WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 10

Auburn (+6) @ Ole Miss

Walt Flanagan: If my Tigers don't win this game, I won't pick them to win another SEC game this eyear...AU 24 - Ole Miss 21
Morris Fenderbaum: Ole Miss 28 - AU 20
Mickey Goldmill: Son-of-a……..do I really have to keep picking games? I can’t remember being less excited about Auburn football. UM 24 – AU 20

Tulsa (-7) @ Arkansas

Walt Flanagan: Tulsa 31 - Arkansas 28
Morris Fenderbaum: Tulsa 23 - Arkansas 20
Mickey Goldmill: Would Tulsa be favored over Auburn too? Yep. And for all the folks who think Gus Malzahn should be a candidate for our new OC, kiss Mickey’s shoe. Tulsa wins this and proves that Auburn is really bad, since we lost to Arky. Tulsa 38 – Hogs 32

Miss. State (-3) vs. Kentucky

Walt Flanagan: Kentucky 20 - MSU 14
Morris Fenderbaum: Kentucky 17 - MSU 9
Mickey Goldmill: No comment. Can these two teams tie? MSU 21 – UK 21

SPUAT (-23.5) vs. Arkansas State

Walt Flanagan: SPUAT 35 - Arkansas State 3
Morris Fenderbaum: The Process 48 - Another Team With A Losing Record 13
Mickey Goldmill: The Tahd has a tendency to play to their level of competition in these games, plus they will be looking ahead to LSwho. Who am I kidding? Turds 38 – ASU 7

Florida (-5.5) vs. Georgia

Walt Flanagan: Who is more gay? The Gaytors or Ugay? I say Florida. Florida 31 - Georgia 27
Morris Fenderbaum: Florida 37 - Georgia 24
Mickey Goldmill: What is the over/under on the number of cocktails actually consumed in Jacksonville this weekend? I’m going with eleventy-niner million. That seems about right. Ever since Tebow cried in the post game presser after loosing to Ole Miss, UF has looked like the team everyone expected in the preseason. UGay was exposed by the Turds physical style of play but then crushed the corndoggers. Should be one for the ages. Mickey likes the Gaytors. UF 35 – UGay 27

South Carolina (-6) vs. Tennessee

Walt Flanagan: USC 17 - UT 14
Morris Fenderbaum: UT 20 - USC 10 CANNONBAAAAALLLLL!!!!!
Mickey Goldmill: The Ball Coach vs. Fat Phil. This might just be the last time these two foes are on opposite sidelines. Something tells Mickey that SOS would love nothing more than to send Phil out as a loser. Cocks 31 – UT 24

LSU (-25.5) vs. Tulane

Walt Flanagan: LSU 38 - Tulane 7
Morris Fenderbaum: LSU 45 - Tulane 17
Mickey Goldmill: Does anyone really care? LSU 35 – Tulane 10

Last Week:

Walt: (4-3 straight up, 4-3 versus the spread)
Morris: (5-2, 2-5)
Mickey: (5-2, 6-1)


Walt: (46-19, 29-36)
Morris: (46-19, 32-33)
Mickey: (49-16, 29-36)

No Way In Hell, West Virginia

A wise man once said, "That John Denver's full of shit, man". He couldn't be more right. WRAS went to Morgantown for the game and here is long-awaited account.

We get into Pittsburgh and jump in our sweet-ass Dodge hemi minivan and get on the road. After checking into the hotel, The Best Western Mountaineer Inn next to Sheetz (largest gas station in the world and the only one in Morgantown I guess plus they have 40 oz so we picked up some of those), we head downtown to High Street. We went into a sports bar called The Sports Page. Good place and there are a handful of other AU fans in there but most people are watching the Phillies-Rays game. Supposedly, the place is famous for their wings and we got some. They were good but the highlight (or downfall evidenced the next morning) was the pepper jack cheese stuffed soft pretzel. It was damn good but tore my ass up the next morning.

Either that or the freaking smorgasboard of free drinks Morgantown has to offer...

