I'd Rather Watch Caddyshack 2

College Football News has put out their verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry early 2008 season BCS matchups. These basically seem like a lot of rehashing of who was good at the end of the 2007 season and the usual suspects. They've predicted a MNC game rematch of Florida and Ohio State. Please help us if that happens again. And Ohio State better put on a good showing or they will need to be banned from any and all BCS MNC games for 5 years. No questions asked. CFN does have Auburn as one of the teams as a threat to make the BCS so we've got that going for us, which is nice.



I Used to Love Cinderella in March

Day 1 is Over

And it was a pretty boring day by NCAA tournament round one standards. No big upsets or last second buzzer beaters (yet). Everything is going pretty much to form except for K-State beating USC and no one is shocked by that outcome.

Here are some thoughts as the night progressed...

Evidently Coach Schkryzskewskzzziiii from Duke is sick and has the flu. Maybe it's Belmont's offense?

Bob Wenzel is doing color for the game. Sir, I know Bill Raferty, and you are no Bill Raferty.

Wenzel and Craig Bolerjack expect Belmont to crumble under the pressure of being here. Why? They've been to 3 straight tournaments and these kids made it here for a reason. I'm sure the coach had to drag them all out of the locker as they were all coiled in the fetal position and hiding under their chairs. Or maybe they were ready to play this game and give it their best. I'm going with the latter.

We almost had history with a complete whitewash on the court. If only BYU was playing Belmont.

Man, Duke has the ugliest cheerleaders in the nation. Duke isn't even as consistent with irritating white guys on the basketball team as they are with the ugly cheerleaders.

Vince Gill makes an appearance. At first I thought he was just homering for a Nashville team but he actually went to school at Belmont. Good for him.

Brian Zoubek is in the game. Sir, I know Cherokee Parks, and you are no Cherokee Parks.

Going to commercial as a Belmont cheerleader screamed into the camera, "We are in this game!" Yes you are as we go to the break tied at 58.

That reminds me, I need to go on a cheese run too.

My better is better than your better. It's a close race between the Nike Sparq Trainer and Coke Zero as to which will have the most commercials during the tournament.

Mississippi Valley State is threatening Kent State's record from earlier in the day for first half scoring futility. UCLA's defense is looking strong.

Lorenzo Mata-Real from UCLA is the #1 seed in the scary-looking tournament. He could be a Duke cheerleader.

Wisconsin is getting all they can handle from Cal State Fullerton. UW is the most unathletic team in this tournament. Can Greg Stiemsma even jump?

Nice rec specs on Marcus Landry.

What a dunk by Frank Robinson over Brian Butch. If only Butch could jump he might have stopped it.

Nice shot of some Wisconsin fans. One guy has a white suit, red shirt, white tie and his hair is died red while the other guy has a red suit, white shirt and red tie and his hair is white. I'm impressed.

Good game going on between West Virginia and Arizona.

Arizona seems disinterested. They're ready for Lute to come back.

Belmont's coach just entered the stands to a standing ovation. Good for him. Though he just exchanged the most awkward hug in history with Vince Gill. I thought he was about to lay his head on Vince's shoulder and cry it out.

I remember #11 Joe Alexander from WVU. When they played Auburn in Birmingham earlier in the season he had one of the best dunks I've ever seen in person, and I went to just about every game during the Chris Porter / Bryan Smith era. He head was even with the goal on an alley oop and he practically put his whole arm through the rim.

Glad I picked WVU to win this one, probably should have picked them to beat the Dookies.

I love all the crazy names from some of these players you never hear of during the season. Baylor has a guy named LaceDarius Dunn, Djibril "Penny" Thiam, and another guy named Tweety. And don't forget Haminn Quaintance from Kent State.

WRAS went 14-2 today only missing K-State and Texas A&M. Though none of my Sweet 16 teams have lost yet.




March Madness Is Here!

Some thoughts from today's early games...

Only one game closer than 10 points, Marquette-Kentucky, and that was by 8 even though UK was within 2 with 20 seconds to play.

Georgia played well and played hard but Xavier had too much in the end.

