WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 9

Ole Miss (-3.5) @ Auburn

Walt Flanagan: As is usually the case with Auburn, underachieving team comes into the game looking like it has finally put it together. No different with Ole Miss and McCluster/Snead. I think Auburn plays better than it has in the last three weeks but this is not a good matchup right now...Ole Miss 28 - Auburn 20

Morris Fenderbaum: Auburn 31 - Ole Miss 27 CANNONBAAAAALLLLL!!!!!

Mickey Goldmill: Here we go again. Mickey, like most AU fans, has lost confidence in our team's ability to score points and rightfully so. WRAS’ sources tell us that Todd’s arm is fatigued and that Caudle has taken the majority of the snaps in practice the last two weeks, yet Chizik has publicly stated that “Todd will start and they feel he give them the best chance to win”. I am aware that Caudle has shown the penchant to throw picks but Mickey will pose the question again: Is a 65% Todd with no confidence still better the Caudle? Mickey hopes we don’t have to find out and that Todd will come out slinging the ball around. For Auburn to win he will definitely have to perform. Auburn must eliminate the turnovers and special teams must improve. Ole Miss has a nasty defensive front and should prove a real challenge to Auburn. Reluctantly, Rebels 31 – AU 17.

Georgia Tech (-14) @ Vanderbilt

Walt Flanagan: Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerds!!!!! Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!! More neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerds!!!!! GT is quietly putting together a BCS run. With Vandy, Wake Forest, Duke and then a home game versus Georgia; Tech could easily be 11-1 going into the ACCCG. Watch out...GT 35 - Vandy 10

Morris Fenderbaum: Georgia Tech 38 - Vandy 13

Mickey Goldmill: GT gets it done “Reck Style” 31 – 16

Eastern Michigan (+36.5) @ Arkansas

Walt Flanagan: 1 more win towards the SEC having 10 bowl eligible teams...Arkansas 45 - EMU 10

Morris Fenderbaum: Arkansas 50 - Eastern Michigan 10

Mickey Goldmill: Snot Bubbles. Seriously does anyone care or know anything about Eastern Michigan? Arky 42 – EM 3

Georgia (+16) @ Florida (in Jacksonville)

Walt Flanagan: Is this the quietest Cocktail Party in recent memory? I think so. Chinks are in Florida's armor but this is a statement game and I think they make a statement of sorts but it'll still look like a slapfight to SEC fans...Gaytors 30 - UGay 17

Morris Fenderbaum: Florida 33 - Georgia 16

Mickey Goldmill: UGay struggled against UT’s defense and as good as they may be, the Gaytors D is still much better. Tebow seems to be on a roll, and has the Gaytors on a mission. Things aren’t looking any better for Richt at this point. The Dawg fans will have to revert to making jort references. Over under on jean short references in Jacksonville Saturday is 11,732. Gaytors 33 – UGay 14

Mississippi State (+3.5) @ Kentucky

Walt Flanagan: MSU wuz robbed! Kentucky is riding high two weeks after the Auburn game and needs this game to help their bowl eligibility. They'll get it...UK 24 - MSU 17

Morris Fenderbaum: MSU 24 - UK 20

Mickey Goldmill: Usually this game does not garner any real attention across the conference but this game intrigues Mickey. Look for MSU to give UK a heavy dose of Anthony Dixon who has 749 yards on the season and is averaging 5 yards per carry. MSU will likely create opportunities for UK as they have 10 fumbles lost on the season. Kentucky seems to be just good enough to win ball games this year and Mickey expects them to be victorious in this battle of cats and dogs...UK 28 – MSU 24

South Carolina (+4.5) @ Tennessee

Walt Flanagan: UT wuz robbed part deux! UT is getting better and better while South Carolina looks like they are ready for their patented late season swoon. It begins Saturday...UT 24 - USC 16

Morris Fenderbaum: USC 19 - UT 18

Mickey Goldmill: Unless UGay is able to pull the miraculous upset tomorrow, the Gamecocks have the opportunity to establish themselves as the second best team in the SEC East. It will be a difficult feat as the Cocks travel to Neyland. Something tells Mickey that Stephen Orr Spurrier would love nothing more than to teach that little punk Kiffen a thing or two. The key is likely which Jonathon Crompton will show up. Mickey likes SC in the upset...31 – 30

Tulane (+34) @ LSU

Walt Flanagan: Tuneup for the SECWCG next week. Still don't think LSU is that good but they'll continue to seduce on Saturday...LSU 49 - Tulane 7

Morris Fenderbaum: LSU 41 - Tulane 13

Mickey Goldmill: More snot bubbles. Corndoggers 42 – Green Wave 3. A Green Wave is so much cooler than a “Crimpsun” Tide anyways.

Last Week:

Walt (5-1 straight up, 2-4 versus the spread)
Morris (3-3, 2-4)
Mickey (5-1, 3-3)


Walt (46-14, 25-29)
Morris (45-15, 27-27)
Mickey (51-9, 25-29)

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