WRAS Picks the SEC Championship Game

Florida (-6) vs. Alabama

Walt Flanagan: These are two very evenly matched teams. Both have fast defenses, strong running games that set up the pass and great coaching staffs. The loss of Carlos Dunlap hurts Florida but it's not like Alabama takes a lot of seven-step drops that enables pass rushers to cause havoc in the backfield. Plus, Florida backups aren't exactly walk-ons. Florida will try to put the game in Greg McElroy's hands and Alabama will play better than it did against Auburn but it won't be enough. I keep coming back to one thing...Tim Tebow. He's the best player on the field and that usually makes the difference in games between otherwise even teams...Florida 24 -SPUAT 17

Morris Fenderbaum: Saban steps down after the game and reaches a financial agreement for mental and physical abuse to Julio following a crucial 3rd down incompletion. Kirby Smart takes over as interim head coach mainly so the entire state won't have to scrape "S the Coach" stickers from their windows...Florida 31 - SPUAT 20

Mickey Goldmill: Get your jorts ready, ladies, this one's gonna have snot bubbles a plenty. Tim Tebow > Greg McElroy. Gaytors over Turds...28-24

Last Week:

Walt (4-3 straight up, 3-4 versus the spread)

Morris (2-5, 2-5)

Mickey (2-5, 4-3)


Walt (72-22, 39-43-1)

Morris (68-26, 39-43-1)

Mickey (73-21, 40-42-1)


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I bet it pisses you guys off so bad that Alabama is playing for an NC and Auburn is playing for a blooming onion.

Adam said...

Yep...we're so full of envy and anger that we're commenting on bammer blogs...oh wait...