No wonder this place is the #1 party school in America. They are proud of it too as we saw several people with shirts that stated it. As we're walking out of The Sports Page, three guys cross our paths and holler for us to come with them. They seemed like good guys, our age, and one of them was from Huntsville. We're game, so we follow them to a place called Chasers. In between a bouncer is telling us that they are offering free drinks for a $5 cover. The place doesn't have a sign and you can't see in the windows, plus the bouncer looked a little gay so we just kept walking. Anyway, back to Chasers, there is a line outside and the place has a tiny door next to a bank. Once I pay my cover I walk in and the bouncer asks to frisk me. He made all of us put our hands against the wall and spread 'em, where the fuck are we going?!?! The bar has steps that lead underground and as I set foot inside there is loud dance music and a lot of red on the walls. Blood? Anyway, the bar manager sees us and starts talking to us and is glad we came all this way from Auburn. We find out that this place is offering 50 cent pitchers and sure enough, everyone is walking around with cups and pitchers in their hands. So we get our beers and walk to the main area. It's a huge room, kind of dingy but there are a ton of people there and it has a cage for people to dance in and a stripper pole. The place is filled w/ hood rats (my name for WVU guys who wear nothing but hoodies) and girls dressed in 80s clothes. We're talking short shorts, pumps, tight jeans, suspenders and pimp hats. We're dancing a little bit, drinking our pitchers and watching the crowd when a couple of us go to the bar. I get a phone call from one of my friends saying he got kicked out and doesn't know why. We've been talking to the manager who gave us some free beers since the pitcher specials ran out and he says he'll get our friend back in. We see a couple of gigantic WVU offensive lineman shaking their asses and grabbing any girl within their reach. And at the end of the night the DJ plays a techno version of "Take Me Home, Country Roads".

We wake up the next morning hung over and I can barely breathe. It's like I have 75% lung capacity or something. Plus, III decides to turn the hotel mini-fridge's temperature all the way down and the Gatorade I was dying for is nothing but frozen slush. Great way to start off the day. At least the beers in there didn't explode. We head back downtown and decide to eat lunch at a place called the Boston Beanery (where Auburn people are meeting up). Cool place but smokey and the hair of the dog that bit us the night before isn't working. But we start to feel better thanks to steak sandwiches with ranch dressing. Turns out there are two Beanerys and we're at the wrong one. We head towards the stadium and find the other Beanery and park in the lot where we can leave our car and tailgate if we want to. Industrious as one of my friends is, he goes into the CVS next door and finds they have cold beers in singles. So we get a few of those and start tailgating outside of the Beanery. Meet some cool Auburn people and Ben Tate's family is tailgating in the lot as well (but they call him Benny so that's what I'm calling him from now on). Two AU grads from Atlanta are parked near us and we start talking. Turns out one of them has my brother's old Gadsden Tiger hat from 10 years ago which leads me into this story...

It's the 1999 AU-Florida game. My brother is 16 years old and is staying with me for the weekend. He's never hung out with a bunch of college people before and is having a good time at our tailgate. Some friends, including III, are about to do some shots of Jim Beam before heading into JHS. My brother is with them and they offer him one. He proceeds to turn the plastic liter bottle up and has downed half of it before he stops. Pandemonia ensues as that is some tough juice right there. About 30 minutes later we are in the stadium and my brother has lost it. He can barely stand up, he is d-r-u-n-k. This was the most crowded the student section has ever been except for this circle around my brother and this other unknown girl who looks to be in even worse shape than my brother. They are leaning on each other and puking, puking and leaning. My brother has this orange hat that says "Tigers" real big and "Gadsden" below it. He's using it to wipe his mouth and occasionally puke in. Eventually, it's just sitting next to him and this dickhole Florida fan (they're beating us pretty good by now) runs by yelling and picks up the hat and puts it in. Of course, puke goes all over him and we laugh and laugh. Long story short, when my brother finds out the next morning his favorite hat is gone he's pretty upset, but what can you do. Back to Morgantown, we're talking about this game and one of the Atlanta guys mentions how he has an orange Gadsden Tiger hat he found after that game. Unbelievable! I told him what happened to it and he said it didn't seem like it had been puked in. Well, he still has it and is going to ship it to me. Wait until I give my brother this hat back after almost 10 years. What a wild ride that hat has been on. Is this my "War Eagle Moment"? I doubt AU will make a commercial out of this story though.

