WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 7

Auburn (-13.5) vs. Kentucky

Walt Flanagan: I'm just now beginning to recover from the Fayetteville trip. That much pork will do that to a man. I'm no less confident in the team than I was a week ago. UK is hurting and are missing two of their most important players in Mike Hartline and Trevard Lindley. Not to mention that they will be starting a true freshman QB at night in PDJHS against a fired up, angry and embarrassed AU team...AU 45 - UK 17.

Morris Fenderbaum:

Mickey Goldmill: Eating all that pork last weekend probably wasn’t the best idea. Mickey’s colon has been paying the price all week for a botched attempt at some good mojo. Auburn was caught with their pants down and Potty Mouth Bobby kicked Ted Roof in the teeth. Except for the young lady sitting on the end seat of section 111 row 8 it was an ugly day at Reynolds Razorback Stadium. But seriously, she was hot. I’m just saying. After two weeks on the road, your Auburn Tigers will return to Pat Dye Field at Jordan-Hare Stadium to play yet another night game. WRAS sources are saying that true freshman Morgan Newton, last years Mr. Football in Indiana has been getting significant reps in practice this week and will start tomorrow night, since Mike Hartline was hurt in last weeks loss at South Carolina. Playing your first game on the road in JHS is a bad idea…………..unless of course you are Matt Leinart. Auburn rebounds. Defense looks light years better than last week. AU 35 – UK 17

Ole Miss (-22) vs. UAB

Walt Flanagan: I may be one of the only people who either read or write on this blog who have seen UAB play. They are much better this year than in years past. Ole Miss' dream season is toast and I don't know how fired up they will be to play the Blazers. This is a classic sandwich game between the Rebels "SuperBowl" from last week and Houston Nutt versus Arkansas next week. UAB won't win but they'll keep it closer than the experts think...Ole Miss 38 - UAB 20

Morris Fenderbaum:

Mickey Goldmill: Going into the season many of the Rebel faithful had high expectations. Mickey wasn’t buying it. Like Mickey has said here before, if the Rebs couldn’t win the SEC West with Manning, what in the tar makes them think they can win it with Snead? Now they are 3-2 with the likes of Arkansas, Auburn, Tennessee and LSU still on there schedule, plus winnable games against UAB, Northern Arizona and Mississippi St. Mickey expects Ole Piss to lose two more, finishing the season at 8-4. Which two will they lose? Stay tuned to find out. Colonel Reb 38 – UAB 14

Georgia (-7.5) @ Vanderbilt

Walt Flanagan: Uh oh. Scarbinsky writes an article comparing Richt to Tuberville and now we find the Dawgs in the middle of a disappointing season on the road against Vandy in a must win. Sound familiar? Didn't work out too well for Tubs. Will it for Richt? UGa 24 - Vandy 10

Morris Fenderbaum:

Mickey Goldmill: Mickey expected there to be a let down in Athens this year. It seems logical considering the Dawgs lost Matt Stafford and Knowshon Moreno as the respective first and twelfth overall picks in the ’09 NFL draft. UGay fans are wishing Moreno had stayed for his senior season as their running game has been pitiful at times. This Vandy team is not as good as the Vandy team of recent years and Georgia is without doubt a more talented squad. Both teams are coming off losses and UGay’s 45-19 defeat to the East Tennessee cat humpers was a serious punch in the mouth. Will Georgia be able to circle the wagons and right the ship? Time will tell. UGay 26 – Dores 21

SRV (-17.5) vs. South Carolina

Walt Flanagan: The Serial Repeat Violators from SPUAT/UNST are at it again, thumbing their fat noses at the hammer. What's new. SPUAT schollies are worth more than everyone else's so they better damn well be undefeated. Stephen Garcia sucks...SRV 35 - USC 17

Morris Fenderbaum:

Mickey Goldmill: Trying to write about the turds is painful. Mickey would like to pick against them. Mickey wants to talk bad about them. Mickey liked it better when they were losing. But its may be time to face reality- their cheating ways have them as a legitimate contender for the MNC. How they got to campus, what they are driving, how they go fishing, and how thick their wallets are is all up for serious inquiry and debate, but little Nick has put a quality product on the field. The Turds have looked dominate to date and will likely continue to win. Mickey can only hope someone will revive Steve Spurrier from the dead and he can create a miracle. Not likely. Turds 33 – Cocks 14

Florida (-25) vs. Arkansas

Walt Flanagan: Florida's D is much better than Auburn's and Mallet, Fred Talley and the rest of the Hawgs won't have as easy a time this week...Florida 38 - Arkansas 10

Morris Fenderbaum:

Mickey Goldmill: Petrino got a big win last week against by slowing down the Auburn attack. Will they be able to repeat this feat as they travel to Gainesville? Not likely, unless Tim Tebow goes into a coma. The Florida D is ridiculous good and Mallet will have trouble in the Swamp. UF 40 – Pork 14

Mississippi State (-4.5) @ Middle Tennessee

Walt Flanagan: The last time Tony Franklin went up against MSU it was a 3-2 barnburner. I watched a little MTSU versus Troy and they had a stat that out of MTSU's first 12 plays, 9 went for zero or negative yards. Sound familiar? Miss. State 31 - MTSU 20

Morris Fenderbaum:

Mickey Goldmill: Okay, why is Mississippi State playing at MTSU? Mickey can only assume this will be the first time any SEC program has traveled to Murphreesboro. Lets hope it’s the last. Seriously, that ain't good for street cred. And don’t go up there and get beat either!! State plays at Memphis next season, at UAB in 2011 and 2013. They play at Troy in 2012 and play at South Alabama in 2014. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot???? At Southern Miss in 2015. Who is doing this to you State fans? Find this person and commence witch hunt immediately. Back to this weekends game- Mickey is picking against “The System.” Tony Franklin blows, but he did put up 3 in the win over state last year. MSU 28 – MTSU 21


Marky Mark said...

Oh sweet Emily. Keep your eyes open for her today.

Free Class Credits? said...

Allow me to contradict you half-brained sociology majors (and did you guys even attend one class before "earning" your degree): if Alabama cheats, then what did Aubarn (AL) do in order to persuade Craig Sanders into committing to them? What about all those freshmen who left during the offseason? Can your sources confirm whether they turned in the keys to their Aston Martins and mansions on the Black Warrior River?

And the case with inside man (whose wife attended Sociology U and kids currently attend) your redneck boosters paid to try and set us up isn't over yet. There's a secret investigation going on and once you guys are hit, imagine how pathetic it will look knowing you guys -- are not only cheating in order to lure kids to your backwoods town -- but also aiming to bring OTHER PROGRAMS down to your level.

Sociology U in Aubarn (AL) where textbooks are a sin, but free class credits are not -- also home of the second ranked all-time cheaters (including Sociology, jetgate, and racism)!

Woody said...

the wheels are coming off the auburn wagon. its sad to say but we didn't deserve to win against UK!

Jizzle on Your Nizzle said...

Free Class Credits?, you need to chill out bro. It's just a joke you dumb shit. There's really no need to write a novel in response to a couple homo's making entertaining predictions on games. Life... get one.

Anonymous said...

Jizzle, I agree. That's the Bammers' main problem, they take every bit of trash talk too seriously, yet think it's okay for them to come on here and do THE EXACT SAME.

It's a rivalry dumbass and the trash talk is what makes it the best rivalry in all of sports. Alabama's a good team this year and it kills me to say it without adding insults such as you guys cheated to get there. Whether you did or not doesn't matter. But when we were stomping y'all's ass every year your fans done the same only you wouldn't give credit where credit was due. I come from a family of bammers and my wife graduated from UAT so I know exactly how you guys work completely.

Bammer Cheats said...

Exactly. Church today with the bammers was as expected. Can't wait for work tomorrow.