UNLV ran Kent State out of the gym in the first half and maintained that lead in the second.

It doesn't look like we'll have an Ivy League school continue on to the weekend as they can't get anything going against the much bigger Stanford Cardinal.

WRAS is 7-0 picking games so far...


UAB Liver Center to Roast Jason Campbell

The third annual UAB Liver Center Dinner is April 7 at the Wynfrey Hotel. This year, Washington Redskins quarterback and former Auburn University quarterback Jason Campbell will be roasted by former Auburn teammates. A reception begins at 6:30 p.m. in the Wynfrey's Grand Ballroom, with dinner at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $200 per person; tables begin at $2,500. For information, call 205-975-5602. Guest emcees will be former Auburn quarterback Stan White and local ABC 33/40 television personality Pam Huff. Other speakers and guests will include San Francisco 49ers linebacker Dontarrious Thomas, Miami Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown, Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Ben Obomanu, former Auburn offensive coordinator Al Borges, and Danny Lindsey, former Auburn center.

Honorary chair of the event is Birmingham attorney Jim Simpson, who underwent a successful liver transplant at UAB in 2007. There also will be special recognition of Dr. Paul Hubbert, Alabama Education Association executive secretary, with the inaugural Paul Hubbert Legacy of Courage Award, and the Honorable Bettye Fine Collins, Jefferson County Commission president, with the inaugural Bettye Fine Collins Community Advocacy Award, for their advocacy efforts for those living with liver disease. The money raised at the UAB Liver Center Dinner allows physicians and scientists to continue to address the public health challenges - and the devastating effects on patients - of viral hepatitis and other liver diseases, as well as their complications. Over the past two years, volunteers have raised nearly $350,000 for the UAB Liver Center, providing much-needed funding for education, research and new technologies.

The host committee includes Ronada Anderson, Trinita Ashford, Anne Bloomer, Charlie Brown, Christopher Butler, Leigh Butler, Rosie M. Butler, Gene Davenport, Sandra Davenport, George Davis, Tim Dreaden, Steve Duncan, Dawn Stith Evans, Julia Fuller Fallon, Brian Faulkner, Rosalind B. Griffin, Margaret Hubbard, Edward C. Jackson, Jim Kline, Kelli Lasseter, Ralph Lindsey, Laura Markus, Liz McGuire, William F. McNally, Dennis J. Ripple, Janice Rogers, Cathy Rogoff, Andrea A. Smith, Pat Starr, Terri Sutton, Kathy Times, Jennifer Thompson and Nancy B. Wagnon.

Any Bracket Busters This Year? Anyone?

Now that she's got your attention...

DirecTV Mega March Madness? Check.
Excuse ready when you call in sick Thursday morning? Check.
All brackets filled out for the 27 pools you're in? Check.
Fridge stocked with beer? Check.
Wife/girlfriend/kids out of the house? Check.

It's time for the greatest sports weekend of the year and WRAS couldn't be more ready to defend it's bracket championship from last year. And if you're counting, and I am, that makes 4 bracket wins in my career including 3 in the last 4 years.

How do I do it? I can't tell you the secret but I will give you my Final 4 for this year...

UCLA, Texas, Kansas and North Carolina with UCLA beating KU to cut down the nets.

There will be some sleepers but I don't think there will be as many as in past years. This is a very top heavy tournament but you can watch out for Butler, Davidson and potentially Drake to make some noise. Though don't be surprised if any of those 3 are one and done.

WRAS didn't pick UCLA because of our favorite cheerleader above, but it sure didn't hurt.

Here are the rest of the picks...

Round of 32 -UNC, Arkansas, Notre Dame, Wazzu, St. Joe's, Louisville, Butler, Tennessee, Kansas, UNLV, Clemson, Vandy, USC, Wisconsin, Davidson, GTown, Memphis, Miss St., Michigan St., Pitt, Marquette, Stanford, St. Mary's, Texas, UCLA, BYU, Drake, UConn, Purdue, Xavier, W. Virginia, Duke

Sweet 16 - UNC, Notre Dame, Louisville, Tennessee, Kansas, Clemson, Wisconsin, GTown, Memphis, Pitt, Stanford, Texas, UCLA, UConn, Purdue, Duke

Elite 8 - UNC, Tennessee, Kansas, GTown, Memphis, Texas, UCLA, Duke

Feel free to comment and let us know who you think will be in the Final 4 and how it will shake out.


