Vandy looks good. I don't mean "win the SEC East good" but they could make a bowl this year. They have Rice next and Duke later in the season (both in Nashville). Sneak out a couple of wins against Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Kentucky (though they are all on the road) and Papa Johns Dot Com Bowl here we come. Plus the crowd sounded louder than I've ever heard a Vandy crowd, it looked like it was full and they had the vast majority of fans. Plus the students looked fired up. Great night for the 'Dores.

I banned myself from listening to Bammerham radio this week because without even listening I know what they are talking about. Sa6an, Bama's back, Auburn sucks, yada yada yada. But I listened to Dunaway and Brown yesterday after work and it didn't take two seconds before some Bammer called in and asked what were the TV ratings for the SPUAT-Clemson game. Guess they want to claim a TV ratings national championship too. Well, Dunaway had the numbers and the Bammer said I guess having 15,000 empty seats in Jordan-Hare helped. Um, I was at the game and save for probably 100 seats in each corner of one of the upper decks it was full. Of course people leave blowouts early, that happens everywhere, well except when SPUAT plays LAMO because those are always tight ballgames. The game was sold out and it's not like LAMO brings a crowd anyway. Of course, Dunaway didn't correct the guy. Then Dunaway starts talking about how Auburn is just not clicking on all cylinders. I'm sorry, if Auburn is playing their best ballgame in August, I'm going to be worried. You build towards the end and hopefully you're playing your best ball in November. Alabama shot their wad against Clemson and I can't wait to see the demise. The machine in Bammerham is in full effect.

Dr. Lou and these fake, made for TV questions have to go. Tim Tebow, Lloyd Carr, Bobby Bowden and using the same fake question from a viewer in Augusta, GA twice is ridiculous. Before the Vandy-USC game, they had an email question from a viewer asking if he should go to the BCS MNC game if UGa makes it or stay with his wife who is due with their child on that day. Dr. Lou answered the question but I guess ESPN thought it was so good they brought it back at halftime but instead staged it like the viewer called in and left the question on voicemail. Dr. Lou gave the exact same answer. Give me a break.

I'm not sure whether I like the duo of Craig "I helped put SMU on the death penalty" James and Jesse "The Bachelor" Palmer. Palmer said "instincshul" last night, hopefully he meant instinctual or instinctive. Both are obviously enthusiastic and Palmer set the record for "whoo-hoos" by a football color man previously held by Charlie Trotman in the 1993 Auburn-Florida game. I'll hold off on judgment but it's definitely an upgrade over Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreits on Thursday nights. Those two spent the whole time talking about where Gameday was going to be the next Saturday anyway.


A united method said...

Bama's back!!!

Your thoughts, Paul? I'm gonna just hang up and listen...

ty webb said...

RTR!11! Bammer! Why are you Aub fan? Were you dropped on your head too often as a child? Whoooo!

/sarcasm, because you're a dumbass boog/