Goodbye, Daves. You will be missed.

But not your gawd-awful broadcasts. Watching a JP/LF/Raycom game was like watching someone trying to film a whole football game on their cell phone camera only with worse graphics.

Things WRAS won't miss:

1) The score updates that were always two quarters behind the actual game action.
2) The purple first down line that was never right.
3) The fuzzy, almost anti-HD screens.
4) Dave "Buzz" Baker's sideline easel-style chair and his double-breasted jackets.
5) Commercials that seemed to come out of nowhere and interrupt game action or coming back from a commercial only to find you have missed a play.

Dave Rowe, though you have been out of our lives for a couple of years now, you'll always have a special place in our heart. Big man on big man.

Dave "Buzz" Baker


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SEC IDIOTS said...

Fantastic news on Raycom getting the boot. That's probably worth more than the $2.2 billion.