Gus Johnson's Greatest Hits

Here are some of Gus' greatest calls from the NCAA tournament. Gus is the best...

Ramble On

Congratulations to the Auburn Women's Basketball Team making it into the NCAA tournament as an 11 seed where they will play George Washington. GW beat AU earlier in the season 68-66 on a last second three-pointer.

The men's baseball team plays against Troy tonight and WRAS might lose it if AU can't beat this instate team.

Is anyone else sick and tired of Dawson calling every single radio show in Birmingham on a daily basis? This morning on The Cage with Scott Griffin, Dawson said he was sure that because of the Sabear's discipline the players, who are on spring break, would be taking their playbooks with them and reading them on the beach or wherever they are going. According to Dawson the playbooks are the size of a Sear's catalogue. Do people actually still get these things or even order from them? It's 2008, Dawson. And the size of the playbook is supposed to impress us how? Auburn has The Tony Franklin System DVDs on their Macbook Airs which fit into an interoffice envelope. Top that, stuck in 1970s Bammer fan! Now, correct us if we're wrong but wasn't the Sabear a tough disciplinarian when he arrived at SPUAT? So how in the world have all these arrests happened on his watch? If someone can find us a picture of John Parker Wilson or any other football player sitting on Panama City Beach (you just know this is where all Bammers go for spring break) reading his playbook or while in Club La Vela then we'll gladly take back everything written here. But you won't because it ain't happening.

Photograph by Todd Van Emst


Happy St. Patrick's Day...

...from the Mobile, AL Leprechaun. WRAS is two days late but this clip is always must see.

Grrrrrrrrrreat (with just a hint of sarcasm)

Auburn was swept by Florida this past weekend by scores of 7-1, 12-8 and 6-2 to drop their record to 11-8 (0-3). This is their second 4-game losing streak of the season.


Jerome 2.0

Here's a little "Taiwan Special" to get you in the mood for March Madness...

But you'll never forget your first time...

The Tony Franklin System on Neil Caudle

"The biggest thing with Caudle was, he didn't throw it to the other team."
-Tony Franklin, after yesterday's scrimmage

Bammer of the Week

WRAS is getting spring fever...it's time for grilling out, wearing sandals everywhere, Auburn girls walking around campus in short shorts (we miss that here in Birmingham), refilling your prescription of Claritin and of course golf.

Though we're not sure how good this Bammer can possibly be. He's got kind of short, stubby arms and how he can get that club around his gut (that shirt is hanging on for dear life) is beyond us. And if you're gonna wear pleated jorts, at least get them ankle length so we're not subjected to the whitest legs ever. Thanks.


Vanderbilt beats Auburn, 93-82

Shocking news out of Atlanta today as Vanderbilt ends the Auburn men's basketball team's season today in the quarterfinals of the SEC men's basketball tournament.
Where to begin...Vandy shot 67.3% from the field, including 50% from the 3-point line while Auburn shot 47.5% and 42.9% respectively. Auburn shot better than they have in a while but it wasn't enough to beat VU, especially when you play defense like the Tigers did. Ugh, that's where we'll end.
Shan Foster just hit another three for the hell of it.

awfUl bAsketBall

Well, the UAB Blazers just lost in overtime to Tulsa in the quarterfinals of the Conference USA tournament, 78-68, ending all hope of a NCAA tournament bid. WRAS has had the privilege of watching this team in person about 10 times this year and what a disappointment the last two games versus Memphis on the road and today's game were. The team was riding high and one of the hottest teams in the country, even ESPN and their analysts had UAB slotted in the tournament as high as a #10 seed.

As Robert Vaden goes, so go these Blazers. Did teams figure out his game or did he just not play his best? Vaden's a great talent and if he comes back next year this will be a team to be reckoned with as they only lose one senior, Frank Holmes. Hopefully he'll stay and next year's team will come in as a lion instead of the lamb it went out like this year.

