSU 33 – UH 32

SPUAT (-6.5) @ Ole Miss

Walt Flanagan: About the time this game kicks off, I should be mixing another bourbon drink and working on rib rack #3 (the first comes at the Rendezvous in Memphis Friday for lunch). This is the game Ole Miss has had circled on their calendar since the spring and their first 4 games sure looked like this was all they cared about. Doesn't matter...SPUAT 31 - Ole Miss 20

Morris Fenderbaum: SPUAT 33 - Ole Miss 24

Mickey Goldmill: In a game that was billed all summer to be the game which would decide the SEC West, there has been very little hype in bammerham this week surrounding this game. That would be the byproduct of Ole Miss laying an egg and losing to South Carolina in week 3. Now The Auburn Tigers are 5-0 and the landscape of the west has changed as many are pointing to the game on the plains on black Friday as the one which will decide who gets to take on the Gaytors in Atlanta. Anyways, back to the grove, this is the kind of game Houston Nutt is known for winning, and it wouldn’t surprise Mickey if they make it real close. The turds however are to strong and will likely win going away. SPUAT 38 – Rebels 24

Florida (-9) @ LSU

Walt Flanagan: Will Tebow play? Should he play? How good can he be at night in Red Stick with his head still ringing? If he doesn't play, can John Brantley handle this atmosphere in his first ever collegiate start? I'm starting to question how good LSU is. I know they're talented but if they don't put it together as a team, it doesn't matter how many draft picks are on their roster. I believe the Gators are the better team but this line is way too big for me think they can cover...Florida 24 - LSU 20

Morris Fenderbaum: Florida 34 - LSU 20

Mickey Goldmill: The game of the week in college football, and everyone is wondering if Tebow will play. Mickey doesn’t see it happening, but it won’t matter. The hat’s luck will run out this week. UF 35 – Corndogs 31.

Anyone know the over-under on the number of alligators will be roasted on a spit Saturday in red stick?

Last Week:

Walt (5-2 straight up, 4-2 versus the spread)
Morris (4-3, 3-3)
Mickey (6-1, 4-2)


Walt (34-8, 21-15)
Morris (38-4, 21-15)
Mickey (38-4, 18-18)

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