It's about an hour before kickoff and we've been having a great time and WVU people have been so nice the whole time. Little did we know what we would experience next. We walked towards the stadium and it was like everyone in yellow had flipped a switch that said, "Get pissed". People are chanting, "asshole" at us constantly and telling us to go home.

That's not even the worst of it, once in the stadium I can't even count the number of times we were told to "fuck off" or "go the fuck back to Alabama" or "orange and blue fucking sucks". It seems they would rather be beligerant towards the road team than watch the game. Three times someone got in my face and cussed me out. One of my friends got pushed by a girl. An Auburn guy got kicked out of the game and pushed down the steps by the omnipresent state troopers who constantly patrol this section. The guy that got pushed down the steps was staying in our hotel and he told me about it. He got kicked out of the game twice by buying another ticket and deciding to sit in the same seat, the troopers busted him and kicked him out again. You know how after Auburn home games, all the nice people in their yellow t-shirts come out to "guard the field" so no one will rush it? At WVU, they bring out armed riot police with billy clubs and German shephards. They probably think that's normal.

See this link for a little of the "asshole" chant from the typical Mountaineer...

Here' their band director's fat ass dance he did towards the end of the game...

Needless to say, we didn't hit the town after the game out of fear for our lives and I'll never go back to Morgantown again.

There's only one thing this will be wiping up this weekend...

...Ole Miss' fans' tears.


WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 9 (Part 2)

Kentucky (+23) @ Florida

Walt Flanagan: UF 38 - UK 14
Morris Fenderbaum: UF 31 - UK 7
Mickey Goldmill: Are you aware that the Gaytors have beaten Kentucky 21 straight times? Ouch! Tebow and crew should prove too much to handle for the Wildcats once again. Mickey says UF 35 – UK 13

Duke (+10) @ Vanderbilt

Walt Flanagan: Vandy 21 - Duke 10
Morris Fenderbaum: Vandy 24 - Duke 13
Mickey Goldmill: Smart kids playin' football! That’s what Mickey’s talking about. Mickey has never been to Durham but imagines the similarities between the ‘Dores and the Devils go way beyond their respective student’s starting salaries and their historically mediocre-at-best football teams. If Vandy wins this one, they are goin’ bowlin! The SEC is better than the ACC in this game. Vandy 28 – Duke 20

That’s got Mickey thinking...if anyone has any insight as to which of these two academically prestigious university’s coeds has, how should I put this, the sweeter ass, please enlighten us here at WRAS.

Georgia (+2.5) @ LSU

Walt Flanagan: LSU 21 - UGa 20
Morris Fenderbaum: UGa 21 - LSU 17
Mickey Goldmill: The game of the week in the Southeastern Conference. The loser of these one loss teams should be eliminated from BCS championship contention.* Georgia rolls into Red Stick as LSwho is coming off a drumming at the hands of Florida and a lackluster performance in the win over SC. Georgia has the more talented QB, and Mickey sees this as being the difference maker over the corndogger’s two QB system. Mickey isn’t a big fan of two QB systems right now.** UGay 18 – LSwho 17

* See LSU 2007
** See Auburn 2008

Ole Miss (-4.5) @ Arkansas

Walt Flanagan: Ole Miss 21 - Arkansas 17
Morris Fenderbaum: Ole Miss 24 - Arkansas 17
Mickey Goldmill: Nutt travels back to Fayetteville to face his former team in the battle between these two 3-4 SEC West foes. Mickey gives Nutt the advantage. Rebs 24 – Hogs 21

MTSU (+11.5) @ Mississippi State

Walt Flanagan: Miss. State 28 - MTSU 10
Morris Fenderbaum: Miss. State 21 - MTSU 7
Mickey Goldmill: The boys from Murpheesboro travel to Starkghanastan in this out of conference game for MSU. Can the Bulldogs get any offense going and get a much needed victory? MTSU has already knocked off Maryland this season. Mickey likes State to win a low scorer. MSU 16 – MTSU 13

