I Watched A Women's Basketball Game For The First Time Last Night

That's right, I said it. I watched the Auburn-Vandy game last night. Now, the athleticism is severely lacking and it pains me to watch people clang the ball off the bottom of the rim during a game and they don't as much shoot long range shots as heave it towards the rim but it wasn't that bad. Several times I would see a cutter under the basket and the defender would just let them go while I'm hollering, "pass it!" But I then realized what would have been a quick pass or an alley-oop in the men's game just can't happen in the women's. So I got used to that after a while.

Even though Auburn should have won this game, they easily had the best athletes on the floor (Boddie, Smalley, Bonner), I still like their chances to win the SEC regular season title. If Auburn had played with half the urgency they played with in the second half, they win by 10 points. But Vandy came out strong and Auburn didn't match it and had too big a whole to climb. Boddie is quick and Smalley (even with my comment about shooting earlier) can hit the open three.

Here are Auburn and Vandy's remaining schedules as they are the only two teams left who have the best shot at winning the title:

AU plays at home versus UGa and Arkansas,
Vandy is on the road at Ole Miss and Tennessee.

Auburn needs to win out since Vandy has the tiebreaker and hope that the 'Dores lose a game. Auburn has already lost to Georgia but the Dawgs and the Hogs are struggling and Auburn should not lose either of these games at home. Vandy has a much tougher road. Ole Miss is 4-7 in conference but the trip to Tennessee will be huge. Tennessee is down this year but at Tennessee is at Tennessee. That will not be easy.

Hopefully Auburn will get a game on ESPN soon and hold on to the regular season title and a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

Oh, and by the way, Alabama is 0-11 this year, they suck worse than the men.

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Acid Reign said...

.....Athletic? Even if I were in my prime, those girls would WHIP MY butt! I did play some point guard in church league, way back when Gerald Ford was president...