Once Again I'm Impressed By Kodi Burns

Burns said Sunday that he plans to continue challenging Todd for the top spot. He made those intentions knows during a private mid-afternoon chat with coach Tommy Tuberville.

"Things happen and I've just got to make the most of it," Burns said. "'Chris is a good quarterback. Franklin made the decision that he needed to make and what he thought was best for the team. When my time comes, when my name gets called, hopefully people will get to see what I can really do."

Tuberville said he wasn't surprised by Burns' request for a meeting. Jason Campbell and Daniel Cobb responded similarly during their time-share phase in 2002. Tuberville said he respects players who seek guidance rather than sulk behind closed doors.

"When you're competitive and want to play, it's not complaining. It's 'What do I need to do to get better? Where am I at in your eyes?'" Tuberville said. "It's kind of like being a head coach -- you sometimes get too much credit and too much blame at times. T he good thing about these guys -- Chris and Kodi will help each other. They'll work together."


Kodi will get his chance again and I'm glad he's keeping it in perspective. He's just a sophomore and anything can happen on any given play. Watching Kodi and Todd slap each other's helmets as the other came off the field was encouraging. I think the two of them have a mutual respect for each other and what they are going through. Todd went 20 yards on the field to meet Kodi after his touchdown run.

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