Alabama (-6) @ Tennessee

Walt Flanagan: SPUAT 24 - Tennessee 17
Morris Fenderbaum: SPUAT 28 - Tennessee 24
Mickey Goldmill: It pains Mickey to pick the Turds to win yet again. SPUAT 28 – Vols 13

Last Week:

Walt: (5-0 straight up, 2-3 versus the spread)
Morris: (3-2, 3-2)
Mickey: (4-1, 0-5)


Walt: (42-16, 25-33)
Morris: (41-17, 30-28)
Mickey: (44-14, 23-35)


WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 9 (Part 1)

Auburn (+3) at West Virginia

Walt Flanagan: AU 21 - WVU 19
Morris Fenderbaum: AU 23 - WVU 21
Mickey Goldmill: This is one of the harder picks of the year for Mickey. Mickey has only seen the 'Eer's Dan Hawkins > Bill Stewart debacle of a game earlier this season.

What the tar has happened to our beloved Tigers? Can this season be salvaged? Can Auburn make it to a bowl game? Can Auburn make it to a bowl game not in Birmingham? Lets hope in the week off coach Yox had the Tigers doing some of this

Mickey has heard every rumor and won't be surprised when Will "Boom Mutha @*!">%#@*!" Muschamp/Lane Kiffen/John Madden/Bill Cowher/Butch Davis/Ricky Bobby is named the Offensive Coordinator/Head Coach/Athletic Director on Thursday/Friday/the day before 7/the day after 7/never. Let's win a frikin ballgame already!!!

Tigers 24 – Mountain Folk 22

Take Me To WVU, Country Roads

Jim Beam & Mountain Dew News

At the beginning of this year this was supposed to be the battle of two Top 10 teams and now it's just a battle to get to a bowl game. For AUBURN it's a battle for PRIDE. With the firing a few weeks ago and another loss to a weaker SEC team the program has hit a LOW that we have not seen since the beginning of the 2003 year.

This will be the northernmost city we have played since traveling to Syracuse, NY in 2001.

Auburn's all-time record on Thursday night games is 6-1. Who was the loss to?

Even though he in no longer with us. It looks like John Denver is picking the War Eagles to WIN!

I do hope the Country Roads of West Virginia guides us back to the WINNING PATH!!!

Hope Dye is telling Tuberville to GET IT TOGETHER!!!


Please Let Me Run Into This Guy Thursday


What tha hell?


WRAS is coming and hell is coming with us!

We are leaving Wednesday morning and are ready for anything the hillbillies have in store.

I just now started wearing jeans and long-sleeved shirts on a regular basis and now we're going to have to brave temps in the 30s for this game. This could be the coldest game I've been to since the 9-0 Iron Bowl win in 2000 when I had to resort to drinking Jim Beam Black and coffee b/c the Turds wouldn't serve me a Coke at halftime. Though they let the people behind me order, must've been the hat I was wearing or the beat down they were receiving at the hands of Rudi Johnson. Beam Black and coffee don't mix, I had to resort to straight bourbon. Hopefully it won't get that bad in Morgantown.


WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 8

Georgia (-14.5) vs. Vanderbilt

Walt Flanagan: UGa 28 - Vandy 10
Morris Fenderbaum: UGa 27 - Vandy 17
Mickey Goldmill: We all knew it was a fluke right? The Dore’s downfall has begun. Mickey likes UGay to roll Vandy 33 – 14.

SPUAT (-13) vs. Ole Miss

Walt Flanagan: SPUAT 28 - Ole Miss 10
Morris Fenderbaum: Ole Miss 20 - SPUAT 17 CANNONBAAAAALLLLL!!!!!
Mickey Goldmill: As much as it pains Mickey to admit it, the Turds are looking pretty solid heading into this match up with Colonel Reb. Unfortunately, Mickey expects more of the same. Turds 34 – Rebs 17

