Got Asterisk?



Anonymous said...

Eight is more than zero!

It doesn't matter anyway... you're still Aubarn and this doesn't change that fact!

Anonymous said...

I can't lie because I supported placing an asterisk next to the barn's Iron Bowl wins from 02-07*...

*denotes the barn lost 8 out of 12 to Alabama, prior to undergoing severe NCAA sanctions, nearly half a dozen coaching changes in nearly six years, and playing an Alabama team, starting a THIRD string quarterback along with having seven starters out injured in 2004 (and you would have lost had all of our starters played) and in 2005, without our number 1 offensive lineman, JB Closner and key playmaker, Tyrone Prothro.

Got 6*?

Anonymous said...

The envy hasn't forced you to kill yourself yet? I'm sure you've sought out professional help...


Anonymous said...

Notice how every time they'd mention eight between Daddy Alabama and Notre Dame, they'd also note that it was since the poll era began in 1936. They also mentioned Notre Dame had 8, even though they claim 11 and USC had 7, even though they claim 11 and Ohio State claims 7, even though only 5 were AP or UPI awards.

If you can give me one good reason why for each season in 1925, 1926, 1930, and 1934 we weren't deserving of the crown, I just may take you a little more seriously.

I guess UGA's 1927 title is bogus as well. At least Alabama finished with the best record in the aforementioned years and also won the Rose Bowl (the only bowl game). If you guys had done the same, you'd claim them as well. Problem is, you didn't (and you never will)! This is similar to saying pre-SECCG (prior to 1992) titles are bogus. But wait, you guys hardly have any SEC titles too, correct? Go ahead and start the cry then!

Sucks not being us, doesn't it?

Bag O' Donuts said...

You bammers spend way to much time on an Auburn blog, shouldn't you be waitin in line at the local Walmart for a chance to lick saban's ass? I mean, congrats on the win against that freshman QB, but why are you wasting your time on us lowly Auburn folks?

Bag O' Donuts said...

And this message- "The envy hasn't forced you to kill yourself yet? I'm sure you've sought out professional help..." is gettin a little old, why not think up something a little more clever to put on every single subject.