Photograph by JAM

The Preseason's Over

The Auburn men's baseball team recently concluded its 8-game homestand against Davidson, VMI and Appalachian State 7-1, only losing to ASU in the last game.

Auburn improved to 11-5 overall heading into their SEC opener tomorrow against the Florida Gators in Gainesville. The Gators are 11-3 on the season with two losses coming against the Miami Hurricanes in Coral Gables and a loss at home to Brown University.

WRAS still isn't sure what kind of team Auburn has this year. Are they the team that has gone 11-1 versus decent competition or the one that went 0-4 against FSU? Are they the team that pounded a hot hot hot Appy State team 17-0 or the team that lost the very next day to ASU 4-2? They're probably somewhere in between and we'll begin to find out tomorrow.


Let's Get Ready To Rumble!!!

There's always a lot of pressure in March to win and even the school mascots are feeling it. IUPUI and Oral Roberts hooked up last night for the right to go to the NCAA tournament and the mascots went at it for bragging rights.

Interview with Coach Tuberville on WJOX

This morning, Coach Tommy Tuberville was on WJOX' The Opening Drive with Al Del Greco and those two other guys. Here are some of the interesting points and comments made by CTT...

-Very excited to finally get Coach Paul Rhoads, CTT has been trying to get him for 10 years. CPR is a great teacher and that they were working on getting back to the basics of fundamentals and techniques, that Auburn had gotten away from that the last couple years.
-Singled out Terrell Zachery and Michael Goggans as having good springs.
-Mike McNeil could be an All-American if he keeps up his progress.
-Jermarcus Ricks broke his hand and is out for the rest of spring.
-Antonio Coleman will be back after spring break.
-Mario Fannin will have surgery by Dr. James Andrews and his shoulder has been popping out of place for a few years. Fannin is going to play RB, FB, WR, QB and Auburn is going to ride him this fall.
-Tray Blackmon will be a key to the defense.
-Craig Stevens has tons of upside.
-Spoke very highly of Brandon Cox and it seemed like he had been around forever and it was weird him not being there.
-Running about twice as many plays as before in practice due to the no-huddle. If they ran 150 plays last year, it's 300 this year.
-There will still be some two-back sets because CTT still believes you need a strong running game to win and you won't see Auburn throwing 50-60 times a game.
-Kodi Burns is really improving and CTT is looking forward to him in the fall. There will be a starter, CTT doesn't know who it is yet, but there will be multiple QBs playing. Could depend on the situation.
-Spoke with Oregon head coach Mike Bellotti about the spread and how you needed more than one QB because of the hits that they take. CTT thought they had the best team in the nation last year until Dennis Dixon was injured.
-Only position that needed help with the change in offense was WR because you need so many but he feels the number they've signed in the last two years will help.
-Mentioned all QBs on the roster and their strengths, including Barrett Trotter and his experience in this offense.
-CTT thought it was amazing to have a two-loss team win the Mythical National Championship and is in favor of a plus-one system for college football.

Photograph by Todd Van Emst


Donate $10 To American Cancer Society And Receive A Copy Of Auburn Baseball Team Photo

The Auburn baseball team and the American Cancer Society have teamed up to raise awareness of and money for the fight against breast cancer and you can help. With a minimum $10 donation to the American Cancer Society, Auburn will send you a copy of the team photo that was taken on January 29, 2008 in support of teammate Joseph Sanders and his mother, Barbara, in her fight against the disease.
Tax-free donations should be made in the form of a check to the American Cancer Society and sent to: Auburn Athletics Department ATTN: Latisha Durroh PO Box 351 Auburn, AL 36830
Along with the 8x10 team photograph, those who donate will also receive a certificate that reads, "On January 29, 2008, the Auburn baseball team shaved their heads and took this photograph to show their support of Joseph Sanders and his family as a member of his family battles breast cancer. Thank you for your support in the fight against breast cancer."
Those who donate $50-or-more will have the option of an 8x10 or 16x20 photo.
For more information, contact Latisha Durroh in the Auburn Athletics Department (334-844-2974) or Amanda Treadwell with the American Cancer Society (334-502-5115 / 1-800-ACS-2345).

