What is SPUAT's deal with hats?

Saw this guy last night at the UAB game. It's a SECCG shirt with a picture of Sabear's straw hat and below it it says, "The Hat of a Champion". Explain, Bammer lurkers.


Anonymous said...

What is Aubarn (AL)'s deal with Alabama (in terms of obsession)?

Every Aubarn (AL) website I visit has just as many topics about Alabama as they do Aubarn (AL). Every other SEC site I visit centers their thoughts around their very own team, with the minor exception of LSU who still somewhat obsesses over Saban. But their obsession over Saban pales in comparison to your guys' obsession over Alabama.

What's the deal? Is it envy? It's like one neighbor owns a mansion and also drives an Aston Martin Vanquish, while the other neighbor, who lives in a single-wide and drives a pinto, constantly obsesses over his upper class neighbor. And naturally Aubarn (AL) is the latter.

Do you not like your Aubarn (AL) rodeos? Do you not like the trailer parks? Do you not like the dilapidated buildings in that petite little joke known as downtown of yours? Is it the fact that Alabama has you owned by light years in every statistical category known to mankind?

Seriously, if Alabama is the spawn of Satan and the root of all evil, why is it you guys spend more time centering your thoughts around Alabama than you do Aubarn (AL). I've been through that podunk town and quite frankly, I'd be ashamed to support something so uncivilized as well. But instead of claiming I supported it, yet spent more time talking about another team, I'd simply attend college elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

PS: You're taking pictures of people at basketball games? Don't you know that's illegal (and creepy) without their consent?

I'm sure I'll see you on America's most wanted eventually.

Anonymous said...

Obsession??? Why are you checking out an AU blog?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How does it feel to see Alabama currently stand in a position the little cow college, infested with trailer parks, KKK members, and rodeo lovers, can't even stand in, in their dreams?