Tennessee (-8) vs. Mississippi State

Walt Flanagan: UT 17 - MSU 13
Morris Fenderbaum: MSU 13 - UT 9
Mickey Goldmill: Mickey expects the Vols to bounce back after last week's loss to UGay. Will it be enough to save Phil? Doubt it. UT 17 – MSU 14 Oh, and check out this read… Http://www.govolsxtra.com/news/2008/oct/15/terminator-destroys-job-security/?partner=RSS

LSU (-3.5) @ South Carolina

Walt Flanagan: LSU 21 - USC 17
Morris Fenderbaum: LSU 24 - USC 6
Mickey Goldmill: It’s such a cruel, cruel world as Mickey sees everything lining up for the Turds. Next on the list South Carolina beating LSU to give them two conference losses and take them out of SEC West contention. USC 26 – LSU 24

Kentucky (-9.5) vs. Arkansas

Walt Flanagan: UK 21 - Arkansas 13
Morris Fenderbaum: UK 31 - Arkansas 17
Mickey Goldmill: Kentucky is favored by 9.5 over Arky? Damn, Auburn sucks. Ouch. Whatever. Cats 30 – Hogs 20

Bonus Pick:
Auburn 3 - Bye Week 0

Last Week:

Walt: (1-4 straight up, 1-4 versus the spread)
Morris: (2-3, 2-3)
Mickey: (2-3, 2-3)


Walt: (37-16, 23-30)
Morris: (38-15, 27-26)
Mickey: (40-13, 23-30)

Pardon the Interruption

I was listening to PTI the other day and they were talking about if any other college coaches would be fired this season. Guess who they mentioned? Fat Phil Fulmer and Tommy Tuberville. AU gets mentioned on PTI once this year and this is what they are talking about. Ugh.

Bammer of the Week


Tray Blackmon Out For The Year

Where has the time gone? The Little Ball of Hate will be a senior next year and he's probably played only about a season's worth of games in three years.


At Least We're Not Like Clemson Fans...

...and calling into TV shows crying like babies (yet).

Courtesy of EDSBS...


Job Posting on CareerBuilder.com


So, what Tubs is saying is that Auburn is going to run the spread next year but might NOT HAVE A SINGLE COACH ON STAFF WITH EXPERIENCE IN IT!?!? Really? The requirements listed in that article look like something I might read on http://www.careerbuilder.com/.

If they burn Trotter's redshirt, I'll have a fit. I was against them burning Kodi's last year and I'm against this as well.

I'm behind Tuberville and want him as Auburn's head coach as long as he wants to be but this is insanity (see my post from earlier today).

Weakness vs. Strength

Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well, unfortunately, Albert Einstein isn't Auburn's offensive coordinator.

In the cruelest twist of all this past weekend, a weekend that saw our former OC come back to Auburn the same week we fired an OC, I ran into Al Borges walking out of Jordan-Hare Saturday night. He looked just like a dad who just finished enjoying a football game with his son (who happened to be wearing an Auburn hat). I walked up and patted him on the shoulder and told him he was a "stand up guy". He said, "Thanks, I appreciate that." I walked on and let him be. I did not want Borges fired at the time but I bought into the spread hook line and sinker after the fact (Bammers fire away, I know you're reading).

What is Auburn's strength right now? Running back and offensive line, not wide receivers. So why gear the offense towards the passing game. Auburn is trying to run the offense of a fired offensive coordinator with a staff who has no experience running it and does not believe in it fully. Tuberville has said that AU will hire an outside OC next year, what are the odds he will run the exact same offense? Not likely. So why continue? All of the players that see significant time on offense have experience in a pro-style running offense. So name Kodi Burns the unquestioned starter for the rest of the season and go back to what works with these players.

Chris Todd does not deserve the abuse he has received from Auburn fans who boo him. It is inexcusable and shouldn't happen. I'm sure he's played his last down as an Auburn Tiger and it's probably for the best. Personally, I know he did the best that he could but he is not an SEC quarterback. He has a problem with his arm and I watched him on the sidelines holding his elbow and trying to shake it out while warming up. I felt equally as bad for him Saturday night as I did for Kodi during the early parts of the Tennessee game. Brad Lester and Kodi Burns once again proved their worth as they each spent several minutes with Todd talking to him and doing their best to help him.