Milk Was A Bad Choice

College Football News' SEC Spring Preview is online and here's a gem from Auburn's preview...
"The conference road slate is a relative dream facing Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss and Alabama."
It looks like CFN still gives Auburn a chance this upcoming season. But all we've heard from the Alabammer media is that the balance of power has shifted all because of some 'croots, six in a row doesn't matter, and Tuberville has grown a beard and is stumbling around Auburn drinking milk out of a carton like Ron Burgundy.


2008 SEC Men's Basketball Tourney Bracket

March 13-16 at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia

March 13 (Thursday)
Game 1 - [E5] South Carolina vs. [W4] LSU [RS] 1:00 ET
Game 2 - [W6] Auburn vs. [E3] Vanderbilt [RS] 3:15 ET
Game 3 - [W5] Alabama vs. [E4] Florida [RS] 7:30 ET
Game 4 - [E6] Georgia vs. [W3] Ole Miss [RS] 9:45 ET

March 14 (Friday)
Game 5 - Game 1 Winner vs. [E1] Tennessee [RS] 1:00 ET
Game 6 - Game 2 Winner vs. [W2] Arkansas [RS] 3:15 ET
Game 7 - Game 3 Winner vs. [W1] Mississippi State [RS] 7:30 ET
Game 8 - Game 4 Winner vs. [E2] Kentucky [RS] 9:45 ET

March 15 (Saturday)
Game 9 - Game 5 Winner vs. Game 6 Winner [RS] 1:00 ET
Game 10 - Game 7 Winner vs. Game 8 Winner [RS] 3:15 ET

March 16 (Sunday)
Game 11 - Game 9 Winner vs. Game 10 Winner [CBS] 1:00 ET


What a disappointment for Auburn's team to fall all the way down to the West's 6th seed when it looked like they had a chance to be the 4 seed a couple of weeks ago, which would have allowed them to play the East's 5 seed (South Carolina). Did the team hit a wall due to all the injuries or was the team satisfied after beating Alabama at home? We think the former, the team's shooting has been awful during the 4-game losing streak and when you rely on your perimeter play to win, you won't win if you shoot like that. Now the Tigers have to face NCAA tourneybound Vanderbilt in the first round who will be looking to solidify seeding and getting their team prepared for another late run in March.
WRAS is going with the chalk and the Vols to win the tournament over Mississippi State and solidify a number one seed in the NCAA tournament.

Vote to Decide Alabama's Greatest Sports Legend

AL.com is having it's own bracket to determine Alabama's greatest sports legend. Click on the link and be sure to vote for Auburn (and Sarah Patterson in Round 1).


Will Work For Roof Over Head

According to the Auburn Tiger's official website, the team has cancelled the scrimmage scheduled for tomorrow, March 8th. By our count that makes three practice cancellations this spring due to weather. It is beginning to sound like Coach Tuberville is making a power play for a new indoor practice facility and with the team behind schedule, especially while installing a new offense and defense, this might force administration to get it done. We'll see if it works.


Photograph by Todd Van Emst.

Bammer of the Week


ESPN's Thursday Night Football Schedule


Courtesy of ESPN and Dunaway & Brown, here is ESPN's 2008 Thursday Night Football Schedule...

August 28: N.C. State at South Carolina (ESPN)
August 28: Oregon State at Stanford (ESPN2)
September 4: South Carolina at Vanderbilt
September 11: North Carolina at Rutgers
September 18: West Virginia at Colorado
September 25: USC at Oregon State
October 2: Pittsburgh at USF
October 9: Clemson at Wake Forest
October 16: Florida State at N.C. State
October 23: Auburn at West Virginia
October 30: USF at Cincinnati
November 6: Maryland at Virginia Tech
November 13: Virginia Tech at Miami (Fla.)
November 20: Miami (Fla.) at Georgia Tech
November 27: Texas A&M at Texas (Thanksgiving)
December 4: Louisville at Rutgers

Not a bad schedule, many of the usual Thursday night suspects such as the Big East and ACC. The Pac-10 makes some appearances as does the Big 12 with a good-looking matchup between Texas and Texas A&M on Thanksgiving night.

