Bammer of the Week

Got his Quintorris Lopez jersey on. The anticipation was killing me when I first saw this video. When the Bammer jumps the fence, I could just feel that something great was going to happen. And when he starts running towards, I could barely contain my excitement. And I don't know what Brodie Croyle was doing trying to get in that scrum because you just know he got hurt.


Anonymous said...

When Auburn selected Gene Chizik as its new coach one of the reasons cited was that Gene Chizik is an Auburn man. In other words, Chizik fit into the Auburn culture.

But what is the Auburn culture?


What else?

The 5-0 start got a nice jolt from one of Auburn’s prime cheating tactics—the old reliable chop block.

According to 3sib.com, “Last night in the first quarter, Pugh chop-blocked Tennessee senior defensive tackle Wes Brown. If you don’t know who Brown is, don’t worry. You shouldn’t. He’ll never be an NFL player, and he’s only a serviceable college talent. He’s never been much on talent, but the Athens, Ala., native is one of the true Vols leaders. He plays hard on every snap. He selflessly moved from defensive end inside to tackle this year to get all of Tennessee’s best defensive linemen on the field. He is a “yes-sir, no-sir” kind of guy, a good Christian kid and a warrior who has attempted to play every week despite having two gruesomely injured knees that will likely cause him multiple surgeries and a lifetime of pain.

“So, what does Pugh do? While Brown is engaged in battle with a blocker, Pugh dove at his knees, crippling him for nearly a quarter, knocking him out of the game. The official saw the play and flagged Pugh for the dirty block. In the postgame locker room when asked about the block, the classy Brown simply said it was ‘illegal’ and left it there.”

Auburn is quickly becoming known as Chop Block U. Doubt it? Just Google it. You’ll find video, and countless webpages dedicated to Auburn’s chop blocking ways.

While that might be an improvement from Probation U (certainly something earned by Auburn’s consistent inclusion on NCAA probation), it isn’t an improvement to Auburn’s image.

It looks like Gene Chizik is continuing that fine Auburn tradition.

War Eagle! Keep living that Auburn Creed!

Anonymous said...

Isnt bammer on probation now?

Anonymous said...

Little known fact; Auburn created the chop block, the horse collar and the 15 yard facemask. AND is the only school in NCAA history to ever be flagged for the above infractions.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1,

According to the teams Alabama overshadows, Alabama cheats.

I wonder what Aubarn (AL) is doing in order to play catch-up AND snag a recruit away from the biggest cheaters in all of college football?

I also hope all those kids that left Alabama during the offseason, at least had the courtesy to give back their keys to their Aston Martin's, Hummers, and mansions on the Black Warrior River! -end sarcasm.