We Need To Get This Dog A Job At Bryant-Denny

(Note: The video has no sound and is still-framed until :40 in. Do not adjust your television sets.)


'Crootmobile Makes ESPN.com




But I thought that Florida girls didn't wear underpants?

'Crootmobile Day 2

Much roomier upgrade from Day 1. The Rock must be along for the ride today.


Auburn's New 'Crootmobile

Trooper Taylor, Jay Boulware, Curtis Luper

Gus Malzahn, Phillip Lolley, Taylor, Boulware, Luper, Tommy Thigpen, Ted Roof

SPUAT has Dodge Chargers, Auburn's coming with this (and the matching orange shirts will seal the deal)! 'Croots bettah watch out!

All images courtesy of Inside the Auburn Tigers


Collegiate Snuggies

So Close...

Auburn's newest scholarship offer, Nigel Terrell (stars up to 5)

Spinal Tap's lead guitarist, Nigel Tufnel (amps up to 11)


Maybe It's A Good Thing AU Didn't Hire The Pirate...

...since he allows this stuff to happen. You think Mickey's mad that someone might be playing soccer in Jordan-Hare Stadium? He would come at these two like a bowling ball of fists and teeth.



"Commie Bastards Possibly To Come To JHS"


Mickey does not tolerate the color red on the hallowed grounds of JHS very well.


But His Baby Back Rib Recipe Is Severely Lacking

Tyrik Rollison is doing more 'crootin than some of Tuberville's staff did the last couple of years...


A-Day Scoring System

The offense can score these ways:

1. 6 points for a touchdown

2. 3 points for a field goal

3. 2 points for three consecutive first downs

4. 2 points for a play of 15 yards or longer

5. 2 points for a two-point conversion after TD

6. 1 point for a PAT

The defense can score these ways:

1. 7 points for a touchdown

2. 5 points for a takeaway (interception or fumble recovery)

3. 4 points for a quarterback sack

4. 3 points for a blocked field goal

5. 2 points for a tackle behind the line of scrimmage

6. 2 points for a three-and-out for the offense

7. 2 points for a safety

8. 1 point for a blocked kick on a PAT attempt


First Big Injury Of The Spring

Defensive back Mike McNeil was taken away in an ambulance after suffering a leg injury. He departed with his right leg in an air cast.




Iron Bowl To Be On Friday The Next Two Years


I'm not sure what I think about this. WRAS needs some more time to digest this turkey.


Tar Heels Celebrate National Championship


This is nothing compared to what would be going around Toomer's Corner when Auburn next wins a football national championship.