Do I think this season is over? No. Will it be difficult to win the rest of the way? Yes. But it can be done and I believe it will but that is up to the coaches.


WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 7

Florida (-4) vs. LSU

Walt Flanagan: LSU 24 - Florida 21
Morris Fenderbaum: LSU 24 - Florida 21
Mickey Goldmill: LSU travels to the swamp to take on Florida in what should be one of the best conference games of the year. Despite Florida’s struggles, they lead the league in scoring at 30 points per game. For the GAYtors to be successful Tebow will have to have a big day throwing the football. Despite the fact they are underachieving compared to preseason expectations, LSwho’s front four is probably the best in the land. Mickey’s prediction: 24,318 pairs of jorts in one place at one time spells disaster. LSU 23 – UF 21

South Carolina (-1) @ Kentucky

Walt Flanagan: UK 17 - USC 10
Morris Fenderbaum: UK 18 - USC 17
Mickey Goldmill: Most folks around the country will tune in to see Oklahoma and Texas shoot it out at 11 Saturday, but your now filmed in hi-def but still broadcast on a low-def channel broadcast formally known as Lincoln Financial formally known as JP, but now known as Raycom features a match up which on paper looks like a snoozer but has Mickey intrigued. Kentucky has already played and won all four of its non-conference games and had its first bye week before losing a close one to the turds last week. South Carolina is 4 – 2 with the losses coming to Vandy and UGAy. Add in the fact that USC has a six game winning streak over Kentucky and this……is still the early game between Kentucky and USC. I tried to get excited, but never mind, Mickey will be watching UT and OU. USC 27 – UK 16

Vanderbilt (-2) @ Mississippi State

Walt Flanagan: Vandy 13 - MSU 9
Morris Fenderbaum: MSU 13 - Vandy 10 CANNONBAAAAALLLLL!!!!!
Mickey Goldmill: Vandy is banged up and Mississippi State should bring some serious physicality to the match up. Doesn’t matter, as Mickey is drinking the Vandy Kool-Aid. At least for one more week. Vandy 20 – MSU 14

Georgia (-13) vs. Tennessee

Walt Flanagan: Georgia 31 - Tennessee 14
Morris Fenderbaum: Georgia 31 - Tennessee 17
Mickey Goldmill: This will be the nail in the coffin for Fulmer. Mickey is gonna miss all those fat jokes. UGAy 31 – UT 13

Auburn (-19) vs. Arkansas

Walt Flanagan: Auburn 21 - Arkansas 7
Morris Fenderbaum: Auburn 24 - Arkansas 10
Mickey Goldmill: Auburn giving up 19? Are you frikin’ serious? Mickey has zero confidence that Auburn can score 19. [insert your Casey Dick joke here] AU 16 – Arky 9

Last Week:

Walt: (3-2 straight up, 2-3 versus the spread)
Morris: (3-2, 3-2)
Mickey: (4-1, 4-1)


Walt: (36-12, 22-26)
Morris: (36-12, 25-23)
Mickey: (38-10, 21-27)


Potential New Book Titles For Tony Franklin

Spread Eagle - How I got Raped Again

How to Ruin a National Program in Less than 10 Months

The AUdacity of Hope - Thoughts on Reclaiming the Auburn Dream

The System - How to Score Fewer Points than Al Borges

The System - Better Organized than my Hair

WTF: The CTF Story

Jim Beam & Mountain Dew News

I just don't know what to say this week. Sorry it's so short and does not have much thought but this has to be the craziest week since Bowden left in 1998.

Like others, I'm still frustrated with the Vandy loss and I just feel like the program is in a heavy fog and no one knows what the HELL is going on!!! With Franklin hitting the road it's time to come TOGETHER and SUPPORT our players and coaches MORE than EVER!!!


No stat's or crazy thoughts this week just point blank - BEAT ARKANSAS!!!

The 1st time we played the Hogs in SEC play #34 was retired.



Tony Franklin Leaves AU

Tony Franklin leaves Auburn

Pictures and Video by Charles Goldberg, The Birmingham News


What a debacle...

...the Tony Franklin era was. Unbelievable.


