Love Stinks

It's hard loving Auburn. Not much to say about Saturday night. Auburn got their arse handed to them. Penalties hurt, and a few were questionable - but it would not have mattered. WRAS's sources, which are pretty damn good, indicated that Caudle took the majority of the snaps in practice last week and Todd threw very few balls. Apparently, all the speculation is true and Todd's arm is tired. Is Caudle really that much worse of an option than a 65% Todd? Two coaching staffs think so. Mickey is aware that this was before two knee surgeries, but Caudle was at one point held in pretty high esteem.

Yeah, that's from the 2005 Elite 11 camp. Josh Freeman, Tim Tebow, Pat Devline, Jevon Snead and Matt Stafford. Mickey has always been a Todd supporter, but if he is not healthy, can trying a different option really be that bad of an idea?

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