Where Else Would It Go?

More Bammers have been to Wal-Mart than actually set foot on campus so this makes sense...



Anonymous said...

As if walking from your single-wide, down Wire Road to an Aubarn rodeo or a KKK fraternity party was any better.

Wait a second, does Aubarn even have a Wal-Mart? I know that "city" has yet to join the 21st century, and that's why I ask. I know you guys don't have any national championships, so I can't say they'd likely place yours in the middle of an on campus hay-field for the trailer park natives to view up close and personal.

Anonymous said...

The envy hasn't forced you to kill yourself yet? I'm sure you've sought out professional help...


Anonymous said...

It's a sponsorship deal moron. Even if you guys lived the dream you never have and won the title, it would be displayed at your Wal-Mart Market place as well.

Your problem is with Dr. Pepper, not your father.

Anonymous said...

You have to see the photos. It looks like a cross between an AA meeting and tryouts for "The Biggest Loser." The term "unwashed masses" always comes to mind when I see a group of bamtards anywhere.

As for the bamtards posting above...I have to laugh when someone from any part of Alabama makes fun of any other part of the state for being "rural." As if T-town is some kind of center of culture and sophistication. Hilarious!