Clear the calendar:
1) Auburn @ WVU, 2) Texas A&M @ Texas, and 3) VT @ Miami

Just two days until Saturday:
1) Oregon St. @ Stanford, 2) USF @ Cincinnati, 3) UNC @ Rutgers


Auburn Baseball Ends 4-Game Losing Streak

Scott Shuman of Auburn lasted 6 innings in his first career start in Tuesday's 10-2 win over Davidson. The Tigers improved to 5-4 on the year.

"It was good to come out and get a convincing win," Shuman said.
Luke Greinke (pictured at left) hit his 2nd home run of the season and Kevin Patterson hit his 3rd of the season to set the early pace for the team. Mike Bianucci extended his hitting streak to 15 games with a double in the 4th inning. Cory Luckie pitched the final 3 innings to earn his first career save.
In other news, Paul Burnside and Greinke have been placed on the (still named as of today's posting) 2008 Roger Clemens Award Watch List along with 76 other collegiate players. No word yet on if a third ear will grow out of the forehead of whichever player actually wins or if the recipient gets an all-expenses paid trip to Jose Canseco's next steroid party. Hopefully, if an Auburn man wins they'll respectfully decline the invitation.


Here We Go Again?

The Auburn men's baseball team just finished on the wrong end of a sweep at the hands of Florida State. Auburn played tough, losing the first three games by a combined 4 runs before losing 10-1 in the Sunday finale.

They have not made the SEC tournament since 2003 and finished no better than 5th in the SEC West since then. Head coach Tom Slater's SEC record is 32-58. 32 and 58! This includes two straight last place finishes in the West including last year's 8 game losing streak to start the SEC season. This is unacceptable. Auburn, at a minimum, should be making the SEC tournament every year which also guarantees an NCAA tournament bid. This is an incredibly young team without a single senior on the roster so growing pains are to be expected but another year like 2007 shouldn't happen again. The schedule is long and the SEC is always tough but this team should be competitive and make a run at the tournament. WRAS isn't expecting a SEC championship this year but wants to see progress in this team, a last place finish again in the SEC West could and should facilitate a change in the head coaching position on the Plains.


Digger Phelps Gets Down With A KU Cheerleader

March (Haircut) Madness

As bad a weekend as it was for Auburn's baseball and basketball teams, not to mention injuries on the football field, it was a great start to one of the best times of the sports year, college basketball in March. All the great games this weekend had WRAS wishing we could have ordered DirecTV's Mega March Madness right now. All of these games involved tournament teams, bubble teams, buzzer beaters, overtime, everything we love about this time of the year:

-North Carolina overcomes Boston College's Tyrese Rice's 46 points,
-Texas Tech pulls the upset over potential number one seed Texas,
-Duke gets win #800 for Coach K over a tough NC State team,
-Stanford beats Washington State in a Top 25 battle,
-Kansas gets revenge against Michael Beasley and K-State,
-Arkansas keeps their NCAA hopes alive with a win over Vandy,
-Syracuse chokes the game (and their NCAA hopes) away against Pitt,
-Georgetown overcomes a tough Marquette to win on the road in overtime,
-Mississippi State beats defending champ Florida on the road,
-Tennessee rebounds to win over Kentucky,
-Louisville strengthens their seed with a win over Villanova,
-Michigan State blows out the now schizophrenic Indiana Hoosiers, and
-UCLA gets a last second win on the road against Arizona (no bottles thrown).

If the NCAA tournament is as good as this past weekend's games, it'll be a great three weeks, including the first two rounds of the tournament here in Birmingham at the BJCC.

Though it wasn't all good this past weekend, a disturbing trend on the Florida Gator's basketball team has emerged as the white boys on the team were seen sporting this retro eighties haircut. WRAS doesn't know the name of the cut but check out the two shaved stripes on the sides of their head. We've never understood Florida boys and we probably never will.