Technical Difficulties

This site is temporarily under construction until Auburn wins a game.


Jim Beam & Mountain Dew News

Only 3 touchdowns against 3 SEC schools!!! Are you kidding me? Our defense has 3 for the whole season so far. Maybe we should fire Tony and let Fine6aum run the offense and defense.
I hope the spread is a good recruiting tool because the offense is averaging 329.4 yards per game so far through 5 game and through 5 game's in 2007 it was 330.4. One whole yard!!! Killing ME!!!

But anyway -

We made it out of September with one loss which is better than last year but our offense has stepped back light years. This is not the time for the program to start going backwards. With the evil empire to the west growing with strength a loss would be catastrophic to the AUBURN nation. This is Vandy we are talking about. They are last in the conference in offense and defense and may be ranked and have Gameday coming but still, its Vanderbilt. Enough said!!!

Auburn has a 2-1 record with a total of 38 points scored against SEC schools. This is the lowest output of points since scoring 22 in 1960 in 3 SEC games and we went 2-1 also.

The last time we lost to Vandy was in 1955. Only 2 of our coaches were born at that time - Tuberville was 1 and Dunn was 2 years old.

Vandy is GONNA need a to beat AUBURN!!!!!

As we start the month of October we should leave this month with 3 more wins. Hopefully the offense will come around and get some momentum going into November before we hit Amen Corner.

Maybe Auburn will find its identity with the offense and remember how we made it through the years...


WRAS Picks the SEC - Week 6

Auburn (-4.5) @ Vanderbilt

Walt Flanagan: Auburn 24 - Vandy 7
Morris Fenderbaum: Auburn 28 - Vandy 10
Mickey Goldmill: Going into Week 6 of the season Vandy is ranked #19 in the AP poll, leads the SEC East at 4-0 overall and 2-0 in league play. ESPN will televise the Commodore’s game in their prime time spot and College Gameday (built by the Home Depot) will broadcast from Vandy’s campus. You must be thinking to yourself...what the…is this 2028? No, it’s 2008 and Vandy is playing your Auburn Tigers this week. As that goober head Corso will likely say tomorrow, “Not so fast my friend!” Vanderbilt is still last in the league in both total offense with 282.8 yards per game and total defense with giving up 364.2 yards per game. Tubs and Franklin have finally conceded to running a hybrid spread with more I-formation and an under center QB. Mickey expects the Tigers to have a big game and crush the hopes and dreams of Vanderbilt once again. AU 20 – VU 7

Tennessee (-16) vs. Northern Illinois

Walt Flanagan: UT 38 - NIU 0
Morris Fenderbaum: UT 41 - NIU 10
Mickey Goldmill: Don’t expect Tennessee to cover in this one. I saw UT play last week and I’m not sure they can score enough to cover 16. UT 26 – NIU 13

SPUAT (-16.5) vs. Kentucky

Walt Flanagan: SPUAT 27 - Kentucky 14
Morris Fenderbaum: SPUAT 27 - Kentucky 24 - CANNONBAAAAALLLLL!!!!!
Mickey Goldmill: The Turds are coming off a big emotional win. Mickey smell’s a letdown. Turds 31 – UK 20

Florida (-24.5) @ Arkansas

Walt Flanagan: UF 41 - Arkansas 10
Morris Fenderbaum: UF 52 - Arkansas 13
Mickey Goldmill: Who saw Tebow cry after the game last week? Dude loves football. What can I say. UF 42 – Arky 13

Ole Miss (-2.5) vs. South Carolina

Walt Flanagan: Ole Miss 21 - USC 17
Morris Fenderbaum: Ole Miss 17 - USC 16
Mickey Goldmill: Ole Miss goes to Gainesville and upsets Florida in The Swamp. What can you expect but a huge letdown and a upset at the hands of that pesky Stephen Orr Spurrier. USC 24 – UM 23

Last Week;

Walt: (5-2 straight up, 3-4 versus the spread)
Morris: (5-2, 4-3)
Mickey: (5-2, 4-3)


Walt: (33-10, 20-23)
Morris: (33-10, 22-21)
Mickey: (34-9, 17-26)