Bammer of the Week (Part II)

Ian Fitzsimmons of WJOX's The Roundtable had a warrant issued for his arrest because of bad checks written in the nineties. Guess we'll be hearing twice as many Cafe Lazio commercials for a while until this Bammer can pay off his fine.

Bammer(s) of the Week

Thanks, gr82bAnAUTiger. This is a bunch of Bammers, apparently in some kind of concrete bunker, watching a game, cussin', holding babies and smoking at the same time.


ESPN Ranks Top Teams, Players and Moments of BCS Era

So much for the ESPN bias against Auburn as they tab the 2004 Tigers as the best SEC team of the BCS era.


Charles Barkley Video of the Day

Do not try this at home (or on the golf course).


Ivan Maisel Article About Coach Tommy Tuberville

Ivan Maisel will accompany Auburn's Tommy Tuberville, Georgia's Mark Richt, Miami's Randy Shannon, Notre Dame's Charlie Weis and Yale's Jack Siedlecki on the coaches' tour of the Middle East. He will update this trip diary regularly starting on Tuesday and will take a deeper look at the journey beginning May 27.


Photograph by Todd Van Emst


Bammer of the Week

My little brother graduated from SPUAT this past weekend (I am proud of him) and this was an interesting experience to say the least. And know that I represented Auburn well with a navy suit and an orange tie.

Here are some of the highlights...

1) Three Bear Bryant references during the ceremony. Can they go one day without talking about him? He's been dead for over 25 years;
2) Alumni Association president listed last year's A-Day game sellout as one of the accomplishments of this graduating class. I don't even have a smart-assed comment here, they don't need any help;
3) He also mentioned that enrollment at SPUAT is higher than ever. My girlfriend, who works at another university's undergraduate admission's office, said it was because they have lowered their admissions standards. Guess he forgot to mention that during his speech;
4) I heard at least four "Roll Tahds" bleated during the ceremony;
5) The guy stating people's names as they crossed the stage had to stop at least twice because of how rude people were, they were yelling "Skee-wee" or "Roll Tahd" or whatever else as the poor person's name afterwards was drowned out. He started by asking people to please refrain from yelling, though Bammers aren't smart enough to listen. I actually felt bad for some of the poor kids;
6) Amidst all of this, one person stood out, this poor sap who fell asleep during the ceremony. Of course he had on a ratty ol' SPUAT cap, crimson polo and boogie chain. The girl sitting next to him had to nudge him awake when she needed to leave her seat. It took him a while but he finally budged (from dreaming about Sa6an I'm sure). He was asleep for at least thirty minutes.

Top 15 Human Highlight Films according to The Love of Sports



Make Up Your Mind!

This guy kills me. It's one week, Auburn sucks, the next, they're great. He's leaning towards the latter in this article but he still manages to take some veiled shots at Tuberville and Auburn. Some things never change.


USC In Deep Again (If The NCAA Wants Them To Be)

If you didn't see ESPN Outside the Lines this past weekend, it has been alleged that USC basketball player, O.J. Mayo, has been accepting extra benefits for years in exchange for a verbal agreement to sign with BDA Sports Management upon declaring professional. Which Mayo did after foregoing his eligibility after this past basketball season.

Here's an article by Pat Forde about the lack of institutional control at USC along with links to the OTL show, etc.


TNT's Inside the NBA Highlights From the Past Week

Ernie Johnson tricks Chuck into saying he's a dumbass on TV...

Also, last night the TNT crew went barefoot to raise awareness and shoes for this charity that donates new shoes to impoverished youth overseas. Though we could have done without seeing Barkley's toes painted red from his pedicure.



Bammer of the Week



Start Making Plans, Bammers

The NCAA approved today the SEC's affiliation with the Papajohns.com Bowl, creating an SEC-Big East postseason football game next season in Birmingham and ending Conference USA's two-year relationship with the game. The NCAA certified two new bowls: the ESPN-owned St. Petersburg Bowl in St. Petersburg, Fla., and the Congressional Bowl in Washington D.C. Conference USA goes to the St. Petersburg Bowl to play a Big East team. The Papajohns.com Bowl's addition of the SEC was contingent on the St. Petersburg Bowl being approved. The Southeastern Conference will now have nine automatic bowl slots for its 12 teams. The Big East will have seven for its eight teams, and Conference USA will have six for its 12 teams.