Fine6aum is the Racist

The stuff Fine6aum was spewing yesterday about Kodi Burns and Chris Todd and whether or not this was causing racial problems on Auburn's football team was ridiculous. He's gone too far in trying to create news. Did he say the same thing when Andrew Zow and Tyler Watts were in a quarterback duel? Not likely. Auburn has had more African-American starting QBs than Alabama and Kodi will get his chance again soon. But even if Kodi never starts another game for AU, he's already one of my all-time favorites for the way he is handling the situation. He's more mature and has a better head on his shoulders than Fine6aum could ever hope to have.

I rarely listen to Fine6aum anymore and I can assure you I never will again after yesterday.

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Acid Reign said...

.....I'm not sure there's anyone worth listening to sportswise, in Birmimgham, anymore. Maybe Stan White, if he still lives here...

.....Scabbinsky was stirring that QB pot in the paper, today, too. Old news, guys!