WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 4

LSU (-2.5) @ Auburn

Walt Flanagan: Auburn 14 - Corndogs 10
Morris Fenderbaum: Auburn 20 - Corndogs 17 (in overtime) - Cannonball of the Week
Mickey Goldmill: The Auburn defense “is gonna eat lightning and crap thunder” in this one!!! Mickey can’t wait! Good Tigers 13 – Drunken Coon Ass Obnoxious Cajuns 7

Mississippi State (+7.5) @ Georgia Tech

Walt Flanagan: GT 14 - MSU 6
Morris Fenderbaum: GT 27 - MSU 13
Mickey Goldmill: Here is an interesting tidbit for you: Grant Field, home to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, is the oldest operating home football facility in D1 (or whatever the official name is now) since its opening in 1913. The second oldest is none other than the gem that is Scott Field, home to Mississippi State. None of that really matters as Georgia Tech is 9th in the country in rushing while 113th in passing. Expect Tech to try to pound it out against State’s stingy D. Mickey likes the ACC over the SEC in this one. Tech 28 – State 16

SPUAT (-9.5) @ Arkansas

Walt Flanagan: SPUAT 27 - Arkansas 14
Morris Fenderbaum: SPUAT 23 - Arkansas 17
Mickey Goldmill: Now that Nutt is gone, balls are flying all over the place, courtesy of Dick. Ehh hmm, hmm. Maybe closer that the experts think. Turds 27 – Hogs 24

Florida (-7.5) @ Tennessee

Walt Flanagan: Florida 31 - Tennessee 17
Morris Fenderbaum: Florida 30 - Tennessee 20
Mickey Goldmill: “Once I had a girl on Rocky Top, Half bear, the other half cat, Wild as a mink, but sweet as soda pop, I still dream about that”. Ponder these words for a moment…What exactly is happening on ole Rocky Top? Tennessee was exposed by UCLA in the Labor Day opener. Mickey thinks Florida is too strong. UF 33 – UT 16

Vandy (+6.5) @ Ole Miss

Walt Flanagan: Ole Miss 24 - Vandy 21
Morris Fenderbaum: Ole Miss 23 - Vandy 17
Mickey Goldmill: This is a real must win for the Rebels as their next five games include at UF, USC, at SPUAT, at Arky, and Auburn. Sucks to be Ole Miss by damn! The Dores are hot right now and Mickey likes the Dores! VU 27 – UM 21

Wofford (no line) @ South Carolina

Walt Flanagan: USC 38 - Wofford 7
Morris Fenderbaum: USC 49 - Wofford 0
Mickey Goldmill: Cocks win 28 – 6

Georgia (-7) @ Arizona State

Walt Flanagan: UGa 31 - ASU 17
Morris Fenderbaum: UGa 27 - ASU 17
Mickey Goldmill: Whoa Nelly, that Matthew Stafford is one good QB, but Mickey expects the Dawgs to pound the ball with Knowshon. Dawgs 24 – Devils 10

Last Week:

Walt (8-0 straight up, 3-5 versus the spread)
Morris (8-0, 3-5)
Mickey (8-0, 1-7)


Walt (23-6, 11-18)
Morris (23-6, 13-16)
Mickey (23-6, 8-21)

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